Fairbury Public Schools

Cost Per Copy Printing Services

Section I: Terms and Conditions


The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to provide the Fairbury Public Schools with a Cost per Copy Program, including but not limited to, printers, multifunction printers and copiers, black and white or color as specified, hereinafter referred to as “devices”, and related supplies, accessories and maintenance. The Fairbury Public Schools District shall lease multifunction machines which provide the following basic functions:

  1. Document imaging (scanning of paper documents and management of the images including emailing and scanning to folders)
  2. Printing paper documents
  3. Data security and access control

The contractor’s proposal will provide all hardware, software, training, licenses, accessories, maintenance and supplies including staples (excluding paper), etc. that are necessary for the execution of this contract.  Proposals are to include all service parts, developer, and toner. All black toner is included at no additional charge. Paper and staple costs are not included in proposals. The bid price per copy shall include all costs associated with the administration of the service, including, but not limited to all devices, delivery, installation, training, dedicated technician(s), all supplies needed to operate the devices, delivery of supplies and removal of the equipment upon termination of this contract. Contractor will provide an unconditional warranty and guarantee for all aspects of the program, including, but not limited to all hardware, software, training, licenses, accessories, maintenance, and supplies.

Fairbury Public Schools intends to enter into an agreement with the vendor(s) who would be responsible for providing the products described on a cost per copy basis under the terms and conditions set forth herein. The vendor(s) will be responsible for all mandatory requirements as outlined in this Request for Proposal and subsequent contract award(s).

Agreement Period

The agreement period is for three years to commence July, 2020 and shall continue through June 31, 2023.


All proposals must be received by 3:30 p.m. on March 27, to bessink@fairburyjeffs.org. All proposals received after 3:30 p.m. on Friday, March 27st will not receive consideration. Proposals are public records, and shall not be considered proprietary and confidential.

Issuing Office

All inquiries concerning this Request for Proposal must be directed to:

Brent Essink

Fairbury Public Schools

Fairbury, NE  68352

Phone: 402-729-6104

Email: bessink@fairburyjeffs.org

It is the responsibility of vendors to obtain any necessary additional information and clarification regarding this request for proposal. The district is not responsible for any erroneous or incomplete understandings or wrongful interpretations of this request for proposal.

Communication with District Staff

From the date the Request for Proposal is issued until a contract is signed, contact between the vendors and individuals employed by the District must be conducted through the staff designated by the Issuing Office.

Qualifications for Vendor

The district may make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of the vendor to perform the required work, and the vendor shall furnish the district all such information and data as the district may request. The district reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such vendor fails to satisfy the district that such vendor is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the contract and to complete the work specified herein. The vendor is specifically advised that any person, firm, or other party to whom it proposes to award a subcontract under this proposal must be acceptable to the district. The vendor will be required to assume responsibility for all proposed subcontractors.

Agreement Administration

The District Office will be the sole point of contact in the District with regard to contractual matters relating to the products of the Cost Per Copy Program. Brent Essink is the only office/officer authorized to change, modify, amend, alter, clarify, etc. any requirements of the agreement.

Evaluation Criteria

The following areas of consideration will be used in making the selection:

Technical Components

1. Compliance with all mandatory RFP specifications.

2. Customer Services proposed:

a. Timeliness of response time

b. Preventative maintenance

c. Sample documents

d. Transparency of invoicing and reporting

e. Delivery and installation

f. Implementation and ongoing training

3. Costs

4. Equipment proposed

5. Vendor qualifications, past and current performance, business references;

a. Service

b. Reliability

c. Timeliness

d. Ability to successfully perform

e. Existing client relationships and customer satisfaction

f. Account Management (PaperCut software performance)

6. The district may choose, but is not obligated to have demonstrations provided for any or all offered products prior to final selection.

Evaluation Process

All proposals will be evaluated using the above Evaluation Criteria. The basis of the evaluation of these criteria will be the vendor’s proposal, and such other information obtained through the district’s investigation process. The district reserves the right to waive informalities and minor irregularities in offers received. If a clerical error has occurred, then the vendor may be given an opportunity to correct the error. The district intends to evaluate proposals and award a contract without discussions with vendors except for clarifications and/or questions and demonstrations if requested. Therefore, the vendor’s initial proposal should contain the vendor’s best terms and not imply a need for further negotiation of terms. The district may evaluate present and past performance information obtained from the vendor references and/or data independently obtained from other sources. The district reserves the right to obtain and evaluate past performance information from any source it deems appropriate. The vendor will have an opportunity to provide clarification regarding adverse past performance information to which the vendor has not previously had an opportunity to respond to. The district will evaluate vendor’s references for similarity to the scope of the contract, cost, client type, and location of work performed as it relates to the work to be performed under this contract.

