Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 06-06-2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order-Called to order by JB @ 6:43pm

  1. Roll Call-John Bannon, Suzy Buckley, Uli Donohue, Marissa Selleck, Melissa Perrino via phone; Summers Eatmon Williams & Sean Williams; Joanne Wilson & Pat Pullinen at 7:11pm (Building Feasibility Sub-Committee Meeting Prior)
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-SB requested Executive Session, added after IV. Public Comment; UD requested to add 6. BRA Bank Account

structure under III. Business B. Discussion.  SB motion to pass, UD 2nd; Passed

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 05/30/2019-SB motion, UD 2nd; Passed

III. Business

  1. Updates

        1. Select Board, Village of Trustees Meeting 06-03-2019 & 06-04-2019 via MS

        for JW-BRISC approved for a portion of the Ludlow Enterprise Fund.  Village of

        Trustees Meeting on 06-04-2019 had the task of officially approving decision.

                *Follow Up-Outcome of Village of Trustees Meeting 06-04-2019

        2. Mt. Holly Wine & Cheese Event 06/04/2019 via MS & MP: MS-Great turn out,

        a number of local Mt. Holly residents, including a handful of BR Alumni, attended.  

        First half was 1:1 discussions, mingling; 2nd ½ was a presentation led by JB.

        JW had also had school fair display set up in background for more information.  

        Engaging discussion from participants, including a lot of support, interest, and

        ideas. Contact information gathered.  MP had also received promising feedback

        via email from one of the attendees/parents.  JB-compare & contrast prior 2

        events with upcoming Stemwinder’s in order to prep for it.

     B.  Discussion

        1. Checkbook Review (check to Christine), & Quickbooks Options-MP noticed bill

        from Christine Graham; also bill for lawyer.  MS to pay.  Quickbooks Option is to

        hire consultant for $300.  SB motion to approve, UD 2nd.  Passed.

                *Follow Up-MS to sign/mail checks for fundraising consultant & lawyer

        2. Press Release-Consensus is to produce an update that includes wine &

        cheese events, Ludlow Enterprise Fund reception, work progress, etc.

        3. Review of 501(c)3 Recent Form from Lawyer &/or Accountant-A few final

        details suggested; agreed UD to edit them & send it in asap.

                *Follow Up-UD to send in app for 501(c)3 upgrade

        4. Follow Up Board Members & Structure-We currently have 7, by-laws say we

        can have 13; we need quorum.  Potential board member from public attendee,

        background in education, taught for many years, was the president of a board;

        high potential/resource.

        5. Potential of Monthly Meetings in Mt. Holly via MP/MS-Megan Harlow, the Mt.

        Holly event host, immediately reached out afterwards & suggested holding a

        BRISC monthly meeting in Mt. Holly as there is much interest growing.  Group

        unanimously agreed excellent idea.

        *JW & PP arrived from Building Sub Committee Meeting-Toured the building, had

a full examination of the building which, is in great shape.  All the various

tasks/duties everyone on the sub-committee is in charge of are in support of the

independent school being here, but also have ideas of other co-habitations

(Town offices, community ED, Rec, etc). Clarification is needed from fire marshal

about if those other entities rent here as well if that changes the configuration.

Scott Murphy looking into logistics & timeline for the independent school; looking

like a vote will be this November to give enough time for the 30-day; PP looked into timeline, his wife contacted the State Agency rep & feedback is to send app ASAP; anything we aren’t sure of yet leave TBD.  In regards to the $ to show financial viability needs to be shown for 2 years worth (which would mean $3 mil).  One of the latest schools that went through this process it took 1 year before they received the State tuition funds.  Second opinion needed; reach out: Logan Nicoll, Earl Washburn, Alice Nitka.  State App by Fall.

*Back tracked to Press Release-PP, the more info we can dispense the better; JW, just make sure it is mindful

        *Follow Up-MS email KG to draft/submit Press Release

*Back tracked to PP & consideration to be a BRISC Board Member, PP will consider it.

6. Dissolution of BRA Account-Dissolve BRA & have BRISC be the entity opening the school UD Motion is to dissolve BRA, Inc and then apply for a trade name for BRISC as BRA, PP 2nd.  Passed.  UD will do it & we’ll write check to reimburse her once she has the receipt for the exact amount so it’ll get taken care of asap.

IV. Public Comment-MP & JT will have a tentative meeting for athletics Friday morning.  Will table it for next week.

Sean via Mt. Holly Event feedback-What is the overall vision driving BRA that can be articulated & how it differs from public schools; elements seem to be that it’s local, &...? PP-close proximity to our elementary school, supports tight knit community sense; also, students know what they are there to learn & they have to be held responsible.  Attaining higher education, more support to make sure that comes to fruition, high standards.  JB-& add that backbone of community, local & larger scale.  Sean-Using the community to structure curriculum=wonderful.  Also, offer something more different/unique with flexibility compared to big public schools (articulate it).  Strong staff.  JB-HD & Sean help us with this statement.  Sean-compare w/ other IS as models for how to do so.

V. Executive Session-7:51pm-8:02pm

VI. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

-JB’s Presentation Slideshow Presentation

-Stemwinder’s Event Planning


-Phone Conference w/ Christine Graham

        *MP: Follow Up reach out to CG, (MP-create a google list of q’s for CG)

-State Application Update (Work meeting on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 @ 3pm in Bannon’s room)

Fundraising notes

VII. Adjournment-Motion by JW, 2nd by SB to adjourn.  Adjourned by JB @ 8:03pm