Set/Reset your Password (EdMail)

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Every student registered at Edmonds Community College (EdCC),  for more than zero credits, is provided with an EdMail account. EdMail accounts are made available as part of the Google Apps for Education agreement with Edmonds Community College. You can keep this same EdMail address for as long as you are a student and you will be able to access your EdMail account even after you leave the college.

EdMail is Gmail within a secure domain. It is used for official college communications from admissions, enrollment services, financial aid, emergency notifications, etc..  This ensures that students receive vital information in a timely manner.  But wait, there’s more!  EdMail gives you access to all of the tools provided by Google Apps, such as Google Docs, Sites, Groups, Calendar and more.  

Students have full control of their EdMail accounts, this means students create their own passwords for EdMail and set the criteria for password security, as well as other EdMail features.  Student Technology Advice and Resource Team (START) staff will be happy to assist students with this self service tool and EdMail, as needed.  START can also help students with USER NAME adjustments, as necessary. Visit the START office in the Library, LYN 305.

Step 1: Navigate to Http:// 

Click on either:
Lookup Your Account


Change/Reset Your Password

Step 2:
You will arrive at a screen that looks like the one to your right.

Enter your Student Identification Number (SID) and Student Account Private Identification Number (PIN)

SID/PIN can be obtained from Enrollment Services at the time of registration or by calling (425) 640-1000.

You can also get to this screen by navigating to

Step 3: Click the Login button.

Step 4: Click the Set or Change Your Password button.

Review the User ID - this is your EdMail Account User ID 

Step 5: To set your EdMail password for the first time or to change your password, simply type the new STRONG PASSWORD into the New Password text box; for security reasons you must confirm the new password by typing it into the Re-enter Password text box.

Find out more about strong passwords.


Step 6: Click the Set or Change Password button.

Step 7: A confirmation of the password change will appear. Click on Use Edmail

Note: The Use EdMail button may take you to the Gmail Login page. If this happens make sure you type out your whole EdMail address.

Step 8: Enter your EdMail User ID and the new password created from Step 6 

Note: You can also get to this screen by clicking Step 3: Login! on the page 

WARNING: To keep your personal account information safe, ensure the "Stay signed in" check box remains unchecked whenever you use a public computer.

Note: The first time you log into EdMail, you’ll need to use the secret code to agree to the Google terms.

Step 9: Read the Google Terms of Service, type in your unique secret code in the text box provided and select I accept, Continue to my account button.

Email: | Drop-in: Lynnwood Hall Rm 305 | Call: 425.640.1101

Visit: START Support Service Site or check out other START tutorials!

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