Presentations and/or Demonstrations

The district may choose to have demonstrations provided for any or all offered products prior to final selection. Any cost incidental to the demonstrations/on-site visits shall be borne entirely by the vendors and will not be compensated by the District.

Vendor’s Signature

The vendor’s signature on bid submission is a guarantee of compliance with the provisions stated in this Request for Proposal.


The Contract Documents resulting from this Request for Proposal shall incorporate the following documents:

a. The signed Pricing Schedule Based on Cost Per Copy form

b. This Request for Proposal Document

c. Any Request for Proposal Addenda needed by the vendor (Questions and Answers).

d. The vendor’s proposal.

e. Contract document.

f. Any contract amendments in order of significance.

Once proposals are opened they become the property of the School District and will not be returned. This Request for Proposal does not commit the District to award a contract. The District reserves the right to reject all proposals, and at its discretion, may withdraw or amend this Request for Proposal at any time. All vendors responding to the RFP will be notified, in writing, once an award decision has been determined.

Ownership of Information and Data

The School District shall have the unlimited right to duplicate and use all information and data developed or derived by the vendor pursuant to this agreement. The vendor must guarantee that it has the full legal right of materials, supplies, and equipment necessary to execute this agreement.

Vendor Responsibility

The vendor is solely responsible for fulfilling the agreement, with responsibility for all services offered and products to be delivered as stated in its proposal. If any part of the agreement is to be subcontracted, responses to this Request for Proposal shall include a list of subcontractors, including firm name and address, phone number, contact person and complete description of work to be subcontracted. The District must approve subcontractors listed for this project and any new subcontractors added during the life of the agreement. The vendor will be required to replace subcontractors found to be unacceptable by the District. The vendor is totally responsible for adherence by the subcontractor(s) to all provisions of the agreement.

Vendor Personnel

The vendor shall warrant that all persons assigned to the project shall be employees of the vendor or specified subcontractors, and shall be fully qualified to perform the work required. Personnel employed by the vendor to fulfill the terms of this agreement shall remain under the sole direction and control of the vendor. The vendor shall include a similar provision in any agreement with any subcontractor selected to perform work on the project. The District reserves the right to require the vendor to reassign or remove from the project any vendor or subcontractor employee.

Errors and Omissions

The vendors shall not take advantage of any errors and/or omissions in this Request for Proposal. The vendor must promptly notify the District of any errors and/or omissions that are discovered.

Beginning of Work

The vendor shall not commence any billable work until a valid agreement has been fully executed by the District and the successful vendor.

Assignment by the Contractor

The contractor shall not assign or transfer any interest in the contract without the prior written consent of the District.

Deviations from the Request for Proposal

The requirements contained in the Request for Proposal are a part of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any deviations from the Request for Proposal must be clearly defined by the vendor(s) in its proposal, and if accepted by the District, will become part of the agreement. Any specifically defined deviations must not be in conflict with the basic nature of the Request for Proposal or mandatory requirements.


The vendor agrees not to refer to the agreement award in commercial advertising in such a manner as to imply that the vendor’s company or its services are endorsed by the District and should not use the district as a reference without prior explicit authorization.

Site Rules and Regulations

The vendor shall use its best efforts to ensure that its employees, agents and subcontractors comply with site rules and regulations while on District premises.

Default and Termination of Contract

Should the successful vendor fail to correct any condition which is in violation of the terms of the contract after having been notified by the District, the District may declare the contract in default and terminate same immediately.  Continuous failure to comply with the terms of contract(s) or failure to correct problems brought to the attention of the successful vendor shall be grounds for the District to terminate the contract.

Termination of Contract: The District may cancel the contract at any time for breach of contractual obligations by providing the consultant with a written notice of such cancellation. Should the District exercise its right to cancel the contract such reasons, the cancellations shall become effective on the date as specified in the notice of cancellation sent to the vendor.


The District is not required to pay taxes of any kind and assumes no liability as a result of this RFP. Any property tax payable on the vendor’s equipment, which may be installed in a District-owned facility, is the responsibility of the vendor.


