1. Do WEIGHT LIFTING. Weight lifting builds muscles, and the muscles in turn burns more calories throughout the day than simply doing cardio for 30 minutes a day. Start by doing something simple like 20 sit ups and 20 pushups daily at home, and then build up to something more.

2. Stretching is great form of building more muscles. Yoga is great exercise is because it builds a longer and more flexible muscles rather than bulky muscles. Whenever you are in waiting line, start stretching your whole body. You will start feeling better because of better circulation.

3. Consume 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can have protein shakes or a fruit. Fruits, nuts or vegetable snacks. Avoid potato chips, or any other junk food. Healthy snacks will keep your metabolism high, burning fat throughout the day.

4. DRINK 1 GALLON of Water per day. This will actually aid in fat loss. The body uses water to process the breaking down fatty acid chain, and that also allows washing out any lead, mercury and other toxins built up in the body. Also water helps us feel full as it mixes with fibers.

5. Eat variety of food. Avoid fad diets. No more atkins diet. Avoiding carbs. Avoiding proteins. None of those work. Your body needs variety of nutritions, and diversity. Eat carrots, broccoli, lean meat, complex carbs, brown rice, pasta, fruits, etc, etc. Try new menus and new restaurants. Try new combination of foods. Experiment.

6. Sleep 7 - 8 hour every night. Lack of proper sleep is the biggest cause of weight gain, and lack of losing weight. When you are well rested, your body has more energy the next day, and you are able to burn more calories and function better. Make sure your bedroom is setup and designed to allow you to sleep uninterrupted, is quiet, dark, cool, comfortable to sleep well.

7. EAT A HIGH FIBER DIET. High fiber foods such as vegetables are very filling and very good for you.. They do not have very many calories and are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

8. Take multivitamins daily. In today’s world, all our food is made with genetically modified vegetables and animals, lacking essential nutrients and filled with empty calories. That’s why it’s more important that we supplement ourselves with essential vitamins daily to function better, and keep illnesses far away. This also helps losing weight.

9. MAINTAIN A DIETARY/ TRAINING LOG. This will show you how much food you are eating and will help keep you on track. A training log will assist by giving you a history of your training and will also help you remember what exercises and what weights you did the last workout.