1. It's my blog.  I make the rules. I can also change them if I want to (or need to)
  2. If you don't like it, leave.  No negotiation of the rules will be entered into.
  3. I can say and do whatever I like on my blog.
  4. Commenters must adhere to the rules or they will be removed.
  5. Trolls will be removed immediately.
  6. Name calling, abuse, offensive behaviour and insults are troll behaviours.
  7. Keep it positive.  This is a positive place.  Any negativity towards others will be removed, and negativity towards yourself will be discouraged.
  8. Deliberate weight loss and diet talk is not allowed.  On ANY of my blogs.
  9. Advertising is not welcome unless previously sanctioned by me.
  10. In some cases, I will give you a warning.  There will be only one warning.  If you persist, I will remove you, no negotiations.
  11. Be kind.  To me, to your fellow commenters and to yourself.  If you're always kind and thoughtful, you won't get into any trouble.
  12. My blogs are all fat acceptance spaces.  Any commenting that goes against fat acceptance will be removed and the commenters blocked.
  13. We do not engage in discrimination or bigotry in this place.
  14. Check your privilege.  If you don't know what privilege is, you can read about it here.
  15. Most importantly - anyone who trolls this blog with hateful messages and bullying of fat people will have those comments, along with their IP addresses, email addresses and any other details published in a public page.
  16. Anything else I decide as a rule goes here.