Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

April 28 2012 at WSC

Board Members present were: David McLamb, Jim Wimbish, Mike Butts, Bill Purcell,

                                     Rudy Tatum , Butch Blanchard        


Yeoman Report:  Minutes for March 2012 were approved.  


Purser Report:  No report.

Old Business:        1. The surveyor has not yet performed his work on the boundary line                                      extension into the lake.

                        2. One failed water heater has not been replaced.  Hot water is available.

                        3. More cleaning of the canal lot to occur.  Fence to come; dolly to front lot;                             owner of orange trailer?; public storage rent @ $200/year; pavilion to wash                             and stain; Hobie 16 to clean for sale

                        4. Pier rub-rails for boat and pier protection to await warmer water.

                        5. To discuss cleaning schedule for the facility with contractor.

Fees:          A regatta fee of $100 was established for non-club events to cover the facility costs, which could be waived by the Board for cause.

 Events:                 May 26        Scheduled - Monthly Club Sailing

                        Isotope Nationals or State championship to occur with Indian Summer Regatta

                        Tanzer 16 SAYRA event to occur with Indian Summer Regatta

                        Discussed an inquiry for WSC to host the Buccanneer 18 Nationals

Hosted Events:        June 17        Cardboard boat Regatta – Whiteville Rotary Club

                        Open                Boy Scouts sailing merit badge skills day planned

                        To be set        Pam Renfrow approved for a Wed/Thurs nursing home use

Racing:                Dates have been set for sailing make-ups on July 14 and Sept 13.

                        Discussed Lightning regatta, need for rescue boat during events, possible

                        acquisition of a heart defibrillator.

                        Race committees will be the responsibility of the registered sailors to either do                         the duty or schedule other persons.

Web Site Publishing.  The NEW WEBSITE address is www.waccamawsailing.com   Please check the site monthly for calendar, events, and news.

Next Meeting:   May 26, 2012 at the Club at 10:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman