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HumiX - Experiment Completed
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Community experiment 2018-2020. We warmly thank everyone who actively participated!


        Humix community with the purpose of “Empowering Sustainable Humanity (R)evolution” emerged during Berlin Art Week 2018.         

        We run a unique “Social Art Impact”         Convention initiated by         

Stiftung Sozial Kunst (Sandra Schürmann, Hans-Ulrich, Michel Aloui, Evgeni Kouris and others) x EmpaticaXR (Álvaro Guirao López, Vincent    Daranyi, and others)  

Humix was a great "research lab" to experiment and test different community design principles and humanity evolution approaches. It inspired creation of several new communities, e.g. Impact Society (Sandra Schürmann, Simon Rieser, and others) New Mittelstand (Evgeni Kouris and others), Wisdom Health (Álvaro Guirao López and others),  Applied Optimism (Seth Cohen and others), and many more...


Community had worked on 3 streams in parallel:        

1. Reinventing yourself (Everyone is in an individual transformation)

2. Reinventing work (Everyone is working on him/her-self while working with others)

3. Reinventing community (We need the others/community to evolutionary develop faster individually and together)

Thank you all for this co-created journey.

Every ending is a new beginning.

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