Note :Effective 2016 -

  1. Post Season Qualification Rule - to qualify for the playoffs all players must meet the following game appearance rules:
  1. The league will confirm with managers and umpires on playoff rosters before every post season series. Only players approved can play in playoffs.
  2. Final Roster Size is 22
  3. If a game is decided by forfeit the score is 1-0. If a double Forfeit occurs both teams lose by the score of 1-0.
  4. Rosters must be completed by the eighth game of the regular season
  5. Forfeit time is 20 minutes after start time.
  6. Prior poor behavior and/or suspensions will be considered during any disciplinary action. Violence will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.
  7. Managers are also responsible for the actions of spectators brought by them or their players.



  1. All Games must start on time; an umpire must ask the home team to take the field when they have 8 players there at forfiet time. New Rule : If they refuse to take the field then the team loses the home team status and the other team must take the field and the ump must begin calling balls/strikes.
  2. Forfeit time is 20 minutes after start time.
  3. Continuations of non official games and ties will be at the leagues discretion.
  4. Player conduct is enforced BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER all games. Prior poor behavior and/or suspensions will be considered during any disciplinary action.
  5. If you are ejected from a game, then you start serving a one game suspension immediately (for example ejected game 1, then you are suspended game 2). If Playoff ejections occur, suspensions will carry over to the following season and be doubled.
  6. Final Roster Size is 22!!!!!!



Schedules & Forfeits

Player Conduct 





Base Running

Ground Rules, Extra Innings & Overthrows

Uniforms, Mercy, Playoffs

Banned Pitchers List 


  1. Each team shall have a maximum of twenty (22) players on the roster.
  2. The league will photograph and identify every player in the league. All players must sign a waiver form.
  3. Rosters must be completed by the eighth game of the regular season. No changes will be allowed to a roster after the eighth game except in an extreme circumstance subject to ruling by the two commissioners only.
  4. Players are allowed to switch teams once during the season. It must be done by game 8 and they cannot play on two different teams on the same day.
  5. Once finals rosters are completed (ga,e 8) no player is allowed to switch teams under any circumstance including: injury, team dropping out of the league, team eliminated from playoff contention. Prior to ga,e 8, players can switch teams ONLY ONCE and cannot play on 2 teams on the same day . The commissioner must be notified of any roster changes.
  6. Each team must have a Manager and a Captain.
  7. Managers must know and explain League Rules to their players.
  8. Any team discovered using a player not on its roster (after game 8) will forfeit that game. If there is a question about the legitimacy of a player, the manager must prove he is on the roster to the umpire with a picture ID. After week 8, you can use players ineligible for post- season that are on your roster for the regular season only.
  9. You must have at least eight (8) players to start a game. Once a game has begun, players may be added to the bottom of the line-up (10th & 11th) only if the team has not batted through the entire line-up. If a player is removed from a line-up without replacement, that number in the order becomes an automatic out.
  10. Players must play at least six (6) games to qualify for the playoffs (each player must make an appearance in each of the six (6) games). Player’s must appear on the official Line-Up Cards handed to umps. 2. NOTE: 1 of the 6 games must be played BEFORE game 9 (games 1 - 8).

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  1. Teams must be ready to play at the assigned time and field regardless of weather. Cancellations are made only by umpires or the Commissioner. If there is heavy rain the night before games, the Commissioner will contact all managers if the fields are unplayable at least 1 hour before game time.
  2. Game times are between 9am and 3pm.
  3. Schedules will NOT be changed except in the case of an emergency.
  4. Umpires may delay a game as necessary due to rain.
  5. Umpire fee must be paid after the first game.
  6. Any team that does not field at least eight (8) players within twenty (20) minutes after game time will receive a forfeit for the first game. Twenty (20) will be allowed for the second game.
  7. New No forfeit rule - In the regular season opposing team at their choice can supply a team with 1 or 2 players.
  8. All Games must start on time; an umpire must ask the home team to take the field when they have 8 players there at forfeit time. New Rule: If they refuse to take the field then the team loses the home team status and the other team must take the field and the ump must begin calling balls/strikes.
  9. Any team(s) with Five (5) forfeits will be expelled from the league.
  10. The umpire must still be paid in the case of a forfeit. The forfeiting team must pay the umpire in order to continue playing in the league.
  11. All games are seven (7) innings; an official game is four and one-half (4-1/2) innings of play.
  12. Umpire controls all aspects of the game and only the team manager and captain is allowed to dispute calls. DO NOT ask the commissioner to get involved during a game (read the Protests Rules).
  13. Home Team decided with a coin flip.
  14. Cancelled games may be made up at the end of the season only if they are relevant to the playoffs.
  15. All games must start on time. Games must begin immediately after games in progress end. Game-time does not include warm-ups and batting practice, etc.
  16. Umpires have the authority to speed up games if they are moving at a slow pace.
  17. Teams are allowed five (5) minutes between doubleheaders.