All prices, costs, terms and conditions outlined in the proposal shall remain fixed and valid commencing on the opening date of the proposal until the award of the contract.

Section II: Technical Requirements of the Cost Per Copy Program


The District currently provides printing through a network of connected printers and copiers/multi-function devices on a three year schedule. Specific current inventory information and copy production volume is located in the appendix.

Projected Requirements/Estimated Quantities

The district is not estimating the actual number of copies which will be made, since such volume will depend upon requirements which may develop during the contract period. Data provided at request of vendors are based on historical data and future estimates and will be used as the base number in determining program costs.  The initial agreement will be based on these estimates. The intent of this RFP is to obtain an agreement for a cost per copy method of acquiring devices for the actual number of copies produced and their cost per copy.  The district shall make every effort to ensure that the placement of devices by usage is directly related to the estimated volume produced at a given location. The district shall be the sole judge of the final decision as to whether the volume classification of a given machine is appropriate for its site placement.

The Vendor is free to submit proposals which are consistent with current inventory and also an alternate proposal which attempts to address any perceived needs based on consolidating units to obtain higher volume units (based on PPM) if there is a belief that current copier volume and costs warrant.

Scope of Proposal

The intent of this RFP is to obtain an agreement for a cost per copy method of acquiring devices from copier/MFP equipment manufacturers and/or their certified dealers for the entire District. Proposers are welcome to seek savings opportunities throughout the terms of the active lease agreement. Examples include:

Pricing offered must include the cost of new equipment, maintenance, and all operating supplies (i.e. all toner, developer, fuser agent, waste bottles, staples, etc. with the only exception being paper). Some existing equipment may remain and be incorporated into the program at the discretion of the district.

The successful vendor will provide the District with the PaperCut reporting system to individually account for each user’s experience data, including, but not limited to, date and time, functions performed, volume based upon range selected, costs by each type of device (printer/copier) and type (black & white vs color). Inability to provide PaperCut may eliminate the vendor from being considered.

The successful vendor shall provide the District with network ready digital copiers and multifunction printing devices where needed as determined by the District. Vendor shall describe device capability regarding scan to e-mail, network scanning, cloud storage and archiving, faxing, etc.

Agreement Requirements

The contract term shall be for a base period of three (3) years with an option to extend for one (1) additional one year period upon mutual agreement and successful contract performance. All prices shall remain firm for the contract period.


The vendor shall be required to provide upgrading, downgrading and replacement of equipment as necessary and/or the installation of additional equipment, which may be required during the term of the agreement. However, it should be noted that agreements for additional units or for units upgraded/downgraded and/or replaced will be terminated at the end of the contract period or option period. Under no circumstances will the District consider an agreement, which automatically extends the original start, and/or termination date of the agreement, should additional units be required.

All equipment provided will be new, 100% operational. Used equipment, refurbished equipment, engineering prototype models or sample test models shall be among those considered unacceptable unless approved by the Technology Department. No device can be replaced without the approval of the Technology Department.

It will be the vendor’s responsibility to:

  1. Inform the District at least ninety (90) calendar days in advance about equipment, which will be phased out, and any new equipment that will be introduced.
  2. When adding new products to the agreement, the products must be submitted in the same pricing format as required by this document. Any new additions to this agreement will require prior approval by the Technology Department.
  3. Make recommendations to the District as to which new replacement models should be offered. Any replacement model must meet and/or exceed the minimum equipment specifications by group as specified.

Except as hereinafter provided, the District shall be relieved from any loss or damage during the period of transportation, installation and during the entire time the equipment is in the possession of the District. If the District determines that damage or loss has occurred to the installed equipment caused by negligence or willful act by the District, the following process will apply:

  1. The vendor shall submit an invoice and a written damage or loss evaluation/claim to the Technology Department.
  2. If the damaged equipment can be repaired, the vendor will invoice the District at the vendor’s lowest current price rates for parts and labor.
  3. If the damaged equipment requires replacement, the District will negotiate with the vendor to arrive at the depreciated value of the unit being replaced.

The vendor shall ensure that all equipment and/or supplies will be delivered to the sites in accordance with the dates specified. In no case shall delivery and installation be greater than thirty (30) days after receipt of order, unless the District agrees in writing to an extended delivery.

