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Dr P S Lorin (Principal)     

Ph.D in Higher Education (Southern Illinois University, USA), MPhil in International Studies (JNU), MA (NEHU), BA Political Science Hons(St Edmund’s College, Shillong)



Tetso College has the most qualified and senior Principal in Nagaland. He is the founder of Tetso College. He is one of the first Naga Fulbright Scholars. Apart from academics, he has been an active social worker, being a Founding member of the Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights, former President of Naga Students Union Delhi. He is currently a member of the Executive Council member in Nagaland University, part of the Board of Studies, Patkai Christian College (Autonomous), and is a former member of the High Powered Committee on Higher Education of the Government of Nagaland. He has presented papers in four seminars, and has two research publications in journals.  He was also an Executive Board member of NEZCC for three years, and was nominated by the Government of Nagaland. Dr. P S. Lorin was also the President of the Nagaland College Principals Forum.

Mr Kvulo Lorin (Director-Administration)

MA in Mass Communication (EFL University), B.Sc (Comp Sci) (Garden City College, Bangalore)

Email: klorin@tetsocollege.org

Kvulo Lorin has a wealth of experience spanning across sectors ranging from education, KPO’s and BPO’s. His corporate experience includes working with Franklin Templeton as overseeing the Creative Services Department and Transcription Departments, Team leader and Trainer with Aditya Birla Minacs and is a member of the Young Indians(an affiliate of the Confederation of Indian Industries). He is an avid photographer, and his photographs have been published in Musings de Este, Nagaland’s first ebook anthology.


Dr Hewasa Lorin (Director-Student Services)

Ph.D in Cultural Studies  (EFL University), M.Phil in English Literature (EFL University), MA (EFL University), BA (Indraprastha College, Delhi)

Email: hlorin@tetsocollege.org


Dr. Hewasa Lorin has presented a paper titled “ Contemporary Re-enactments: Cultural Memory and Naga Identity” at the British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) Annual Conference 2012 at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. While pursuing her research she was also teaching in the English Proficiency Programme at EFLU, Hyderabad. Apart from her academic qualifications, Dr. Hewasa Lorin has also worked as a Junior Editor at Digital Nirvana and Editor at You & I Magazine, a national lifestyle magazine based in Hyderabad. She has a research paper published in journal. Her short story ‘Dreams from a Rengma Naga Village’ has been published in Musings de Este, Nagaland’s first ebook anthology. She was the 2001 PU overall Topper for Nagaland University.


DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH (Offers General and Honours paper)

HoD: Ms Kahor Raleng

MA Linguistics (NEHU), MA English Literature (IGNOU- pursuing), B.Ed (IGNOU), BA (Lady Keane College, Shillong)

Email: raleng.kevi@yahoo.com

Ms Kahor Raleng has been in the teaching profession for the past 8 years. She began her career as an Assistant Teacher at Grace Academy, Imphal, and later moved on to Mt Sinai Higher Secondary School, Kohima before joining Tetso. Having a flair for music, she was the Music Instructor at Watson School of Music, Imphal. In 1996, she was the recipient of the Governor’s Silver Medal for a state (Nagaland) level essay competition. She is also a contributor for Orchids- the English textbook for Class 12, as prescribed by NBSE. She was in the Editorial Board of Musings de Este, Nagaland’s first e-book anthology, and her poems have been published in it as well. Having done has Masters in Linguistics, Kahor was one of the instructors for the Certificate Course in English Language Proficiency and Communications Skills, organized by the Department of English. She has attended numerous seminars and workshops, and has also presented a paper in a state level seminar.

Ms Veduvolu Khusoh

PGCTE (Pursuing from EFL University), MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (EFL University), BA English Hons (St Anne’s Women’s College, Hyderabad).

Email: applelvs@gmail.com


Ms Khusoh has worked in the Republic of Colombia as a Language Instructor in the Centro Colombo Americano, and as an Educational Assistant at Universidad Technologica Bolivar. She has constructed the coursework book for Bilingual Assistant Administration students in Colombia, and the in-flight training manual for Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training. She has also worked in Holotoli School, Dimapur as an Assistant Teacher. She has undertaken a certificate course in French from St Anne’s College, Hyderabad. She was in the editorial team of Musings de Este, Nagaland’s first ebook anthology. Her photographs were included in the ‘Photographic Musings’ section of the ebook. She is also a professional photographer and her best photographs are displayed on her Facebook page- Spearheads Photography. She has been a course instructor for the Department’s Certificate Courses since 2013. She believes in giving back to the community, and is the advisor of the Students’ Union, Selouphe, and the NSS Programme Officer at Tetso College.

