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Resident paper 2010
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1.Sutjarit Suankool,MD . ChiangMai University

• Effectiveness of early goal-directed therapy protocol for severe sepsis and septic shock in Emergency department

2.Ar-aishah Dedeh,MD . Prince of Songkla University

• Serum lactate levels as a prognosis predictor in emergency department patients with systemin

inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) , severe sepsis and septic shock at Songklanagarind hospital.

3.Peraphol Prateepamornkul,MD. Vajira hospital

• The comparison study of the correlation between BNP and blood lactate for the diagnosis of severe sepsis at the emergency room.

4. Anan laochinthong, MD. Phramongkutklao hospital

• Risk factors of bacteremia in patients with upper urinary tract infection at emergency room in phramongkutklao hospital

5. Somjintana Iamsanpang,MD. Ramathibodi hospital

• Validity of MEDS score to predict mortality of patient with suspected in fection in the emergency room at Ramathibodi hospital.

6. Pungkava Srivharoen,MD Nopparat Rajathanee hospital

• Acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic patient at Nopparat Rajathanee hospital.

7. Anuchit Chayaboon,MD Lerdsin hospital

• Risk scoring systems to predict need for clinical intervention for paitents with upper

gastrointestinal tract bleeding.

8.Jarawat Juengsiragulwit,MD King Chulalongkorn Memorial hospital

• Prediction of the severity of esophageal injury following caustic ingestion.

9. Piyathida Khumpiranon,MD

• Clinical predictors to differentiate causes of Upper gastrointestinal bleeding in cirrhotic patients at Phramongkutklao hospital

10. Chok Limsuwat, MD Siriraj hospital

• The study of risk factors for severe hypoglycemia in adult diabetic patient in emergency room, Siriraj hopsital

Saowanee Kitichotkul,MD Prince of Songkla University

• Effectiveness of the stroke fast track protocol at the emergency department of

Songklanagarind hospital

2. