Microsoft Leadership Theater

Thursday, February 14


IH31: Voice Technology in the Health Ecosystem

Keynote:  Voice is transforming how reach patients & consumers, impact their lives, improve compliance, reduce hospitalization, etc. Join one of the world’s leading medical centers for a glimpse into the future of voice and health care.

Dr. Sandhya P Pruthi

Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH32: Voice Revolution:6 Use Cases Past, Present, Future

Today’s interest in voice technologies is at a “high simmer,” with HIPAA concerns preventing escalation to a “full rolling boil.” Discover more about this evolution through six real-world applications ranging from mundane to far-out. Be prepared for a thought-provoking and entertaining foray into the world of voice-powered virtual healthcare.

Nathan Treloar

President/COO, Orbita, Inc.

Sponsored by: Orbita, Inc.


IH33: The Future of Digital Therapeutics

mHealth solutions have proven effective in engaging patients in active personal health management. Join us for a real world application of how voice and AI technologies can be used as a non-pharmaceutical alternative in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Timon Ledain

Director IoT, Macadamian Technologies

Behdad Navabi

Paediatric Endocrinology Fellow , CHEO, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Sponsored by: Macadamian Technologies


IH34: How Voice Assistants Are Reshaping Healthcare

Voicefirst technology is already starting to impact healthcare delivery in multiple locations, from the home to the clinic, from the emergency room to the operating room. During this panel, we will discuss how the technology is disrupting healthcare delivery in many different areas, and provide some examples of the technology that will impact patients in profound ways.

Teri Fisher, M.Sc., M.D.M.Sc., M.D.

Founder, Voice First Health

Geoff Parker,

Director Healthcare Technology, Macadamian Technologies

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH36: Voice Technologies in Healthy Homes

This session will review the practical application of using voice in healthy / intelligent homes. This innovative approach to integrating voice technologies into everyday life is influencing the way we stay engaged in our health.

Michael Eakins

Creative Lead, UCF Institute for Simulation & Training

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH37: No Appt Necessary: Your HC Team is is your home

In the near future, each of us will speak with our own personal live-in AI healthcare teams that know our intimate medical details - chronic conditions, fitness levels, nutrition habits, medications, emotions, family histories, and more. Voice-enabled AI "healthcare teams” will move into our homes and provide us with 24/7/365 personalized medical care in our living spaces - our own on-demand personalized medical clinics.

Teri Fisher

Founder, Voice First Health

Sponsored by: Intelligent Health Association


IH39: How Voice Will Change the Healthcare Landscape

Join this all female panel for a discussion on how Voice technologies are impacting the patient and clinician experience in healthcare - now and in the future.

Moderator: Lorraine Chapman, Sr. Director of Healthcare, Macadamian Technologies

Panelists: Kate Kovelenko, Nuance Communications

Amy Window, Health Navigator

Jennifer Warner, Mayo Clinic

Kristi Ebong, Orbita

Sponsored by: Macadamian Technologies