The vendor shall provide and pay for all material, labor, tools, transportation, and handling, and other facilities necessary for the supplying, delivering, assembling plus inspecting before, during and after installation of all items specified. The vendor shall install printer/copier drivers on all computers. The vendor will coordinate this through the district Technology Department.

The vendor shall be responsible for all materials shipped prior to and during installation until the District gives acceptance in writing. All risk of loss or expense associated with storing materials prior to the date of acceptance by the District is the responsibility of the vendor.

The vendor will be responsible for any damage to the premises of a District site as a result of the installation and shall be financially responsible for the repair and restoration to the original condition of any area so damaged within the time frame designated by the District. This determination shall be at the sole discretion of the District. The vendor shall remove all crates, wrappings, and other flammable waste material or trash from the building.

The vendor shall remove and properly dispose of all replaced equipment according to the agreement. It will be the responsibility of the vendor to have qualified, trained sales/service personnel to provide support/technical assistance at any location, including assistance in problem solving, maintenance, machine operation, etc. The vendor must also have access to manufacturer’s technical resources for problems that are beyond the ability of the vendor’s personnel. Such assistance shall be available at no cost and within a reasonable response time as determined by the District.

Vendor Reports

The vendor shall provide monthly reports by device. The vendor shall furnish monthly reports no later than seven (7) calendar days after the end of each month. The following shall be required:

Monthly meter readings and number of copies produced by device. (Beginning and ending meter readings) and itemized as to color or black & white. This will be needed to reconcile with the required accounting software associated with this proposal.


Delivery of the devices/equipment ordered will be to each of the District's buildings. All orders must be shipped F.O.B. Destination to include delivery and set-up. Regardless of the location no shipping, handling or environmental charges will be allowed.

Acceptance after Installation

Each device and accessories shall be subject to an acceptance test, and shall be deemed to have passed such acceptance test, if and when after installation of the equipment at the District’s premises:

  1. The vendor or authorized representative(s) has executed the manufacturer’s diagnostic routines on the equipment and certifies to the District that the equipment is ready for use by a trained operator.
  2. For a period of ten (10) consecutive business days, each containing a minimum of four (4) hours of operational use time, the equipment has maintained an effective level of performance based on key operator reports. The Key operator for each machine will be responsible for certifying that the equipment has been installed and is operational and that personnel have received instruction on how to operate the equipment. Following installation and training, an initial meter reading will be taken of the installed equipment. Cost per Copy charges will be calculated from that meter-reading forward. The key operator will sign an Installation Report provided by the vendor.
  3. The date of acceptance will be the date the piece of equipment has been installed at the facility, is fully operational, and personnel have received instruction on how to operate the equipment. This date will be recorded on the Installation Report and will serve as the first day for billing. Charges for the first month will commence with the date of acceptance.
  4. The vendor must furnish an Installation Report for each device within five (5) days of the date of its acceptance. The report must provide in writing the following information: Make, model, and serial number of the device, meter reading, exact delivery location, and key operator acceptance date. The key operator who acknowledged that the equipment was delivered and is operational, and that the training was provided, must sign each report.


On-site training must be provided for all equipment (hardware and software) offered at time of placement. All training will be provided at no expense to the District. Additional training will be on an as requested basis and must be conducted within five (5) working days at no additional cost to the District. Key designated personnel training is to be provided in addition to staff training. Key personnel shall be trained in the removal of simple mis-feeds, the addition of supplies and toner, and the cleaning guidelines (if any) required of the specific machines and any and all information regarding the successful operation of the device. Each key operator must be instructed in the routine necessary to schedule service and be provided with a list of phone numbers to call and people to reach for both routine maintenance and in emergency situations. Coordination with the key designees is required to schedule installation and training.

Authorized Dealer

The vendor must be an authorized dealer for the manufacturer being bid. A copy of the authorized dealer’s certification must be submitted with the proposal. Dealer/Distributors should submit proposals only when the manufacturer being represented is not submitting a proposal directly. It is the dealer/distributors’ responsibility to make sure manufacturers, who are submitting a proposal, submit dealer/distributors names. If submitting a proposal as a dealer/distributor, a letter must be submitted for each manufacturer’s line being proposed, stating if for any reason the dealer/distributor fails to live up to the contractual agreement, the manufacturer will then be responsible for selecting another dealer/distributor to fulfill the remaining portion of the agreement as written. The Technology Department must agree, in writing, to any replacement dealer/distributor. If a manufacturer is submitting a proposal directly, all orders will be directed to the manufacturer and it will be the manufacturer’s option to fulfill the order and/or channel that responsibility to a dealer/distributor. With this option, all billing and payments will be directed/received by the manufacturer.


