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Tech Resources for Teachers



Edina Portal

The Edina Portal https://portal.edinaschools.org is your one stop shop for accessing Edina Applications. Once logged in, you can access many of the applications below with a single click.  Portal Icons Explained

Joining Edina-Open wireless network

Edina has 4 different networks.  District devices automatically connect to our wired and wireless network.  Staff and students are encouraged to connect to Edina-Open wireless network.  Here are the instructions


In Edina Public Schools we use Microsoft Outlook  for our Webmail and computer staff email and calendar sharing.  Instructions for accessing, setting up or use of district email can be found https://goo.gl/sVXB2V  Students use Gmail and calendars through Edina Apps. The staff Gmail is forwarded to Outlook email.


We use several different models of Cisco phones: Model Numbers 7912 or 7960.  Each staff person has a personal number and a voice mailbox.  Phone messages will come through your Outlook E-mail account as well.

Edina Apps

Edina Apps is Edina Public Schools applications powered by Google. By providing this service, all staff and students will have a common method of communicating and collaborating with one another. Once logged in, students and staff will have access to Gmail, documents, calendar, sites and many more features by starting with Google Drive.  

Web Help Desk

Help Desk is an online help request system used by DMTS to provide tech support to staff throughout the district.  With it, you can ask for assistance with technology and track the status of your support request. Also, you will be emailed with updates as your request is worked on. Phone x4915 or send email to support@edinaschools.org from your @edinaschools.org email account.

Remote Network Access

The VPN allows you to access all our licensed resources as if you were using a district computer and includes a link to access Webmail. VPN will work with all web browsers and most types of Internet connections, except AOL. This service is provided for your convenience.


Network Drives

The different drives on your computer are explained here.  


Infinite Campus Student Information System

Edina Public Schools uses the Infinite Campus Student Information System. Teachers access attendance, grades and student information using the Campus icon in the Portal. Special Ed Staff access IEP and 504 data using SpedForms.  Parents and students access grade, behavior and attendance information using Campus through the Portal.

SChoology logo.jpg

Schoology Learning Management System

Edina Public Schools uses the Schoology Learning Management System for delivering content, as well as collaboration. The 2016-17 school year will be a transition from Moodle, our previous system. Students will be able to access content, submit assignments, receive feedback and create portfolios with Schoology.



Edina Public Schools uses the SeeSaw Learning Management System for delivering content, as well as collaboration targeted at the K-2 classrooms. The 2017-18 school year will be an implementation year for this tool.  Staff will be able to share authentica student work as well as communicate with parents in an efficient manner.

New Teachers click here for further information (last updated 9/20/17)

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