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Adding Titles

Adding a Title for an unprocessed book takes a lot of time so carefully consider whether any student or teacher will check the book out. If you have any doubt, do not add it!

Step 1: Place an unused barcode on the books.  Look at the Destiny Help link for how to do this.  

Use Avery 5160 Labels

Or you can order unassigned (dummy barcodes) from Follett for about $75 for 1000.  Contact for an invoice and directions on how to do this.


Step 2: Go to Catalog->Add Title->and scan the ISBN on the back of the book.

Note: If the ISBN is not on the back of the book as a barcode, type it in manually or look for the ISBN on the Title page.

Step 3. Choose a book with a red house icon (if the record is complete) because that means another school library in NYC has already added this Title record to their library and you are adding a copy of the record to your collection.

In the case of more than one house icon appearing, I would choose the first record. I would NOT choose the second record because it has no publisher listed, place of publication, page count, etc. It is an incomplete record.

Note: If the red house icon does not appear, choose A+. If you have multiple records with the red house icon with different publication dates and publishers, look in your book and select the one that matches. If you don’t see any records come up, click on Z- Results and wait a few minutes for a record to appear from Library of Congress, etc.

Step 4. Click on the Title of the book and then click Add Copy.

Step 5: Scan the barcode you placed on the book.

Step 5. Add the Call Number. If you are unsure what number to add, please see what the majority of other school libraries have used.  See the Call Number Specification link for our recommendations (BIO for biography with the first three letters of the of the subject’s last name (BIO KIN))

For nonfiction books, use the numbers recommended by Follett Alliance Plus to the first prime (/). For example, if using the Book, Thinking Critically: Police Powers, you would put in this call number: 363.2 NAK

You would enter the numbers up to the slash/prime mark and then, add the first three letters of the author’s last name. If there is no call number listed, look at what the majorities of other libraries have done under Copies, or email me at