PED 201 – Professor Yang

Stability:  Lab One



Beka Fredrickson

Lab Group Day and #: MONDAY



A. To observe the interaction between St. Mary’s students and Cortland students.

B. To get to “know” some of the students at St. Mary’s through play and participation.

C. To make yourself aware of Stability (static and dynamic movements) across the different phases of motor development (Table 1.6, page 21 of Gallahue text)


TODAY IS FAIRLY INFORMAL! Have fun but be purposeful, try to learn a little about your students including their names.



* Assigned group stays with Pre-K for entire time

  1. Play with kids – parachute activities
  2. Fine Motor Activities (coloring, books, story time, etc.)
  3. Tag Games from Adventure Activities
  4. Tag games from Text 


  1. Fine motor activity (finger twister, coloring, etc.)
  2. Observation of fine motor activity (eating, coloring, etc.)
  3. Tag Games from Adventure Activities
  4. Tag games from Text


  1. Tag Games from Adventure Activities
  2. Tag games from Text


  1. Organize PE equipment rooms, ball bins, racks
  2. Cut out photos for labeling equipment boxes


TASK A – Gross and Fine Motor Observation:  Please answer the following questions, all responses must be typed:


Observe the interaction between St. Mary’s students and your peers (Cortland students).  Try to get an idea of the behaviors of the St. Mary’s students – Do they listen well? Do they remain on task? What do they attend to?  What motivates them to play? The students I played with seemed to be very all over the place. Their attention spans are short and they were very hyper. The children were all over the place and each activity only last about 2-3 minutes. I was with the pre-k children which is why this was happening. They were mostly interested in just a fun way to get us older ‘kids’ attention. They wanted us to be fully listening to them and no one else. They were very imaginary and into the ‘play’ aspect. Mostly they just wanted to have fun and pretend to do whatever they wanted. It was funny to watch and play along.


1. Based upon observation, what are the differences in motor behavior and  social between the St. Mary’s students you observed?  What differences did you observe between grade levels, gender, and ability?  Do you think that grade level, gender, and ability have any influence on motor behavior? Because I was with the younger children I saw most of the simple motor behavior. They were doing basic skills as throwing and catching however most of them could not catch multiple times and when they threw it was not very accurate. The students seemed to just want to participate and being accurate did not concern them as much. They enjoyed having full on attention from me and they got jealous if I went to a different child. Between gender and ability I did not really notice if the girls were different than the boys. I think as the grades get higher that is more of something I could notice. I did however notice that once we got into the gym the older kids were very competitive. They were actually shooting baskets and playing with soccer balls. Their skills were much different than my group.


2.  Based upon your observation, what fine motor activities did you observe (describe these) when watching the St. Mary’s students?  Were there differences between age?  Gender? Ability? The most obvious fine motor activities I notice were when the students were eating a snack. I saw that it took a while for each student to eat one cookie and drink half a glass of milk. It was interesting to me because I know that as you get older you can eat faster, which is all dependable on fine motor skills. The students used both hands when handling the cookie and the glass of milk. I did not see any student using one hand while drinking. It was very interesting to me seeing how they tried to control the glass as they tipped it to their mouth. There was one boy in the class who was very different than the rest, and come to find out he was a whole year younger which then made sense to me. He was less talkative and less active, and he really just wanted someone to be around him. The other students were very full of energy and ready to play.