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  1. Players must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Violence will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Any players fighting will be suspended indefinitely. Excessive arguing, cursing, antagonizing or threatening other players will be considered grounds for ejection. Umpires may eject a player at his discretion.
  2. Foul language will not be tolerated. If an umpire deems an individual to be offensive, the player(s) will be ejected. An individual or team using excessive foul language (umpires judgment) will forfeit their games and may be terminated from the league with forfeit of all league fees.
  3. Player conduct is enforced BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER all games.
  4. If you are ejected from a game, you are automatically suspended for the next game (1 game suspension). If Playoff ejections occur, suspensions will carry over to the following season and be doubled.
  5. Each manager is responsible for the conduct of his players.
  6. NO Loud music may be played by anyone near the field.
  7. Teams and players are required to clean up the dugouts after the games.
  8. Managers are also responsible for the actions of spectators brought by them or their players.
  9. Ejected players must leave the playing field and dugout. They cannot harass the umpire or be disruptive outside the field for the remainder of that game. The umpire may call a forfeit if an ejected player does not abide by these rules.
  10. At no time during a dispute should an umpire be touched. Any type of physical assault on an umpire will result in permanent expulsion from the league. If at any time the umpire feels threatened, he may stop the game.
  11. Any player ejected more than two (2) times may be subject to suspension or expulsion.

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  1. There 3 types of protests: misinterpretation of a rule, illegal player, and ineligible player
  2. Protests may NOT be made solely on judgment calls by the umpire. For example: fair or foul ball, runner safe or out, illegal pitching, fieled conditions, etc.
  3. Protests must be filed at time of complaint. Protests will not be accepted once play resumes.
  4. All Managers must carry League Rules during games.
  5. Commissioner will NOT get involved in any problems during a game.
  6. Manager must inform the umpire he is playing the game under protest after the disputed incident. The Manager must then provide a written protest to the commissioner within forty-eight (48) hours. Protest must include: date & time of occurrence, name of umpire(s), and all essential facts.
  7. The Commissioner, one (1) umpire (other than the protest ump) and two (2) League Manager will rule on the protest within one (1) week.

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  1. The following are NOT allowed for play: metal spikes, baseball bats, fungo bats, corked bats, and any bats deemed unsafe by the umpire.
  2. First baseman glove may only be used by First Baseman and Catcher.
  3. Catcher must wear a helmet
  4. All teams must bring bases and a helmet. Any team without bases will be visiting team for both games.
  5. Teams must provide two (2) new Regular F-12 DeBeer Clincher Softballs for each doubleheader.
  6. A new ball will be used in the top of the first inning and in the bottom of the fourth.

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PITCHING - “10 Man” Modified Pitching

Our league adheres strictly to the rules of “10 Man” Modified Pitching.  Below are the basic rules; for a complete guide on pitching, please read the document written Salvatore Guerriero here : ASA 10 Man Modified Softball Pitching Rules (PDF File - new window). Any pitcher who “slings” or bends the modified rules will NOT be allowed to pitch in our league. Please see the banned pitcher list at end of this page.

  1. Pitchers must have one foot on the plate at the start of wind-up.
  2. Lifting of a foot from the pitching rubber and stepping back onto the rubber is considered to be rocking, and is illegal.
  3. The pitcher will hold the ball in both hands for not less than one (1) second and not more than ten (10) seconds before releasing it.
  4. The ball must not be outside the pitcher’s wrist on the downward motion and during the complete forward delivery. Pitchers arm or wrist may not be cocked at anytime during the wind up.
  5. The arm may only go as high as the head on the backswing.
  6. The pitcher may take the ball behind the back on the backswing.
  7. The shoulders and driving hip must be squared to home plate when the ball is released.
  8. On the forward swing of the pitching arm, the elbow must be locked at point of release.
  9. The release of the ball must be on the first forward swing of the pitching arm past the hip.
  10. The release must have a complete smooth follow through, with no abrupt stop of the arm near the hip.
  11. The pitch is completed with a step forward toward home plate and simultaneous with the delivery of the ball to the batter.
  12. Pitcher may NOT quick-pitch a batter. Batter must be in the batter’s box and umpire must be ready.
  13. An illegal pitch is automatic ball (dead-ball). However, If the batter swings and gets a hit,
    the ball is in-play. If the batter is out (before reaching first-base), it is dead-ball and the batter returns to bat. After three (3) illegal pitch calls, the pitcher must be removed. He may still play at another position.

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  1. Four (4) Balls and (3) Three Strikes for every batter. Unlimited fouls.
  2. Batter must have at least one foot in the batter’s box before contact with ball and both feet in the box while making contact.
  3. No intentional chopping or bunting allowed. (automatic out).
  4. Line Up Card must be handed to Ump before the start of the game.
  5. EH & DH: Team may use up to an eleven (11) man line up including one EH (extra hitter) and a DH (designated hitter for any player on the field). The EH is allowed to play the field. The DH may replace the player he is DH’ing.
  6. Managers must keep a scorebook and must accurately score each game. If there is a question about the score, the umpire will review the Manager’s score sheet.

