Create Your Own Society

        Jonas lives in a very different society than the one we live in. What do you consider to be a perfect society? Why? Have you ever stopped to think about what life would be like if everything was planned for you and you were never able to make your own decisions?


Create your own society. Your society should have:

  1. An emblem or flag
  2. An education system
  3. A government with laws
  4. Some kind of currency (money)
  5. Transportation
  6. Recreation/entertainment
  7. An employment system
  8. Any additional aspects of a society are also encouraged

Process and Resources

  1. Look up the word "society" in the dictionary, write the definition, and put the definition into your own words.
  2. Write down some of the things you like about each of the seven topics (#2-8 above).
  3. Discuss the topics one at a time. Make sure everyone in the group shares what they have written on each topic.
  4. Create a Venn diagram comparing Jonas’s society with the one your group will create.
  5. Once you have decided on the government, education, etc. for your society, make a travel brochure to market your community. You are trying to find the kind of people you feel will best fit in to your community and will follow your rules and regulations.
  6. You will need to come up with a name for your community. You will also need a flag and a motto.
  7. Draw a map of the layout of your community. Be sure to include housing, school, government office, etc. If your food will be grown on site, remember fields and sources for meat. Don't forget a waste disposal area. If recreation includes soccer, baseball, swimming, etc., you will need to locate these areas on your map.

Project Guidelines

Use the following guidelines for completing your project:

Discuss the following as a group and write down ideas. Then divide up the topics among your group members. Each person in the group will write a paragraph explaining the aspect of your society.

          1. Government (you must have one)

          2. Education (must be some form)

          3. Employment

          4. Money

          5. Outside Influences (Those from other communities)


        6. Responsibilities

          7. Transportation

          8. Recreation/Entertainment