Mr Anjan K Behera

M.Phil in Tele-visual Culture (EFL University), MA in English with Communication Studies (Christ University, Bangalore), B.Ed (IGNOU- pursuing), BA (JPEng) (Christ College, Autonomous).

Email: abehera@tetsoocollege.org  


A tele-visual culture enthusiast, Mr Behera has academically analysed the depiction of Indian Characters in American Television in his M.Phil dissertation. He is has been professionally trained in theatre studies, and has acted in and directed several plays. He has completed certificate courses in Indian Constitution (School of Law, CU), Phonetics (Christ College, Autonomous), Community Journalism (IGNOU), Technical Writing (TWGI), and Academic Writing (CU). In 2004, he was the winner of the State Level Science Extempore Competition, held by the Government of Nagaland. In 2010, he was the Bangalore City Topper of the AIELTA English Proficiency Test conducted by EFL University. During his postgraduation, he interned in some reputed educational institutions of Nagaland (Tetso College, Patkai Christian College, Japfü Christian College, etc). His research papers have been published in the Tetso Interdisciplinary Journal and the Unity College Journal. At Tetso, he is the co-editor of the Degree of Thought column published weekly in The Morung Express. Since 2013, he has been the Course Coordinator and Instructor of all the Department’s certificate courses. He conceptualized and was in the editorial board of Musings de Este, Nagaland’s first e-book anthology, digitally published by Tetso College. He also contributed poems, a short story, and photographs for the same. Poems and a short story were also published in Phoenix, Tetso College’s second ebook anthology of literature and art. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Tetso Interdisciplinary Journal.

Ms Pakinzinliu Chawang

Ph.D in Cultural Studies (Pursuing from USTM), MA in English (Nagaland University), BA (English Honours) (St Joseph’s College, Jakhama).

Ms Chawang is a well known Emcee and has hosted several programmes including the Economic Summit held in Shillong in 2015. During her graduation, she was the General Secretary and Women’s Coordinator of the Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Kohima.

Ms Nonlih Chohwanglim

Ph.D in ____ (EFLU), MA in (______), BA (_____Honours) (_________).

DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (Offers General and Honours paper)

HoD: Ms Mhabeni Tungoe

NET qualified, MA Education (NU), BA (Patkai Christian College).

Email: mhabetungoe@gmail.com


She has a work experience of 7 years, having started her career in Zisaji College, Kiphrie. She then worked at St John’s College, Dimapur, as the Head of the Education Department. Zisaji College, Kiphrie before joining Tetso College. She is the co-ordinator of the Mentorship Programme at Tetso.

Ms Amenla Jamir

MA (Nagaland University), BA Education Hons (Patkai Christian College)

Email: amenla87jamir@gmail.com 

In addition to her degrees in Sociology, Ms Jamir has a diploma in Computer Applications from Techno Park, Dimapur. Currently she is the General Secretary of the Ao Students’ Union, Chumukedima and the Longsa Students’ Union, Chumukedima. She is a member of the Scholarship Committee and is the mentor for some higher secondary students. Before joining Tetso, she was working in the Assembly of God Higher Secondary School, Dimapur for two years.


DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY (Offers General and Honours paper)

HoD: Ms Tatongkala

NET and JRF qualified, Ph.D in Cultural Studies (Tezpur University- pursuing), MA (GGSIP University, New Delhi), BA (Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University)

Email: tatongkala.pongen@gmail.com


She has presented a paper titled “Putu Menden, Customary Laws and Ao Women” in a national seminar on Identity Assertion and Development: Situating Nagaland co-organised by Immanuel College and Zunheboto Government College in 2012. She presented another paper in 2012 titled “Ao Naga Ariju: Need for Preservation and Conservation” in a national seminar on Tribal Development in North-East organised by Assam University. In 2013, she presented a paper in an International Seminar held at Colombo, and organised by Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka. She has also attended several workshops and seminars. Her essay on Ao Naga Ariju has been included in the book titled The Dynamics of Development in Northeast India, published by Bookwell Publishers in 2013. She has also published a article titled “Religious Belief System of the Ao Naga: A Trajectory from Tradition to Modernity” in the journal named Contemporary Discourse: A Peer Reviewed International Journal, Volume 5 Number 1 in January 2014. Before joining Tetso College, she was working in the National Gallery of Modern Arts, New Delhi as a Technical Restorer.

