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Player Instructions
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The game works in any browser; we recommend Chrome.

The game requires http and will not work over https.

Disable the “Https Everywhere” extension if you have it.


In this game you control a virus. Your goal is to create a superbug - a virus that is immune to all known medicines. To do that, you infect red cells and develop resistance to antiviral medicines, while avoiding the host’s defenses.

The game has many hidden mechanics to discover.  Every threat can be countered or used to your advantage.


Status Overlay. The status overlay appears on the upper left of your screen. Hit enter (↵) to cycle through the elements of your status overlay.

Gameplay Tips. Hit ‘t’ to toggle gameplay tips.


Your score depends on the number of red cells you’ve infected and your resistance to antiviral medicines.


Your viruses are eager to take over the host but need your help. Use your mouse to guide your viruses, while keeping your viruses inside your mouse circle. If you lose track of your viruses, hit the spacebar to find them.


To infect a red cell, move your viruses to attack its membrane. Larger cells are more difficult to infect than smaller ones. The more viruses that attack at the same time, the easier it is to infect. When a cell has filled with viruses, it dies, releasing the viruses inside and creating one more.


Red cells with black membranes are immune to your virus. The more viruses you have, the greater the host’s immunity. Mutate your virus to reduce the host’s immunity.


When two different players infect the same red cell, their viruses mutate, reducing the host’s immunity.

White Cells

White cells chase after you and eat your viruses. The more viruses they consume, the slower they become.


When the host gets sick, they release antiviral medicine. You can find the green, blue, and purple medicines on your mini-map. Be careful! Medicine kills viruses, but the medicine will grow weaker as it spreads. If your viruses survive the medicine, their resistance will increase along with your score. This is how you create a superbug.


When the host gets sick, their infected cells are irradiated. Radiation weakens infected cells, possibly killing them along with any viruses they contain.


If your host undergoes too much radiation, it develops cancer. Brown cancer cells are weak but multiply rapidly. Left unchecked, they take over the host and kill it. Find and defeat the brown cancer cells before they kill your host.