Used equipment, refurbished equipment, engineering prototype models or sample test models shall be among those considered unacceptable for permanent placement with the district.

Product Literature

Vendors must provide product literature and technical specifications for each model bid.

Supply and Paper Requirements

All equipment offered must be able to operate to manufacturer’s rated specifications using all types of recycled plain paper. The vendor shall be required to provide all supplies necessary to operate the devices (e.g. toner, developer, ink, fuser agent, waste bottles, drums and staples) with paper being the only exception. All supplies shall be original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Supplies will be made available, as needs dictate, to support installed equipment. Vendor will provide one extra toner/ink cartridge per device to the key operator at the start of the contract and maintain this stock throughout the term of the contract.

Distribution of Supplies

The vendor shall be responsible for the distribution of supplies (as previously defined) to each device location to insure adequate amounts of supplies are always on hand for individual locations.


Vendor must be able to provide District wide maintenance coverage under this contract. Vendor must list the number of factory authorized service technicians on staff and where they are located throughout the State. If subcontractors are to be utilized, list all subcontractors’ names and locations.

All service calls will be logged and reported to Technology Department on a monthly basis (including the time of call and response time offered by the technician). The maximum service response time for on-site maintenance is the maximum time before a certified technician appears on-site and is fully prepared to affect all necessary repairs. The District will have access to this log for its use. All downtime, no matter what the cause, will be recorded in this log.

Response Time

Vendor must have on-site response time of four (4) working hours. If a device is down longer than two working days, loaner equipment must be in place until the original machine is repaired and reinstalled unless otherwise specified by the Technology Department.


Downtime begins when the end user places the service call with the vendor and continues until equipment repairs are completed to the satisfaction of the District. If the downtime exceeds 5 percent for any piece of equipment acquired during the life of this agreement, as per vendor supplied reports, and persists for any three (3) month period, the District reserves the right to have, at its option, the equipment replaced or the plan terminated with no financial penalty and at the sole discretion of the District.

Service Consideration/Requirements for Connected Devices

The following services/requirements will be provided at no cost to the District:

  1. Complete network installations and follow-up service on all connected products, including hardware and software training.
  2. System engineer or specialist to assist in connectivity issues.
  3. The District may choose to add network faxing, scanning, and/or other network services at any time after the installation of any device.
  4. The following network protocols must be supported: TCP/IP, Ethernet, PCL6, Postscript.
  5. Vendors must provide a description of their network capabilities, both hardware and software.
  6. Printing drivers must be compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.
  7. Provide copies of technician certification on devices for all technicians assigned to serve the district.
  8. Must provide 95% uptime guarantee or greater (from time of call to resolution of problem)
  9. Service will be a consideration. Negative experiences with a vendor can result in disqualification of their proposal.
  10. Provide an original copy of your maintenance agreement.

Geographic Coverage

The vendor must be able to supply coverage throughout the District. Specific locations are subject to change throughout the agreement period at the discretion of the District. Geographic territory responsibility for equipment and service must be described. Failure to do so will be grounds for rejection of the proposal.

Relocation or Removal of Equipment

Any requested relocation of equipment must be provided within ten (10) working days at no additional cost to the District. No equipment may be removed without prior notification. A designated District representative must be present during removal. All equipment being replaced must be moved at the time of the new installation. All removal expenses are the responsibility of the vendor.

End of Contract

The vendor agrees to remove all existing equipment within 30 days of the end of the contract, unless mutually agreed upon by both the District and the Vendor.

Maintenance Agreement

Vendors must supply a copy of their standard maintenance program. However, the District reserves the right to request changes in the agreement to meet the needs of the District. In addition, maintenance is defined as acceptable work performed by the vendor to assure that all features of the equipment are operating per the manufacturer’s published standards. The vendor is responsible to provide all parts and labor as part of device maintenance. No additional costs will be allowed. The vendor or subcontractor may provide service. However, the vendor is responsible for the actions of a subcontractor and poor performance from a subcontractor could result in the cancellation of the agreement. Vendors are required to provide details on how they intend to supply service to the District. This should include the number of servicemen who will be available in the field. The Technology Department reserves the right to add or delete devices and/or equipment to the agreement at the contract rate.


