OpenStreetMap Foundation
Team Formation meeting

July 27th, 2011


Present: Andy Allan (OWG), Oliver Kühn (TRS), Henk Hoff (SCR, LCWG), Harry Wood (CWG), Hurricane Coast (SotM), Steve Coast (CHR)

Apologies: Mikel Maron (SWG)

Agenda & Minutes

Minutes previous meeting

July 15th, 2011

Proposed: Oliver

Seconded: Henk


Previous Action Items

[2011-07-15] Announcement of Management Team by CWG >> Pending

[2011-07-15] Setting up management-mailgroup by secretary >> Done

Tasks And Responsibilities

- Every [chair of working group] is updating the description of his/her working group before next meeting

- Discussion about tasks and responsibilities of Management Team.

- Engineering WG still needs to be formed.

Next meeting

Wednesday August 10th, 4pm UTC, dail-in

End of Meeting

17:04 GMT


MT - Management Team

CHR - Chairman

SCR - Secretary

TRS - Treasurer

CWG - Communication Working Group

DWG - Data Working Group

EWG - Engineering Working Group

LCWG - Local Chapters Working Group

LWG - License Working Group

OWG - Operational Working Group

SotM - State of the Map Working Group

SWG - Strategic Working Group