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Mineplex Style Guide

Please Note: This is no longer used by Mineplex and is just here for portfolio reasons. - Geoffrey



V1.2.3 (9/28/2018)

Mineplex is a popular Minecraft server dedicated to only the best experience for both our community and new players. The styles and colors pointed out in this guide are directed to be bright and colorful to direct a player to news and announcements. If you are scrolling through a timeline on twitter, our colors are designed to take your attention and make sure you are clicking on our posts, and directed to our products.

This style guide is going to assume you are using Photoshop CS6 and will provide examples and templates for this platform.

Colors are an instrumental part of why someone looks at something, or more importantly why their eyes are directed to a part or a piece of information. Colors also give a tone and a story to an update, a reason why it’s posted. We want to keep a very bright and light color pallet to show that the update is exciting and hyper, often used for toy products and distributors. We want to have that very fun and young look across all of our updates, as well as having unification across all our posts. The colors and examples below are used to express Mineplex’s original colors with a bright outlook.

The bright colors above come from the bottom to direct the user's eyes to the text above it. The dark orange directs the more important part of the update, what gametype the maps are for. Colors are ignored at the top of the page because this is a header, so the direction of your eyes should go straight down.

Twitter posts are hard as you can never know what the demographic is using as a background. It can be any color, more likely white or black. The objective of the template for the twitter posts are to be noticeable when scrolling by, as well latch your eye to the top left or right of the announcement with a bright orange.

In all cases, we use the font Avenir Next LT Pro. If you wish to use a free version of Avenir, make sure there is a bold version. To small and large fonts, we just use different styles to project a different importance in where you should look and keep an eye on. Make sure to always type everything IN ALL CAPS, NEVER NOT IN CAPS. Use the following guides to make sure your posts are unified to our style.

To use the font as a, we always use the style as follows

Use the color #EC8008 as the base color

Make sure you edit the following under Blending Options…

Color Overlay with #FFFFFF, Normal Blend Mode & 16% Opacity

Gradient Overlay with Normal Blend Mode, 80% Opacity, Linear Style, -90 Angle, 150% Scale. Orange is #EC8008, Yellow is #FEEF40

Drop Shadow with Normal Blend Mode, 41% Opacity, 120 Angle, 5 distance, 0 Spread, 5 Size

To use your font as a , we always use the style as follows. (And make sure it has a gradient background.

Use #FFFFFF as the base color.

Make sure you edit the following under Blending Options…

Stroke with #FFFFFF, Size 1px, Position Outside, Opacity 0%

Drop Shadow with #000000, Opacity 34%, Angle 120, Distance 5px, Spread 3%,      Size 3px

The Mineplex logo is and always will be the representation of the whole company, and any company. It’s ideal that is it always put in a place that highlights the entry, but doesn’t smother it. Use of the logo and examples of it are as follows.

New Logo

The new logo has been slowly been rolling out over the past 6 months. It’s purpose is to be the highlight of a post and is used when we want to highlight something being directly related to Mineplex, not just an update to a game.

Old Logo

The old logo is strictly used on deprecated projects, as well as posts where the logo is not the highlight of the project. We are trying to move all logos to the new gradient one, but sometimes you will run across a project where you do not want all of the attention focused on the logo, or can only work with a two colored logo. Try and stay away from using this logo as much as possible, but it’s here to be used if needed.

Grayscale Logo

This is only used on printed media that does not support color. Do not use this logo for any other reason.

Build Team Logo

Build team logo is to be used in replacement from the main logo for anything to do with maps or the BT. The main logo and BT logo should not be on the same post.

There are a handful of special effects and flair that we use to convey the colors above in the best way possible. None are strictly required in posts or updates but unless you are confident you are conveying the direction of your audience, we suggest you use the ones from our templates below, and follow our own guidelines of effects.

Gradient Backgrounds

This part of the guide has to strictly do with how you want to focus your text. You need

a background for your text, and it can not clash with whatever is behind it. The best way to make your text uninterrupted is to put a gradient behind it to slowly flow into the rest of your piece. Two examples of different angles are below.

From both of our examples you can see we take our light blue color, #6EEFFF, and hide it behind a blend of stronger and bolder orange colors, which is also a gradient. This highlights the title not only from the bold colors from the text, but also the light color from the background. We suggest you use this method in all your posts to not only highlight your title, but also for our standardization of styles.

Direction and Layout

Layout of all posts are important, and unification of all posts are important as well. The general guide of layouts is to make sure your titles are bold and all visible information is just that, visible and readable on all formats. The below list of layouts will change overtime depending on requests. They are here to help guide you, and you are free to copy them directly without changes.

General Twitter Update Post : 1920x706

Main Title 120pt, Subtitle 48pt, Logo ~186x186

Front Page Enjin Post : 1265x455 with drop shadow

Main Title 72pt, Subtitle 30pt, Logo 685x138  

We have a range of templates available for use. You are free to subtly change or modify the templates for your own use or project. Please try and stick to the templates and learn from them, as they are also used as strict examples of the guidelines.

Here is a link with all available templates