1. Do CARDIO IN THE MORNINGS to boost your RMR (Resting Metabolic, Rate). Studies show that after exercise, your metabolism is raised for up to 12 hours. Try to do Cardio at least 5 times a week. The sessions should last for at least 40 minutes and up to an hour. Try a variety of different exercises: WALKING. CYCLING, STAIR CLIMBER, ETC. Anything that involves large muscles groups and gets your heart rate up.

 2. CONSUME 5-6 SMALL MEALS PER DAY. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can have protein shakes or bar.  Fruits, nuts or vegetable snacks.  This will help you keep your metabolism burning fat throughout the day.

3. DRINK 1 GALLON of Water per day. This will actually aid in fat loss. The body uses water to process the water that you are consuming. Also, water helps your body flush out free radicals and other bad things from your body.

4. LIFT WEIGHTS at least 4 days per week to increase lean muscle mass. THE MORE MUSCLE THAT YOU HAVE. THE MORE FOOD THAT YOU CAN EAT.

5. DON'T OVERTRAIN. Everybody needs rest. More is not always better. Anything done to excess is probably bad for you. Your weight training sessions should not last longer than 90 minutes. 45-60 MINUTES ARE IDEAL. Anything longer is over training. Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

6. AVOID CONSUMING COMPLEX CARS AFTER 8 P.M. Complex Carbs (BREADS, RICE. PASTA, POTATOES) are energy foods. You should not consume them later on in the day unless you are going to be training after you eat This will ensure that they are not stored as FAT.

7. EAT A HIGH FIBER DIET. High fiber foods such as vegetables are very filling and very good for you.. They do not have very many calories and are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

8. GET YOUR BODYFAT AND BODY MEASURED AT LEAST ONCE EVERY MONTH. If you can see result with a tape measure ( you lost two inches on your waist) you will feel all of your efforts arc paying off.

9. MAINTAIN A DIETARY/ TRAINING LOG. This will show you how much food you are eating and will help keep you on track. A training log will assist by giving you a history of your training and will also help you remember what exercises and what weights you did the last work out.

Other helpful tips that will help you lose fat fast:

-Cut your sugar intake in half or all (i.e. soda, sweet snacks, candy, )

-Drink green tea, it has antioxidants and  just the right amount of caffeine

-L-Glutamine, CLA, multivitamins will aid in fat burning process tremendously