TMSA Carpool Procedures

Updated as of 10/03/2017

Morning Carpool Updates

See the morning carpool map below for the shorter route.

New Lane for Middle and High school Students: Parents will be allowed to enter at Gregson entrance B (see map).

Remember, all students must cross at the designated crosswalk.


Student entrance doors CLOSE at 8:00am. After 8:00, you must park and walk your child into the front office.  Do not drop students off at the curb after 8:00.

Afternoon Carpool Updates

First Dismissal:       K-3 from 3:17-3:30 (from the playground);                          

                                 4th -11th grades dismiss from 3:25-3:45 (from the student entrance)

Every car must go through the carpool lane.  Parents are no longer allowed to park and walk up (all grades) during carpool times. (See clarification of times below.)  If you must park for a meeting or are volunteering, park in the back lot only (gymnasium side).

Adults must pick up their children (Older siblings are not allowed to pick up their younger siblings).

Students may only be dismissed from designated areas.  K-3 is dismissed from the playground in the back of the school.  4th-11th grades are dismissed from the student entrance.  We will no longer allow siblings to go to a different exit. 

New Traffic Flow for Afternoon Pickup

Entrance(s)/Exit(s) are as follows:

(A): Gregson (64 end)

(B): Gregson (closest to McKenan Dr.)

(C): McKenan Dr.

If you need your child before carpool begins, please follow these rules:


High School students leaving at 2:30 pm cannot be checked out from the front office AFTER 2:00 pm.

K-11l students leaving at 3:17 pm cannot be checked out AFTER 2:45 pm.

For early checkouts, please email Mrs. Garland (  You must email before 1:30 pm that day, with your child’s full name and the time they are being checked out.  This will speed up the checkout process.


*Remember: students cannot be picked up from the front office within 30 mins of dismissal times.

Carpool Dismissal Cards

Every car should have a carpool dismissal card:


Morning Drop Off Traffic Flow Map

Afternoon Pick-Up Traffic Flow Map