Civics and Economics/World Geog – Mr. Byvik  

Daily Schedule

See attached and in your agenda


Evaluation and Grading

Each nine weeks’ grade will be calculated by the computer according to the following:


Students are required to bring the following materials to class on a daily basis:



Students are required to write down homework everyday in their agenda.  Homework will be given at least 2-3 times a week.

Student Conduct

In addition to the rules of the school the following rules will be followed:

Classroom procedures

Each student is expected to copy from the board the date, question of the day or oral language sentences, objective, and homework at the beginning of class.  This information is to be kept in the students binder and the student’s agenda.

Absentee information must be given to the teacher as soon as you enter the classroom.

Consequences of Misbehavior

Consequences of misbehavior may include one or more of the following:

Please see page 4 of the Student Agenda for the cell phone and electronic device guidelines.

Special Projects

Projects will be assigned through out the year.

Directions will be clearly explained and ample time will be given for all students to complete the assignment.  Projects turned in late will be reduced one letter grade each calendar day late. (A project due on a Friday and turned in on a Monday will drop three letter grades)  Because of this most, if not all projects will be collected on a Monday or Tuesday.


Fire Drills

Accelerated Reading

This is a program designed to improve student reading skills.  In order to achieve goals based on the student’s reading level, students are expected to do the following:



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