Check Area for Safety

Attendance (Excuse slips for previous day, Tardies, Non-dressers)



Lower body

Feet together, touch toes

Right over Left touch toes


Feet apart to the left

Feet apart to the right

Down the middle

Standing, grab left ankle


Upper body

Right Arm across


Right arm Back


Students Will Be Able To…

Cognitive: SWBAT understand which muscle he/she is stretching.

Psychomotor: SWBAT correctly execute all of the stretches in proper form.

Affective: SWBAT enjoy the benefits of proper warm up drills and stretching techniques.

Standard 3: Assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance.

3.3 Develop individual goals for muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and body composition.

Look for Possible Hazards

-Use #’s on the black top for taking role.

-Observe the students during warm-up.

Safety Issues:

Make sure students are not bouncing or using improper form during the stretching.

Make sure student stay on their designated # during the stretching.

Make sure students have plenty of room to proper stretch.