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INTRO: Watch the intro. There are no questions over this portion.  3:30 minutes.

Part 1: Political Alliances

1. Why did Louis XIV build Versailles outside the city limits of Paris?

2. How old was Louis XVI when he married?

3. Why did Louis and Marie marry?

4. Is Marie Antoinette interested in political affairs?

5. What is life like outside the gates of Versailles?

Part 2: The Age of Enlightenment

6. France was broken into how many classes?

7. What new philosophical movement is sweeping through Europe?

8. Who did Louis XIV support in the war against Great Britain?

9. What factors caused France to go bankrupt?

Part 3: Madame Deficit

10. What did Marie like to do in her spare time?

11. What was her nickname?

12. What food was at the heart of the French diet?

Part 4: Financial Crisis

13. The cost of what product skyrockets under Louis’s miss management of the economy?

14. Louis is advised by Jacques Necker to to call a meeting of what organization?

15. What percentage did the first two estates makeup? __The 3rd estate? __

16. Robespierre represents members of which estate?

17. What happens on the handball court on June 20th?

18. What is the name of the oath they take at this location?

19. What does the 3rd estate rename themselves?

Part 5: To the Bastille

20. Where do the people go for gunpowder?

21. What does each color of the flag represent? RED & BLUE & WHITE

22. What “gross” revolutionary tradition is born out of the fall of the Bastille?

23. What do the people do to the Bastille?

24. What does the Declaration of the Rights declare? 

Part 6: The People’s Friend

25. What was Jean-Paul Marat's role in the revolution?

26. Which group gets so angry that they march to Versailles?

27. Does Marie actually say, "Let them eat cake?"

28. June 21st, 1791: The King and Queen try to do what during the cover of darkness?

29. What is the "national razor?"

Part 7: Foreign Assistance

30. Does Robespierre want to go to war with Austria?  Why not?

31. What two nations begin war and invasion of France?

32. How can the birth of the Republic begin?

Part 8: The Demise of Louis

33. What is the symbol of the san-culottes?

34. The National Assembly becomes known as the?

35. Who comes forward to help rally the French against the Austrian and Prussians?  

Hint: He says "Boldness, more boldness, forever boldness and the fatherland is saved!"

36. What are the September Massacres?

37. What do the Jacobins want to do with the king? The Girondins?

Part 9: Noble Blood

38. What does Charlotte Corday do?

39. What does Marat become?

40. What is Marie Antoinette's sentence?

Part 10: Defending the Border

41. What is "The Terror?"

42. What is the "Committee of Public Safety?"

43. What is Robespierre's paradox? (On what issue does he now contradict his earlier stance?)

Part 11: Civic Virtue

44. What do people decide is the "root" of the problem?

45. Who is the new saint of France?

46. What brilliant young commander is leading France to victory on the battlefields?

47. Robespierre believes that terror can help create _____.

48. What happens to the Dantonists?

49. Tempo of executions increase to 800+ per month in Paris alone; New phase called the ____ terror.

Part 12: The End of the Terror

50. What two events lead to the demise of Robespierre?  (The Festival of the ____ Being, and a speech of ____).

51. What is the irony of Robespierre's injury?

52. Who sheds the last blood of the terror?

53. Who becomes the leader of France after Robespierre?

Short Essay:

I.    In your opinion, is using violence to achieve liberty and equality justifiable?

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