(Rev. 2011-12-01)

The WCBE Internship Program was established in 1956 as a way to engage Columbus City School students by giving them the experience of working at a real-live radio station. For over 55 years, we have welcomed students from this school district along with neighboring districts, and colleges such as the Ohio State University, Ohio University, Franklin University and many more! Our goal is to give each student the opportunity to learn valuable workplace and radio broadcast skills that will assist them in which career path they choose.

Criteria For High School & College Internships

- High School: Must be a junior or senior/ College Students: May be Freshman-Senior

- Must have good attendance

- Must have the ability to multitask

- Although there is no strict dress code, please come to work each day dressed tastefully

- Must find their own transportation to and from their internship

Areas of Work

Here are the key areas of focus. Please let us know which areas you have a skill set or interest.

- General Writing Assignments

 - Audio Production/Editing

 - Membership Assistance

 - General Management Assistance

 - News Department Assistance **

 - Music Department Assistance (Non-Broadcast) **

- Underwriting Department Assistance **

          - General Office Assignments

** - Due to the high level of responsibility, time investment, and communication skills required to complete these tasks, these assignments are better suited for a college level intern.

What Area of Work is Right For Me?

You should select an area of work that complements your need for experience in a certain subject. If you are an English major, perhaps focusing on General Writing assignments would be a good fit for you. Or maybe you have a talent for mixing and recording audio, and would like to focus on audio production. Please note that you will be asked to help with various tasks outside of your area of work as needed.

[Note: Prospective interns should be aware that they will be asked (not required, however) to voice promotional announcements, legal IDs, etc.]

The Interview Process

First, you will be required to set up an interview with a staff person at WCBE. Please contact WCBE internship coordinator, Heather Anderson at 614-365-5555, ext. 233 to schedule. Be sure to do so at least THREE (3) WEEKS before the date you’d like to begin interning.

Second, you will be required to submit an objective essay and resume to complete the interview (see below). Your interview will be at our studios at 540 Jack Gibbs Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43215. You will be responsible for your own transportation during your internship. The interview should last no longer than one hour, and will conclude with a tour of the station.

Also, you will meet your project leader. This person will work with the WCBE internship coordinator to teach you specific skills, and work with the coordinator to give you assignments under specific work areas (see below).

Objective Essay/Resume

This is a typed, double spaced, one page document explaining why you would like to become a WCBE intern. Be sure to address all 4 of the following criteria. Please have the following completed and ready for submission prior to your interview.

  1. Please be sure to include a response to the following questions in your essay, as they might come up in the interview as well!

      2.   Be sure to include a list of skills that you would like us to know about (promptness, great organizer, quick typist, etc.)

      3.        Include a resume of your past and current job, volunteer, and extracurricular activities.

      4.   Finally, please complete the WCBE Internship Application and attach a copy of your school schedule. You will be given a copy of the WCBE Intern contract, which, if signed, means you agree to all of the information in this document

About Your Internship

Starting Your Internship

Please note that you will not be able to begin your internship during extremely time-restrained periods at the station, such as our spring and fall membership drives (early March & early April/October), as well as the end of our fiscal year in (late June).

For your first day of internship, please arrive on time and report to the internship coordinator and submit any additional documents requested during the interview.


Promptness and good attendance are a must. Please provide an a written excuse for each absence. If you miss several days of work, your internship coordinator/supervisor will be contacted by a WCBE staff person.If you arrive to work late on 5 occasions, and do not provide an excuse, your internship may be subject to review. Additionally, if you miss 5 days of work WITHOUT providing an excuse, or miss several consecutive days, your internship may be subject to review.

You will be required to “sign in” each day, as well as document what projects you are working on. These documents will help us better gage how your internship is progressing, and insure that you are receiving the skill sets you need that meet your objective criteria.


You will be given a variety of assignments under your area(s) of work. Some assignments may take one day to complete or less, others may be more long term, taking weeks to complete. You will be given a reasonable deadline to complete each assignment. You will also be taught the right skills and given the right tools to work on each assignment. We expect for you to put your best effort into each assignment. However, if you need more time to complete an assignment, or don’t understand the instructions, please ask your project leader for help - they’ll be more than happy to assist. Failure to complete assignments in a timely matter may result in termination of the internship.

School & Your Internship

As a busy student, you probably have a lot of things on your plate - school, jobs, extra-curricular activities, just to name a few. At any time, if you feel like you can’t keep up with your internship, feel you are unable to complete your assignments due to time constraints, or begin to fall behind in school, please let your project coordinator and your internship coordinator/supervisor know. We’re here to help you get the most out of your internship and don’t want you to feel overwhelmed during this already stressful time!

Intern Review

You will have regular reviews throughout your internship here at the station. During the review process, the internship coordinator, project leader, and possibly the general manager, will evaluate your performance at that point in time.We will also look at the objectives you set earlier before your internship to see if you area meeting them. Some schools regularly require reviews to be completed by a station staff person for a student. If so, please give the review form to your project leader. We will also ask you for your opinion as to how you feel your internship is progressing, and whether or not you feel you’re meeting your objectives. If you continuously fail to meet objectives, or show a lack of interest in your duties, including poor attendance, chronic tardiness, etc. you may receive a poor review, which may result in a termination of your internship.

Final Project

After your 2nd review, we will give you a “Final Project” to work on between assignments. This project is for you to express your creativity, utilising the skills you’ve learned thus far in the internship. Such assignments may include creating an audio piece, or a demo reel. You may work on this project when you need to take a “break” or when you complete an assignment early (please ask your project leader first before working on your project). Once completed at the end of your internship, it will be reviewed by a few of our staff members. Remember, this project will be something you can take away from your internship and use for resumes, school, etc - get creative and put effort into it!


WCBE is a unique place to work at, many interns have enjoyed their time here, and have gone off to pursue their careers in broadcasting, education, and many other fields. Being an intern requires a lot of hard work and dedication, just like the goals you strive to achieve in life. Once you leave WCBE, you will have gained a wealth of experience and will be more prepared to progress toward your chosen career!


WCBE Internship Application

(Rev. 2011-12-01)

Your Information

Full Name:_________________________                Home School:_______________________

Current Grade:______________________                Telephone Number:___________________
(or grade during start of internship)                

Your Email Address:__________________                

School Internship Coordinator (or supervisor)

Name:_____________________________        Telephone Number:____________________

Email Address:______________________

Internship Information

Projected Start Date of Internship:________

When Will You Intern At WCBE?: _________________________

(Ex. every day from 2:30p-3:30p, every Thursday from 9:00a-12:00p)

Have you attached your Objective Essay?        Yes        

Have you attached your Resume?                Yes

Have you attached your School Schedule?        Yes