SciVerse App Categories

The following categories were developed to help competitors decide what type of application to design. Categories denote the primary purpose of the application. Each category has a list of links to existing SciVerse applications for you to look at and interact with. For a complete list of existing SciVerse applications see the Application Gallery.

o   Emtree

o   Weblib Search Complete

o   ODiSSea

o   AskXtractor

o   NextBio Auto-Complete

o   Matching Sentences (locates term in sentence)

o   Section Search (limit search to article sections: abstract/methodology/etc.)

o   Methods Search (searches for key terms in methodology section)


o   Journal Trends              

o   Most Downloaded

o   Top Reviews 

o   My Oncology Articles

o   ScienceDirect Top 25

o   Most Cited


o   Share

o   SciverNote

o   Recommend This!

o   Cite Me!


o   Co-Author Visualizer

o   Co-Author Network

o   My WorkFlow Search

o   My WorkFlow Result

o   Mendeley Readers

o   Expert Search

o   Prolific Authors


o   Hazmat Navigator (Chemical safety database)

o   Genome Viewer (Genomes/Genes)

o   PANGAEA Supplementary Data (Natural/Earth Science supplementary data)

o Dataset Search (US Government Datasets)

o   Illinois Catalog Viewer (Illinois University Catalogue)


o   iSpeech Audio Reader (Text to Speech)

o   eReader Formats

o   Search Translator (language translator)

o   Table Download (allows tables to be exported to Excel)

o   Co-Author Visualizer

o   Interactive Map Viewer

o   Protein Viewer

o   Interaction Browser

o   quantiFind

o   Search Term Timeline

o   Journal Trends

o   Most Downloaded