Mickael Minarie


Mobile phone : (FR) +33 (0) 6 69 72 80 76

                             (CA) +1 581 307 8023

                             (landline CA) +1 514 508 0637

email : mickael.minarie@gmail.com                                



September 2007 – June 2009: Bsc computer Science at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. Elective : C++ programming and Open GL, Mobile Phone programming.

September 2006 – September 2007: Licence robotique et systèmes embarqués (equivalent to Bsc in computer science specialty Embedded System) at IUT Université d'Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

September 2004 – June 2006: DUT informatique SI (equivalent to HND in computer science) at IUT Université d'Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

June 2004: Scientific Baccalaureate with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology at Lycée Jacques Monod, St Jean de Braye, France.

 Employment and work experience:

October 2011 : Analyst Developer in Mondo In, Montreal, Quebec : a projet using MySQL and Java. Usage of VirtualBox and Subversion.

April 2011 to June 2011 : farmer work and lodge work (woofing) in British Columbia and Quebec (Canada).

January 2010 to February 2011 : Computer technician at Le Figaro, Paris, France.

September 2009 - September 2010 : Computer administration – freelance at Studio Rouchon, Paris, France:

January 2008 – July 2009: Developer at ODS Petrodata, Aberdeen, Scotland:

April 2007 - August 2007: Internship at Futuria, Clermont-Ferrand, France: development of a program to control sounds and DMX lights with an USB card using QT4/C++. A part of the program was using OpenGL to simulate the lightening. Usage of

September 2006 – April 2007: Computer administrator at Cité Universitaire des Cezeaux, Aubiere, France.

June 2006 – August 2006: Google summer of code : a formatting tool in QT4 for KDE 4 with Jonathan Ridell for mentor. Realisation of all the analysis with UML, and the tests. Usage of Subversion(svn) for the source management.

April 2006 – June 2006: Internship in University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, UK: piano simulator in MFC and OpenGL (12 weeks).

July 2005: Charity work in workcamp at Fort Brescou.

April 2004: Internship in archeology.

Final Year course project:

October 2005 –April 2006: A stand-alone robot: a robot pursuing a ball in a closed environment. The project was built using 2 standard PC main boards and we made the system and algorithm. My part was focused on network boot optimization, network data sharing and Trolltech QT interface programing. The robot used an optimized version of Linux Debian and Xenomai.

October 2006 – April 2007: Real time regulation: Labview program for wine temperature regulator (using Labview Real Time). My part was focused on the serial and TCP/IP communication and synchronization.

February 2009 – May 2009: A 3D simulation of a classroom, using OpenGL and C++ with Visual C++.

Method Skills and Languages:

French: Native language.

English: Good.

Spanish: Lower intermediate.

Computer languages: C, C++, Java, ASM 8086, PHP, HTML, SQL, Shell (bash), TCL/Tk, Python, XML.

Analysis: UML, Merise, Petri network, Design pattern, CLIPS(knowledge engineering).

IDE:        Xcode, QtCreator, Eclipse, LabView, LabWindows CVI, MS Project, Visual Studio, Renesas tools, Makefile...

Other software: Adobe Photoshop, LightRoom and Premiere, Inkscape, The gimp, bibblePro...

Library: Trolltech QT, Eclipse/SWT, OpenGL, J2ME, MFC, STL, Xerces...

Database: Oracle, MSSQL.

OS: Linux Debian and SuSe (and derivative), Windows, BeOs, MacOS X.

Hardware: Oscilloscope and multimeter, embedded Intel, Arm and Renesas card , PC and Apple mac maintenance, Colors calibration of screens, and printer, frequencies generator, National Instruments acquisition card, other devices (DAC, etc).

Administration: System and network under Linux Debian and Windows 2003 server, Apache, Samba, NFS, FTP, SSH, DNS, SNMP, mail, routers, Wifi, Active and Open Directory, OpenAFS, LDAP, kerberos, nagios, VPN, VLAN, network boot, NAS, FAS, deployStudio, drivers development under Linux.

Network : TCP/IP, industrial (modbus, I2C, CAN ...).

Additional Information:

First Aid Diploma, obtained in France in January 2004.

Clean driving License.

Interests / Hobbies:

Computer, Music, Photography, Video, Travel and Aïkido.

Referees (on request):

Mr Guillaume Freyburger, R&D Vice president of Mondo In.

Dr Peter J.Barclay, IT Vice President of ODS Petrodata.

Mrs Anne Marie Von Dongen, Head of Department Digital Capture, Studio Rouchon.

Mr François Delobel, senior lecturer in programming, IUT of Clermont Ferrand.