Alternate Ritual Rules

The Ritual Rules of 4th Edition are something that I enjoy, but I would like to modify some aspects to suit my style of play.

Utility Rituals

In my variation of these rules rituals are more commonly used. While repeated use of them will quickly incur a high cost, every ritual user has the ability to enact their know rituals a certain number of times per day without cost - with the exception of raise dead, item creation, and similar rituals. A character with the Ritual Caster feat (or class feature) may cast a number of rituals per day of their level or lower equal to their primary attribute modifier plus half their level without paying their component cost. This bonus is in addition to any bonus rituals that may be cast for free from feats or class features.

Item Creation Rituals

Something else that I am not quite satisfied with is item creation rituals.

When creating a magic item of your level or lower you get a discount equal to 10% of the items total cost.
As stated above, you can cast item creation rituals as though you were higher level, being able to create items above your level. When doing so you pay an additional 10% of the items total cost.

When disenchanting a magic item for residium, you gain 25% of the items worth of residium.