Book Arts in Place

Instructors:  Leland Peterson

2 credits

In this class, students will learn the basic  techniques in bookbinding.  In the first few weeks of class, we will focus on making paper for books using a variety of materials and paper-making techniques. We will then experiment  with a number of text and illustration options including paint, block printing and etching.  Students will then bind several books, using a stab binding technique and a case binding technique and illustrate a book with the paper they have made. The theme of the book will relate to illuminating a personal experience or experiences related to living and reflecting on the nature and culture of Craftsbury- Northeast Kingdom.  The book can be illustrated through text, one of a kind illustrations or through other printmaking processes.

Students will learn the techniques involved with papermaking: Including pulp preparation, basic sheet formation, coloring, sizing, pressing and drying. The course will also focus on the construction of artists’ books. Learning various binding techniques will allow students to design and create a short artist’s book illustrating their concept of place.

Class Time:

 We will meet from 1pm to 4:15pm on Friday


Assignments will be started in class and students are expected to finish assignments outside of class. Arrangements can be made with the instructor to use equipment outside of class hours and during art space times.


No textbook will be required as books will be on reserve in the library. Assigned readings will help to understand and facilitate the processes we are studying.  

Class Fee: $45.00

Format:  Studio Format:   Classes will generally start with an outline of the day’s activity, followed by a group critique, and introduction to the activity in the form of a lecture or discussion and demonstration. We will then work at processes of papermaking, print making or painting and bookbinding. There will be time in class to work on projects, and students are expected to complete work outside of class time.


Students will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Attendance and punctuality.
  2. Contributions to class discussions demonstrated by understanding of reading assignments and techniques practiced in and out of class
  3. Progress in learning materials and techniques over the semester.
  4. Completed paper projects and artists books.
  5. Projects will be evaluated on the progress you have made in the class.  . In order to make progress, it is important to do the assignments.
  6. Students are expected to contribute one project for an end of semester art show.

           7. Works may be scanned or photographed to contribute to a College archive of         projects completed.

 Individual meetings will be scheduled at midterm and at the end of the semester to review work in the class.

 Class schedule:

Week One:


Go Over syllabus

Demonstrate pulp preparation, sheet formation, couching, pressing and drying

Week Two:

Short Film on papermaking

Making pulp and paper sheets

Week Three


Demonstration of linoleum and woodblock printing

Week Four

linoleum and woodblock printing

Week Five

Etching demonstration

Midterm Review

Intro to book binding

Planning out an idea related to place for an artist’s book

Week Six

Book Binding techniques

 Japanese Stab Binding

 Hard cover with straight stitch binding

Week Seven

Paper marbling demonstration and paper marbling

Week Eight

Illustrating the artist’s book



Week Nine

Illustrating the artist’s book  


Week Ten -Completion of artist’s books and final review of work