Ms Kinitoli Aye

MA (NEHU), BA History Hons (Patkai Christian College Autonomous)

Email: kini_aye@yahoo.com


Ms Aye is an active member of EU and EGF. She was the Co-Editor of NEHU’s EU and Prayer Secretary in Shillong Intercollege Evangelical Union. She is a movie enthusiast who loves documentaries dealing with history. During her postgraduation at NEHU, she has specialised in the Modern Period of Indian History.

Ms Anatoli Rochill

MA (NU), BA History Hons (Japfu Christian College, Kigwema)

Email: ana.rochill@gmail.com

She has completed a certificate course in English Language Proficiency, conducted by Tetso College, She is an active member of EU, and was the Assistant Secretary for three years. During her postgraduation in NU, she was the Vice President of the Sema Students’ Union.


DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE (Offers General and Honours papers)

HoD: Mr Shitio Shitiri

NET qualified, MA Political Science (NU), BA Pol Sc Hons (Patkai Christian College)

Email: shitio77@yahoo.com


Mr Shitiri has a total work experience of 13 years, and is the senior most lecturer in Tetso, having worked here for 10 years. Before joining Tetso, he was working in Asian College, Dimapur, as a lecturer. Mr Shitiri is an avid sportsman, and during his postgraduation, he represented the university at GP Trophy Tournament held at Aghuluto, and won the tournament. He was also the champion (Badminton Men’s Single, Basketball, and Table Tennis Single) at the NU Sports Meet held at Mokukchung. At the age of 13 years, he was in the state team which participated in the Under 15 All India Football Meet held in Shillong. He is a music enthusiast, and organised, and was one of the performers (Lead Guitarist) in the Charity Concert held in aid of the Community Health Centre of Medziphema. Mr Shitiri was also part of the NU Band (Bass Guitarist), which performed in the Mokukchung Fest. He has completed a certificate course titled ‘Career Edge’ from NIIT, Dimapur. at present, he is the Asst General Secretary of Lotha Hoho, Medziphema, as well as the General Secretary of Finance Committee, Medziphema Area Joint Tokhvu Committee.

Ms Zuchano Lotha

MA Political Science (NU), BA (SD Jain Girls’ College, Dimapur)

Email: zuchanokhuvung@gmail.com


She has previously worked in AG Higher Secondary School, Dimapur. She joined Tetso College in 2012. She was one of the resource persons for the NSS Training Session conducted in Dimapur (2014).

Mr Daniel Khan

MA Political Science (Gauhati University), MBA in HRM (Sikkim Manipal University), M.Ed (IGNOU), B.Ed (College of Education, Silchar), BA in Pol Sc Hons (S V College, Karimganj)

Email: danumichael@gmail.com


Mr Khan has a work experience of 11 years. He started his career as the Assistant Headmaster of Makunda Christian School, Karimganj, and later joined as an Assistant Teacher in Oriental High School, Silchar. He has attended the Teachers’ Training programme conducted by the Don Bosco Unit, Silchar. Mr Khan is an active member of EU, and is the Senior Advisor of Tetso College’s EU, as well as the Secretary of Dipuphar EGF, and Secretary of Nagaland State EGF. He has completed certificate courses in English Language Proficiency (Tetso College), Hindi Kobit (Allahbad University), and Computer Applications (JST). He has been the Resident Coordinator of Pelo Tetso Boys’ Hostel since 3 years.


DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY (Offers General and Honours papers)

HoD: Ms Thungdeno Humsoe

Ph.D (Pursuing from NU)

Mr Nivibo Y Sumi

MA (HNB Garhwal Central University), BA Sociology Hons (Tetso College, Dimapur)

Email: niviyiki@gmail.com


A big fan of theorists Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche, Mr Sumi has ample work experience in various sectors. Before joining Tetso, he has worked at AB WorldWide (Noida) as a Sales Executive, Urban Station- Chevrolet Cars as the Marketing Manager (Dimapur Division), and at C-Edge College as the HoD. Inspired by the Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias, he has been an active member of the EU ministry in Nagaland. During his college years at Tetso, he was the President of the Evangelical Union and of Dimapur Inter-Collegiate Evangelical Union. He also served as a student volunteer in EU Ministry, Dimapur. During his Postgraduation, he has served as the Prayer Secretary, Chairperson, and Praise and Worship Leader of the Naga Christian Fellowship, Dehradun. He was the Advisor to the Naga Students’ Union, Dehradun. He has contributed immensely to the Sumi Christian Fellowship at Delhi as the Praise and Worship Leader. He is a professional wedding photographer. He has his own Facebook Photography Page- Abo Yiki Photography featuring some of his best works. He is also present in Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. He also takes delight in singing, and writing short stories.

