Computer Skills 101

A general computing class designed to give you tools to create and share media using online resources.  You will learn how to use a search engine, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tools, and blogs.

You will create, research, and present content and media both in class and on the web.  Homework and readings will be assigned on a weekly basis.

Tools and Software

  • Word Processing and Spreadsheets (Google Docs)
  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, et cetera)
  • Photo Manipulation (GIMP)
  • Blogging (Wordpress)

Homework and Projects

  • Search
  • Various website search and collection tasks
  • Presentation
  • At least 2 presentations to the class:
  • informative/tutorial
  • persuasive
  • Info Graphic/Informative Poster
  • Create a Blog

Tentative Class Schedule (12 weeks)

  1. Class Overview + How my Computer Works
  2. Internet Overview + Search
  3. Gmail + Google Docs Overview
  4. Word Processors
  5. Blogs and Distribution
  6. Spreadsheets
  7. Presentation Tools
  8. Informative Presentation
  9. Social Media and Opinion
  10. Persuasion and Design
  11. Special Search Tools
  12. Project


  • Pop Quizzes 10%
  • Readings 40%
  • Homework 20%
  • Presentations 10%
  • Midterm and Final 20%

Homework will be graded with the age of the student in mind and take personal improvement into account.  Final grades are recommendations and guidelines for the parent.


Rhema Linder