I. Points discussed

        A) Membership (Katie): After going through the surveys and meeting members outside events, mentorship has been lacking in guidance and direction. Several members want to get involved, but don’t know how or are getting mixed information on both mentor and mentee fronts. Right now, mentors have been assigned nationally, but largest complaints have been follow-ups from mentors or lack of commitment. Sital will discuss with Anna about taking on leadership for this. Other board members mentioned creating clear commitments/goals for mentors and  limiting  mentors to a smaller amount who can truly devote their time. Quality versus quantity.

Katie will update us by next board meeting.

B) Student Scholarships. Annalisa will spearhead 4 student scholarships to the convention (travel/hotel/convention fee included)  and pitch to the board. Richard mentioned giving the students an experience by mandating that each student write/blog during their time at the convention. Possible NYT sponsorship.


        C) CAPA event-- Vickie and Bao will spearhead this event May 8th. Same set up as before with book signings. Vickie will take care of authors. Bao will take care of logistics with CAPA. Recent approval of budget presented by Chris.

D) Treasury Report: Will Update!

E) Updates

                1) Advisory Board still in progress. Sital is working with PJ and Charles.


2) Corky’s Queens Museum of Art Solo Exhibit is June 25th. AAJA/SAJA is

sponsoring a mixer before.  


3) CNN Multimedia event is 5/20. Bea will update us.


4) Preconvention July Mixer will be a partnership with Philly. Helen and Annalisa will

set up phoner to discuss details.


5) Events that are still on the table: Fall Digital Workshop later this year, NYT         

breakfast/lunch meeting, Speed Networking Fall,


Meeting Details

Location: Australian Restaurant, Brooklyn.

On-site Board Attendees: Sital Patel, Maria Sandoval, Chris Chang, Katie Benner, Richard Lui, Annalisa Burgos.

Member Attendees:

Leezel Tanglao

Hannah Lao hannahlao@gmail.com