Daily Agenda

AP Psychology - Blocks 1, 2, 4

This will be updated frequently to reflect what we are doing in class. Links will be provided for online resources and videos when available. Any questions please email nholota@wcpss.net

Unit 1 Test Correction Contract

Student Plan of Work - Monday, April 23rd:

I'm unable to make it today. Please see instructions below for what to complete with the substitute. I expect excellent behavior and this work to be completed. We will have a test on Thursday, on Units 5-10.

Student Work Plan:

Step 1 :

Please complete the following Psyche Sim:

Psyche Sim Link:


Psyche Sim Worksheet- Answer the Questions on a Separate Sheet of Paper(Draw the Chart):

Answers not in the Chart should be full sentences.


Step 2:

On the following link, read the article "The Hunt for Mood Genes." It is page 75 on the workbook(page 79 of the actual PDF File). Link is below, answer the questions after the article in full sentences on a separate sheet of paper. It can be the same paper that has Step 1 work on it:


Step 3 -

Here is your vocab list for Emotion and Motivation. You can start to work on flashcards/definitions:


Any questions please send me and email I'll check throughout the day.


-Mr. Holota

Wednesday, April 18

Homework - Personality Mask Paper/Project Due Friday! Complete Motivation Packet for Thursday.

Tuesday, April 17

Homework - Finish Personality Tests if not Complete!

Monday, April 16

Friday, April 13 - Vocab Quiz Monday!

Vocab List for Cognitive Psychology : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XTGkkkmwyMe9ZSkLFeRDlHNh0lP1J2A2DDNo8Up3Xr4/edit

Wednesday, April 11 -

Homework : Finish review pack if not complete

Tuesday, April 10 -

Homework : Answer - Would you want a memory pill, or a forgetful pill?

Monday, April 9th -

Homework : Finish Review Packet if Not Complete!

Welcome back from Spring Break! Review of previous work Monday after Break:

Wednesday, March 28th -

Homework : Conditioning and Learning - Fix the School Project Due Thursday

Tuesday, March 27th -

Homework : Get any missing work turned in!

Monday, March 26th -

Homework : Punishment and Reinforcement Worksheet(back page of link below)

Friday, March 23rd -

Homework: None

Thursday, March 22nd -

Homework : Unit 6 Vocab Quiz Friday

Wednesday, March 21st-

Homework: Unit 6 Quiz Friday

Tuesday, March 20 -

Homework: Case Studies Packet

Monday, March 19 -

Homework : Finish School Schedule Presentation

Friday, March 16 -

Homework: None(unless missing work)


Thursday, March 15 -

Homework : Vocab Quiz Friday! Vocab list below.

Wednesday, March 14th -

Homework : Unit 5 Vocab Quiz Friday!

Tuesday, March 13th - Short Day because of Snow

Homework - Finish both Webquests : Ear, and Eye/Ear

Monday, March 12th:

Homework - Finish Auditory Webquest

Friday, March 9th

Homework: Sense vs. Perception

Thursday, March 8th - Begin Sensory and Perception Unit


Wednesday, March 7th - Unit 1-4 Exam

Tuesday, March 6th:

Homework : Unit 1-4 Exam on Weds

Monday, March 5th

Homework: Unit 1-4 Test on Wednesday - STUDY!

Friday, March 2nd

Homework: Finish Vocab Units 1-4 Notecards for Monday

Thursday, March 1st

Homework : Vocab Unit 4 Quiz on Friday

Wednesday, February 28th:

Homework: Finish Textbook Chapter Questions

Tuesday, February 27th:

Homework: ACT Testing Day. Vocab Quiz Friday.

Block 4 : Work on Vocab Flashcards

Monday, February 26th:

Homework: Glands Chart

Friday, February 23rd -

Homework: Complete Brain Case Study Worksheet

Thursday, February 22nd -

Homework : Finish Neuron Drawings Sheet

Wednesday, February 21st -

Homework : Finish Brain Packet and Parts of Brain if not done!

Tuesday, February 20th -

Homework : Finish brain packet - Parts of the 3d Brain

Monday, February 19th -

Homework : Vocab Quiz, Unit 3, Tuesday!

Friday, February 16th -

Homework: Any missing work get turned in, Unit 3 vocab quiz Tuesday.

Thursday, February 15th -

Homework : Finish Piaget project if not complete and submit via Drive

Wednesday, February 14th -

Homework : Piaget Toy Book Due Friday if not Complete

Tuesday, February 13th -

Homework : Finish Genie Case Study Packet if not done and turned in.

Monday, February 12th -

Homework: Finish Piaget Development Chart

Friday, February 9th - Early Release

Homework: Make sure you are caught up on all assignments!

Thursday, February 8th:

Homework: Vocab Quiz on Friday!

Wednesday, February 7th:

Homework: Vocab Quiz on Friday!

Tuesday, February 6th:

Homework : Vocab Test on Friday! Unit 2.

Monday, February 5th:

Homework: Complete Stats Packet if not done in Class

Friday, February 2nd:

Homework: None, Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Thursday, February 1st:

Homework: Finish IV v. DV/Experiment Packet

Wednesday, January 31st:

Homework : Unit 1 Vocab Quiz Thursday, Submit Perspective Packet Complete

Tuesday, January 30th:

Homework: Vocab Unit 1 Quiz Thursday, Intro Packet/Perspectives due Thursday

Delayed Opening

Monday, January 29th:

Homework : Complete outrageous celebrity page.

Friday, January 26th: Introduction to Psychology

Homework: First Side of Packet

Thursday, January 25th:

Homework : None