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  1. Base runner may take a lead once the pitcher has released the ball. Leading before the ball is released is an automatic out and dead ball if detected by umpire.
  2. Tagging up is allowed from all bases.
  3. Appeals may be made to the umpire before the next batter bats.
  4. Baserunners must run in their basepaths and may not intentionally block throws or distract or interfere with a fielder.
  5. Catcher may attempt to pick off a runner; throw must beat runner back to the bag, no
    tag is necessary.
  6. There is NO stealing, however runner may advance on a badly thrown pick-off attempt by the catcher once he has returned to the base. All runners must return to the base before advancing on a bad throw.
  7. No phantom tags are allowed. Umpire may award an extra base if he witnesses a phantom tag and fielder is subject to ejection.
  8. During a double-play, runner must slide or get out of the way at 2B or 3B. Umpire will rule an automatic double-play if runner breaks this rule.
  9. Courtesy Runners: two (2) players for the entire game. Manager must indicate on the line-up card and inform the other manager which two players require a courtesy runner.
  10. Courtesy runner is the last batter to hit into an out. If it is the 1st inning and there are no outs then the last batter in lineup with out a runner must run.
  11. Intentional collisions of any kind will not be allowed. Runner will be ejected from game and called out.
  12. Plays at Home Plate: Runner must slide, give himself up, or avoid a tag if a catcher has the ball. Runner may not barrel or lean into a catcher to force him to drop the ball. Catcher may not block the plate without the ball, runner must have access to the plate. Accidental collisions may occur, the umpire must deem if was intentional or incidental.

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  1. Extra Innings: After 7 innings, teams must play with only 9 (nine) fielders.  The line up does not change.
  2. Specific Ground Rules for each field below. These rules may be changed by the umpire.
  3. Players from other games or anyone walking through the field are considered “in play.” All calls regarding outsider obstruction are at the discretion of the umpire
  4. Overthrows: two (2) bases from the last base touched at the time the ball left the hand regardless of who makes the throw. If a fielder loses the ball while making a tag and ball does
    into dead area, runner is awarded one (1) base.
  5. Both teams must agree to any changes in fields or playing conditions.
  6. Infield Fly Rule: there must be a runner on first and second and the fielder must be camped under the ball.

Park & Field



Inwood #2


Straight line from fence behind 3B dugout = dead ball on overthrow.

ALL fly balls are catchable, except behind dugouts.

Area behind 1B is live.

Through fence in RCF is in-play.

Inwood #3


Straight line from fence behind 1B dugout = dead ball on overthrow.

ALL fly balls are catchable, except behind dugouts.

Area behind 3B is live.

Off the tree is in-play, same as hitting a wall.

Inwood #4


Straight line from fence behind 1B & 3B dugout = dead ball on overthrow.

ALL fly balls are catchable, except behind dugouts.

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  1. All players are expected to wear a team shirt.
  2. Any team leading by 10 runs after four (4) innings will win by Mercy. Losing team must bat four (4) times.
  3. The Run Differential Maximum is 15 Runs per game. This is the maximum amount of run a team will be credited in the Run Differential standings.
  4. Tiebreakers: Decided by head-to-head record and then Run Differential (runs scored versus runs allowed).
  5. Playoff structure to be determined by amount of teams in the league. Teams with better records will be awarded Home Team for 1st and 3rd game of a series.
  6. All League Rules and suspensions apply during the playoffs.

The Official ASA Rules of Softball will govern any topics, rules or issues not mentioned here.

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  1. Solito
  2. Mike Sanchez - Dea (EMS)
  3. Jeff - Dea (EMS)
  4. John Miranda
  5. John Brown - Choice Parts (Central park League)
  6. Zorro
  7. James Parker - (Central park League)
  8. John Rocker
  9. Steve Jimenez- (Gunny, 54st League)
  10. Frankie Rodriguez - Cardinals (Gunny, 54st League)
  11. Bobby Langa - Gents (Central park League)
  12. Solano
  13. Cedric Washington
  14. Johanny - Hit Squad (Gunny, 54st League)
  15. Angel - Highlanders
  16. “Doc” - Choice Parts (Central park League)
  17. Ramish
  18. Millo
  19. Clay – Choice Parts (Central park League)
  20. Sleepy
  21. Mike Cuevas
  22. Macho (Twins/Phillies)
  23. Mario - Hustlers/West 2012
  24. Anthony (Bridge Tavern) 2013
  25. Domingo - Bizcocheros 2013
  26. Manny Rodriguez- HK - 2014
  27. Morell - Parilla 2014
  28. Armando