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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Les Jolis Trésors, Long Beach, California


December 6, 2012 - Les Jolis Trésors, the Long Beach contemporary art gallery, will premiere its new exhibit, Deux Points de Vue, on December 12, 2012.


This exhibit features two painters, Joy Gonzalez and Annie Clavel with a display of some of their landscape works, featuring scenes of Long Beach and Palos Verdes shoreline. Annie shows fresh, spontaneous watercolors and colorful acrylics. Joy exhibits luminous, impressionistic oils.


The artists' opening reception will be held Tuesday, December 18, 2012 from 6 pm till 8 pm at Les Jolis Trésors gallery, 3226 East Broadway in Long Beach.
The reception will also illustrate the exhibit’s name - Deux Points de Vue: both artists will demonstrate their techniques on this Tuesday evening, painting from the same still-life setup, thus showing how two artists differently interpret the same scene.  


More about the artists:

Annie Clavel:

Joy Gonzalez: 


For gallery owners Annie and Gilles Clavel, this opening reception will also celebrate their third anniversary of
Les Jolis Tresors in Long Beach. Coming from France, Annie and Gilles Clavel have previously lived in different countries including Algeria, Germany, France and Tunisia. In those countries, they worked in a variety of fields including engineering, education and as business entrepreneurs with Annie teaching mathematics and college professor Gilles teaching computer science.

About Les Jolis Trésors

Les Jolis Trésors opened its doors in Long Beach's Broadway district in December 2009.

Annie Clavel, the owner and curator, is a French artist who has lived in Long Beach since 2006.

Her gallery specializes in show-casing luxury art pieces by local fine artists and jewelry designers.


Les Jolis Trésors, 3226 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803  562-735-4060

Opening Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday 3pm - 8pm.
Contact: Annie Clavel, owner -