8B1 - History  Prep Michaelmas term 2019

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Learn the spellings given to you on the sheet for a test next lesson.

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2 12th Sept

Do you agree with Elizabeth’s decision to execute Mary, Queen of Scots? Explain your answer using the information from the lesson

I agree / disagree with Elizabeth’s decision because...



Why did Elizabeth never marry? Give as many reasons as possible.  (Hint: what are the downsides to the suitors? Why might Elizabeth want to stay single?)

Do you think she made the right decision? Why/ why not?


4 26th Sept

Write a newspaper report about the Spanish Armada.

You can use the template you were given in class as a guide,  (see copy below) and you may use IT or hand write it.

Write it from one point of view (Spanish or English).

Mon 30th Sept

5 3rd Oct

Complete your planning sheet on Elizabeth I.

See if you can find any other information or quotes on Elizabeth that you could add to your answer.

NB. If in doubt hand your work in sooner as if you forget your planning sheet, you will be writing your essay without its help!!

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I would like you to THOROUGHLY proof-read your essay so far.


Capital first letter in each sentence, and for names, places and nationalities

Spellings check there/their/ they’re, etc

Clear sentences - read your work aloud and see if it flows smoothly and makes sense.

Check you have 3 part hamburger paragraphs - ESPECIALLY the last summing up part!