Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association

July 13, 2011


A.K.Wieder                                Beverly Adams                        Tim Wilson

Ray Brann                                Hardy Whitten                                Jess Wenger

David Lee                                Peggy King                                James King

Peter Hedlund                                Kerry Hannon                                Jane Smith

Charles Froehlich                        Melanie Brede                                Ross Moore

Bob Fenwick                                Adrienne Dent                                Tim Williams

Genii Williams                        Joe Kopp                                JoAnne Kopp

Aleisha Hundley                        Willy Thompson                        Rebecca Quinn

Erin Froehlich                                James Halfaday                        Mike Farruggio

Bill Niebel                                Kate Lucas                                Pat Healy

Hillary Bracken                        Vicki Hawes                                Susan Lee Foard

Inessa Telefus                                Charlotte Telefus                        Terry DiCintio        Dede Smith


Meet your NDS Planner/

Willoughby Place Apartment Complex

Willy Thompson


Jefferson Sprint Triathlon

Kate Lucas


Ragged Mountain Dam Update

Rebecca Quinn

(00:27 – 00:47)

August Candidates Forum

Peggy King

(0:47– 1:03)

JPA Bridge Update

Hardy Whitten

(1:03– 1:09)

Other Business


Meeting Adjourned

(times in parenthesis refer to the audio recording)