Beginners Guide to Creating a WordPress Portfolio (Tutorial)

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Fred Forest (Student Portfolio) |  Shawn Ram (teacher)  |  George Couros (principal)


  1. Sign Up (
  2. Examples of portfolios in education
  3. Choosing a template
  4. Naming your site
  5. Subscribe By Email Widget (PSD70 Blogs)
  6. Comments (Discussion)
  7. Writing a post
  8. Adding tags to posts
  9. Adding a picture to a post
  1. Use this site for media:
  2. Citation for a picture:
  3. Greasemonkey :: Add-ons for Firefox
  4. Flickr CC Attribution Helper for Greasemonkey
  1. Adding a video (YouTube)
  1. Use this video:
  1. Adding a page/subpage (portfolio)
  2. Adding widgets
  3. Other?

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