Technical Specifications

The following lists of equipment and facilities outline what is generally available for use at the Cockpit, but breakages and breakdowns do occur. Please check your requirements with our technician at least two weeks before arrival. Also, we do add to our stock. Please ask if there’s something specific you require that isn’t shown. If we can help, we will.  You will need to complete a technical questionnaire and return it to us at least two weeks before your get in to be in line with our licensing requirements.




60 x 2kW (10amp Fuse) dimmable ways on 63amp 3 phase supply, 20 ways per phase.

RED PHASE : Top Gantry, Channels 1-20

YELLOW PHASE: Lower Gantry, Channels 21-40

BLUE PHASE: Central Tee, Channels 41-56 & Floor, Channels 57-60

3 Channels used for house lights.

No crossing of phase areas will be permitted (i.e you must plug a lantern in on the same phase that it is rigged, lower gantry, upper gantry, central T section, or floor).


ETC Ion Xe - 2,048 outputs














Foyer PA



We have harlequin vinyl dancefloor for both thrust and in the round seating configurations.  These are roll out and tape down style floors, and need to be laid and removed during your hire period.  This will take between 30 and 60 minutes depending how many company crew are on hand to assist the Cockpit technician.


Our technical staff are excellent and very helpful. Please note though that they are there to provide support and advice only to your technical team, you must bring enough crew to get your show in, run it, and then get out.

Please let us know well in advance if you are not bringing your own designers, riggers, operators, crew etc.


SEATING: There are 4 blocks of cushioned, bench seating in the auditorium with approximately 55 seats on each block. These are usually arranged in thrust but can be moved into different configurations (In the Round or a Single block). Seating capacity is 160 in thrust or 220 In the Round. Please consult us concerning your seating requirements.  Changing the seating configuration requires between 30 minutes for one seating back up to 1 hour for 3 seating banks, and a few pairs of hands.

LIGHTING GANTRIES: There are 2 lighting gantries. The LOWER GANTRY is 3.5m from the stage, The UPPER GANTRY is 6.21m from the stage. Each gantry has two scaffold bars for the rigging of lanterns or scenery. The auditorium is 8.53m high (please see plans). Please note we have no conventional flying facility.

STAGE COLOUR: The stage is painted black, any colour change carried out by an incoming company must be by prior agreement with the theatre production manager and the theatre must be returned to its original state and colour at the end of the production.

GET-IN: Scenery can be stored in the workshop/scenery dock during a run. Access to the workshop is via a dock door (3.3m high x 1.45m wide). Whilst there is a car park at the rear of the theatre, it is not possible to drive a LUTON VAN or vehicle bigger than a transit into the car park due to an over-hanging building (2.95m). The address of the car park is Samford Street, NW8 8EN, the front of the building is Gateforth Street, NW8 8EH.

DRESSING ROOMS: There are two dressing rooms, both with showers, lit mirrors and adjacent toilets.

PARKING & ACCESS: Parking is unrestricted in Church Street Mon-Fri after 6.30pm. Any time before and you will be clamped. Parking is unrestricted at weekends on Gateforth Street and Church Street. Saturday is a common day for get-in’s but it is also Market Day on Church Street, access to the theatre is via Salisbury Street (see map). Church Street is a one-way street travelling towards Edgware Road.

Wheelchair Access and Accommodation at The Cockpit

Wheelchair users (audience or performers) are generally admitted to the auditorium via the side fire exit, avoiding the use of an oversteep ramp between the foyer and the theatre. There is level access to the foyer, box office, bar and toilets. Audience members that need or prefer to remain in their wheelchairs through the show are generally accommodated in front of the centre seating rake (below the control box). Companies - please note: Provision for audience wheelchair users means that the acting area is reduced by 1.1metres. You must leave 1.1m clearance on all sides which have audience seating in place.

NB: The Cockpit’s license restricts the number of wheelchairs in the auditorium to four.