The terms of the manufacturer’s standard warranty shall apply to all equipment acquired from the agreement that is awarded as a result of the RFP. During this warranty period, all broken and defective parts not caused by accident or misuse or negligence by the District, must be replaced including labor, parts and transportation at the manufacturer’s expense. A copy of the standard warranty shall be included with the RFP.

Proposal Price

  1. All related peripherals for the device being offered must be included in the cost per copy pricing.
  2. All costs for operation of the devices are to be included in the cost per copy rate with the exception of paper.

Responsibility and Taxes

The vendor shall hold title to all equipment, parts and accessories, supplies, etc. provided under this agreement and is responsible for their removal at the end of the contract. Additionally, the vendor is responsible for any/all taxes. The district assumes no liability for the devices placed in the district with regard to damage that may occur such as those caused by power surges, lightning strikes, etc. Power surge devices may provide some level of equipment protection.

Vendor Default

In the event of vendor default, all devices placed from the cost per copy contract shall become the property of the District.


One monthly invoice shall be submitted to the Finance/Business Office for payment.

At the end of the year, the actual activity shall be reconciled against the amount billed. At such time, the vendor shall submit an itemized report reflecting:

  1. Make and model, building, location and serial number of all installed equipment.
  2. Annual number of copies produced by device and itemized as to color or black & white.
  3. Reconciliation of actual costs versus billed costs and the cost per copy refund or additional costs shall be provided.

Section III: ​Mandatory Proposal Submissions

Vendors shall submit one (1) original and two (2) copies of their response in the format outlined as follows:

An original signed form must be included in the RFP response. There should be no attachments, enclosures or exhibits other than those required by these specifications or that the vendor considers essential for evaluation of the RFP submitted. Each section of the RFP should be clearly identified with appropriate headings.

  1. Business Organization
  1. Submit full name and address, telephone number, email address and contact person and, if applicable, the branch office or other subordinates that will perform, or assist in performing, the work.
  2. List all subcontractors; include firm name and address, telephone number, contact person and complete description of work to be subcontracted.
  3. Warranty information for device brands offered must be provided in this section.
    Geographic territory responsibility must be listed in this section.
  4. Authorized dealer certification / manufacturer’s guarantee letter must be provided.
  1. Business History/References
  1. Vendors must provide contact information of at least 3 current educational clients serving as references.
  1. Network Capabilities
  1. Vendors must provide a description of their network capabilities, both hardware and software.
  1. Single Point of Contact/Key Office Support Personnel
  1. Identify key office support personnel, technical support, sales/account personnel and any additional support personnel, which would be assigned to serve the District. Identify where support personnel will be geographically located during the time they are engaged in work, including their email and office address. Vendors must provide the name of an individual who will be the Single Point of Contact (SPC) for the term of the agreement. The SPC will be responsible for the proper operation and administration of the agreement. The SPC will work with the District to ensure the agreement runs smoothly and will be the person responsible for conflict resolution.

  1. Invoice
  1. Provide with RFP a sample copy of your hard copy invoice.
  1. PaperCut management Software
  1. PaperCut system must be maintained to be able to account for each user’s activity and coordinate printing activity. PaperCut includes follow-me printing, ability to limit/control color printing, ability to limit the number of prints per job, ability to hold print jobs or print directly to devices). System must be able to produce PaperCut reports reflecting type of printing, product specific volume, internal cost inputs charged by device, downloadable and exportable reporting.
  1. Maintenance/Service Agreement
  1. Describe proposed maintenance/service procedures that will take place throughout the District during the agreement period. Supply a copy of your maintenance agreement and copies of technician certifications on devices included in your proposal. List the number of factory authorized service technicians on staff and where they are located throughout the state. Describe geographic territory responsibility for equipment and service. Please address technician service load, qualified service technicians that would be assigned to District, projected response times.
  1. Uptime Guarantee
  1. Provide statement, letter or certification of 95% uptime guarantee.
  1. Product Literature
  1. Vendor must provide product literature and technical specifications for each model proposed.
  1. Pricing Schedule - Cost per Copy
  1. Vendor must provide commitment of cost per copy rates for MFDs and any overage rate information based on:
  1. Black and white
  2. Color
  3. Duplex printing.


Current inventory and usage