SHOWME script

ShowMe is an iOS app that turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Create a “how to” draw ShowMe. Give students the chance for create their own ShowMe demonstrating a math concept. Use ShowMe to create an audiobook. The possibilities for this app are endless. And even better, it is a FREE app with FREE storage on the ShowMe website.

ShowMe is an iPad app that serves as a "whiteboard" type virtual manipulative where users (educators and students alike) can create presentations and videos. Currently, it is only available via iPad application, ShowMe is not available for PC.

ShowMe can have a variety of uses within the classroom.

It can also be used in a variety of settings and across grade levels.

It could be effectively used within an early childhood setting, within in a special education classroom, or for a high school project.

langwitches blog - Narrate each step from each langwitches slide.

The Show Me could be used as a teacher tool for designing lessons or delivering content. Through ShowMe, you can use print, audio, and pictures that is culminated into a video.

ShowMe can also by students as a way of expression or assessment. Instead of writing or drawing on a piece of paper, the student could draw, add pictures, and narrator to show what he knows.

Show Me also allows for the students to have the opportunity for multiple ways of engagement with tasks or topics. The students could create a ShowMe by themselves or with a group. One student could draw, one could narrate.

With ShowMe, there are so many opportunities to to utilize Show Me within the classroom.

Early Childhood

Showme is an especially exciting tool for the preschool teacher and student.  Since there is almost no learning curve in how to operate the tool, it can be put to use immediately.  Most students will intuitively understand how to draw pictures after seeing one line drawn with a finger.  From there, it is just a matter of experimenting to find that you can change color, erase, etc.  When students are shown how to turn the recording feature on and off, they will become future film makers, graphic artists, directors, etc.

There are 2 examples of Early Childhood Showmes here to demonstrate the possibilities in using the app for storytelling.  Both are applying an old storytelling form called “chalktalking,” which is the art of telling a story while you create a drawing that illustrates the story in some way, either directly or indirectly.  The first Showme could be used as an introduction to storytime.  The second is a simple story but with a more complex drawing that weaves the elements of the story into a drawing.

Teachers are only limited by their imagination in the possibilities for Showme.  Some ideas include making Showme animations about:

Special Education

With the special education classroom, ShowMe could be used a so many engaging ways. The students often learn through consistent repetition. The ShowMe app provides an opportunity for the information to be recorded therefore allows for consistent repetition of the skill.

Show could also be used to create adapted material. The example give is using a static book and by using ShowMe, an audio version of the book is created.

The first ShowMe created with special education in mind focuses on name recognition and spelling. A picture of student was imported into the ShowMe app. The name was written and verbally spelled. In the end, the 30 second video allows the student to see her picture, see and hear her name spelled, and then gives the opportunity for the student to write or verbally spell her own name.

The second ShowMe, similar to the EC ShowMe, created an audiobook. In this ShowMe, screenshots of a non-audio book app were taken. Through the ShowMe app, the individual photos where imported and audio added to create the audiobook. The idea for this type of “screencast” via the ShowMe app was initial the idea of Job Smith (@theipodteacher). This “technique” was blogged about by Kit Tisdale (

High School

Showme can be used as both a teacher presentation tool as well as a student assignment choice.  I have actually had more experience with this as a student assignment, and my students seem to really enjoy the create nature of the technology.  Instead of writing essay, they can show case their knowledge with Showme.