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Mr. Pietroforte’s English / Grade 10 


Mike Pietroforte


Phone Number

856-848-8200 ext. 580

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Google Classroom Codes: Period 1 - j82bf0e     Period 2 - t19p93    Period 3 - 7hu4ymb      Period 5 - oc6vosu      Period 6 - 1f4jh3n

Course Description

This main focus of this course is building reading, writing, and research skills while also fostering student creativity, curiosity, and growth. Students will complete a wide array of inquiry-based projects, student-centered learning activities, and writing assignments. We will look to build on skills practiced in 9th grade English and prepare students for the later years of high school, college, and the workplace. The different thematic units covered in this course include: “Ourselves and Others,” “Responses to Change,” “How We See Things,” “Absolute Power,” and “Hard Won Liberty & Dystopian Literature.”


Course Expectations and Assessments

Students are expected to give their best effort each class period. Kids should think critically and feel comfortable to bring their own brand of creativity to the classroom. They should come to class prepared each day with their Chromebooks charged and ready to go. If a student is unable to complete an assignment in class because they are unprepared, they will receive a 0 for the classwork. Students will be held accountable for assignments turned in late. Primary or Secondary grades will lose ten points for each day they are late.

Primary -

Tests, Essays, Projects

Secondary -

Quizzes and Short-Response Writings

Support -

Graded Classwork






At least 3 per marking period

At least 3 per marking period



1st Marking Period:

2nd Marking Period:

3rd Marking Period:

4th Marking Period:

Course Policies 

Students will be afforded the option to retake tests upon the condition that all homework assignments leading up to that test are completed (since prior test). If a student is absent for a period of time, they will have that same amount of time to make up missed assignments (ex. 2 days missed = 2 days time to make up assignment). Almost all graded assignments will be posted on classroom and can be viewed anytime online.

Students will be successful in my classroom by giving their best effort, taking creative approaches to classroom assignments, and entering each period with a willingness to learn.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        It is of the utmost importance to me that students are provided with assistance when they need it. I am available to help out 7th period, 8th period, or during C lunch. It is hard for me to stay after school to provide help because I coach sports in the fall and spring, but I will be available in the winter to help students after school. Please do not hesitate to email me if your student needs additional help and we will work out a way to get them the help they need.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences


(being on time)

Cell phones and other personal devices (unauthorized useage)

Respect and Consideration

(Student attitude in class)

  1. First two written infractions* will be warnings
  2. Third infraction will be a call/email home
  3. Fourth infraction will be a lunch detention
  4. Fifth infraction will be an official write up and after-school detention

*Infractions will be reset each quarter

I am very much looking forward to a school year of trying new and innovative things in the classroom. My goal with instruction will always be to prepare a kid for the future and to have their best interests in mind! We are all growing and learning together!