Candied Citrus Peel


Citrus Fruit



  1. Remove the peel from 3 or 4 oranges (or lemons,limes or grapefruits) and cut in strips.
  2. Blanch  peel 3 times.   Place peel in a pot cover with cold water  and bring to a boil. When the water boils , drain and  repeat  twice more, for a total of thee time.
  3. Make a simple syrup: Put water and sugar in a medium pot stir to dissolve sugar and bring to boil.  I used equal parts water and sugar, but I have seem recipes that use 3 parts sugar to 1 part water.  You need enough syrup to cover the citrus peel. For 3 oranges I used 2 cup water and 2 cups sugar.
  4. Add citrus peel to the simple syrup and simmer until translucent, this took me about an hour. The time will vary depending on how thick your citrus peel is. When translucent remove from the syrup, drain and place on a wire rack to dry. Once drained,you can roll the peel in additional sugar before drying, but I thought this was just to sugary and we ended up knocking the sugar coating off our peels.
  5. Store in an air tight jar in the refrigerator or freeze.