Ms Zujanbeni M Lotha

NET Qualified, MA (Nagaland University), BA Sociology Honours (Baptist College, Kohima)

Email: zujanhmt@yahoo.com


Ms Lotha has previously worked in the higher secondary section of Fernwood School, Kohima. She has a diploma in Computer Application and Networking from the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kohima. During her college years, she was a member of the NSS, and served as the Assistant General Secretary of the Women’s Coordination of Lumami.


Ms Kavika

MA (_____), BA (___________)


DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE (Offers General , Accounting and Finance Honours, and Management Honours papers)

HoD: Mr Namsurei Thomas Kamei

NET qualified, MA (NEHU), BA Economics Hons (St Anthony’s College, Shillong)

Email: namsureithomask8@gmail.com


He has a total work experience of 9 years. Before joining Tetso in 2008, he had been working in several reputed organizations like St John’s School- Imphal, Millenial Vision School- Dimapur, Union Christian  School- Dimapur, etc. He had also worked at the  Business Development Manager at Progressive Society (Dimapur). He attended a training on TOT (Training of Trainers) at DBI, Guwahati. He is credited as the creator of the Facebook group The Naga Economist. He is the NSS Programme Officer, and the Red Ribbon Club’s Nodal Officer in Tetso College. He presented a paper in the National Level Seminar organized at St Joseph’s College. He was also a speaker at the State Level Seminar organized by Tetso College on ‘The Impact of Commerce Education in Nagaland’. Apart from the Degree of Thought column, he also wrote an article for Nagaland Post titled ‘My Ideal System of Education’. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Tetso College.

Mr Amar Ranjan Dey

MCom (NU), BCom Accounts and Finance Hons (Dimapur Govt. College)

Email: amarranjandey@yahoo.in


He started his career as the Head Accountant at Luminous Power, Dimapur and later moved on to Sangru Warehousing, Dimapur (2 years). He has also worked as an Assistant Professor at YLM Institute of Management, Dimapur. He has undertaken a Certificate Course in Computer Applications from Sterlite Computer Institute, Dimapur. He is a Platinum Distributor for Amway India Enterprise and has attended training programmes regarding Amway Product Information at Phukat, Thailand, and at China. He has also conducted training sessions in various districts of Northeast India for Amway India Enterprise. He has attended several academic and business related seminars and workshops. He recently presented a paper in the National Level Seminar organized by Unity College, Dimapur on the Role of Tourism in the Social Economic Development of India, with special reference to Nagaland.

Mr Monjit Roy

MCom (Dibrugarh University), BCom (Accounts Hons- Dimapur Govt College, Dimapur), B.Ed (NEHU).

Email: monjitroy977@gmail.com

He has a vast work experience, having first worked as a Sales Executive at Shogun India Ltd, Dimapur, and WIPRO, Guwahati. He also worked as a Medical Representative at Drug Distributors, Dimapur and was an Advisor in GTFS Insurance Company, Dimapur. Apart from the business world, Mr Monjit has also previously worked at Lizwood Land School, Dimapur, and at St Claire’s Higher Secondary School, Dimapur. He has undertaken the Certificate Course in English Language Proficiency from Tetso College, and a diploma in Computer Applications from Sterlite Computer Institute, Dimapur. He also has completed a certificate course in Tally 5.4 from Tata Infotech, Dimapur.


Ms Heninle Magh

NET and JRF Qualified, M.ECom(Punjab University), BCom (SD Jain College)

Email: mac.henny@gmail.com

She has previously worked as an Agency Manager in Birla Sunlife Insurance Company, Dimapur, and as the Block Accounts Manager under National Rural Health Mission, Nagaland. She has completed a Certificate Course in Computer Applications from Allied Academy, Dimapur.

Mr Lanuakum Longkumer

Ph.D in MSE (pursuing:  Nagaland University), MCom (Nagaland University) BCom (Baptist College, Kohima).

Email: lanu052@gmail.com

Mr Longkumer was the General Secretary of the PG Students’ Union of Nagaland University for the2011-2012 session. He secured the 2nd position in the Debate Competition held for the NU PG students in 2012. During his school days, he was an active member of Scouts and Guides, and served as the Scout Leader for Don Bosco Hr Sec School, Kohima. Before joining Tetso, he has worked in North Town Hr Sec School, Dimapur, and Little Flower Hr Sec School, Kohima.