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Patron Status and Fines
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Patron Status

The patron status section tells you the circulation history of a patron, their outstanding fines, fine history, and in a section where you can add a note.

Under patron status, click on View History to see the books the patron checked out in the past.  For students, this information allows you to know their reading interests and habits to make recommendations to them.  For teachers, this information tells you the books/resources they use for their classes.


You can add a fine for an existing item:

This allows you to set the reason, put in an amount, waive the amount later, indicate the amount was paid, and print a receipt for your records and the student/Faculty member.

You can also view the fine history of a patron:

The icon tells you the reason for the fine, and the details offer information about when the fine was created and if it was paid or waived.

If you have a student with fines from another site, please contact:


Click on Add Note to add a note about a student/teacher that will appear every time you select their account in Circulation.  You can write what books/series/topics a students is interested in, if he/she needs to be challenged, etc.