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Please contribute to the growing collection of open resources, materials, and activities developed by the Equity Unbound community. We will keep this document publicly available on our website for others to benefit … and may integrate some of your ideas in future iterations (with attribution, of course).


Please use the space below to list a resource or activity (preferably openly available) that is related to the issue of Equity:

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Anna Smith @anna_phd

Activity (that turns into a resource as we build it) 

We are taking advantage of the affordances of current online tools to collaboratively build a knowledge bank of eLearning concepts, complete with definitions, illustrations, examples, and related resources.

What concepts should be emphasized and understood broadly when it comes to learning online? What resources might help someone else address bias, empathy, equity, fake news, privacy, algorithms, and digital wellbeing? What are the different perspectives or angles being taken up across the globe with these concepts?

Drawing from our experiences in varied teaching and learning settings, we expect this resource will not only assist us in coming to understand concepts, but will be a helpful, practical tool that we can continue to use with our colleagues at our local education sites in preparing our schools and classrooms to be “future ready.” To keep this bank growing consistently, please revisit this site to append, revise, and contribute.

Anna Smith @anna_phd


We are gathering multiple stories of your experiences and perspectives on education from different schooling contexts around the world. And you’re invited to join the conversation!

Simple Directions: Consider the current theme, click on the theme question and click edit, navigate to where you are in the world on the map, drop a pin, and share a bit of what is happening in your ‘neck of the woods’ and how that relates to your perspective (in word, image, or video).

Youssef Boudah


Game discerption: The game moderator will be having a pack of chocolates and he will ask the students to get out a piece of paper, shape it like a ball and everyone from his place without moving must try to through his paper and get it into the rubbish bin. All students will have the opportunity to through once equally, however as students will be located in different parts in the room, some will be privileged being so near to the bin and they can easily get their paper in and win the chocolate, yet others who are in further locations might struggle and some might not be even able to view the bin. The purpose behind this game is to show the difference between equality and equity and how providing the same resources for everyone is different from giving each person what they need to provide everyone with equal opportunity.

Karim Habashi

Interview/ Activity 

An opportunity students could have interviewing people from different social levels so they could get to what the majority of their country’s population thinks.