POOL PLAY – Each team will play 3 pool games.  

SINGLE ELIMINATION BRACKET PLAY – After pool play, ALL teams will be placed in tournament bracket play based on win-loss record.


8 MINUTE GAMES - The team with the most points after 8 minutes wins.  Ties resolved by sudden death overtime.  20 second shot clock will be enforced if necessary by the official.  No stalling.

START OF GAME – First possession will be determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors.

DEAD BALL CHECK-IN – After each score or dead-ball, the ball must be “Checked in” by the defense from the top of the key.  Defense must give the ball right back or 1 pt penalty may be awarded to offense.  

SCORING – Make-it, Take-it.


FAST BREAK - ALL possession changes (steals, rebounds or air balls) must be brought back behind the 3-point line.  Only one foot needs to cross the 3-pt line.  Any shot attempted without taking behind the 3-pt line will result in a turnover.

JUMP BALLS – Defense ALWAYS gets the ball.

SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME –Rock-Paper-Scissors for 1st possession.  Shoot free-throws for fouls (bonus rules apply on 2nd foul per possession).

REGULAR BASKETBALL RULES APPLY - Except for the above, all regulation basketball rules apply as interpreted by the court official.