8 - Best of Luck, Henry Miller

Who needs tucson or alpine.. ?

This beauty..

This peace..

This tranquility..

This escape..

This vacation is right outside my door…

Why haven’t I indulged in this before.. ?

Why so damn busy in the air conditioned nightmare of late capitalism??

Oh Henry Miller..

I loved the Tropics in my 20s… [1]

but I recently tried to reread Cancer..

It fell short.. It rather bored me..

I tossed it aside..

It is now under a pile of books by zerzan,

edward abbey,

Daniel Quinn..

And a book about the Troubles in Northern Ireland…

Is that  Morris Berman book in that pile, too??

Where is that Derrick Jensen book?

I guess once you’ve lived a while..

I’m now 55..

All that good and proper isn’t so impressive anymore…

I’m so happy you got your jollies off Henry..

I certainly did in my 20s and beyond..

It’s now time to move on to bigger, better,

More substantial, and, I guess, deeper things..

To live truly and fully again..

Or for once…

Leave the good and proper to the cicadas..

We humans have done enough damage.

[1] Hmmmm.. Yeah… EARLY 20s ..