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ICE-O 2023 Information
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ICE-O 2023 Information

ICE-O 2023 will be held in Reykjavík its surroundings on the 30th of June -2th of July 2023. One day of training, two days of competition.

ICE-O is the largest orienteering event regularly organized by the local club Rathlaupafélagið Hekla since 2010.

ICE-O offers you a great orienteering holiday in unique landscape.


Friday, 30th of June – Registration opens at 4.30p.m. at the event center in Hafnafjörður (detailed location will be announced later).

Friday, 30th  of July – Training/Short distance in Hafnafjörður, first start at 5.00pm, open start.

Saturday, 1st of July – Medium distance in Rauðhólar, first start at 11.00 a.m.

Sunday, 2th of July – Long distance in Vífilsstaðahlíð, Reykjavík, first start at 10 a.m.

Registration and payments

Online registration is open until Thursday, 29th of June. Registration for a single day is possible at the event center  (before first start time each day) for each course.

Payment for the event will be charged at the event center. On Friday and Saturday for the whole event, or at race day for a single day. Only cash will be accepted (ISK prefered).


D21, H21, D17-20 , H17-20 , D16-14, H16-14, D11-13, H11-13, D10, H10, D40, H40, D60, H60, D70, H70,


ICE-O 2 days + training – adult (17+) €80, child €25

ICE-O Single day - adult (17+) €40, child €10


Rauðhólar – 1:5 000, E 5m, 2016, (Map maker: Cecare Tarabocchia 2016)

Vífilsstaðahlíð – 1:10 000, E 5m, 2010-2011, (Map maker: Markus Puusepp (W part) and Cecare Tarabocchia (E part)) 


On Saturday, the middle distance will take place in Rauðhólar at the Capital’s suburb. Rauðhólar is a technical area at the edge of town. Many hills (HD 70 m), many paths and a lot of rocky details (cliffs, boulders, bare rock). The area is made of pseudo craters which are made when hot lava run over wetland. Mostly open terrain made of lose scoria from the craters with pretty good runnability.

On Sunday, the middle distance event will take place in Vífilsstaðahlíð, a mix of forest and shrubland on the edge of the Capital. Small thick forest, some open terrain, steep hills and a lot of variation make this area exciting for runners as well as tricky to navigate. The map covers part of the lava field Búrfellshraun where you can find numerous volcanic formations including ahah lava, pahoe lava, lava channel and caves. The lava erupted around 8 000 years ago from the crater Búrfell which is a popular recreational area for people from the capital area.

Timing and controlling

SPORTident equipment. Renting possible (€5 for the whole event).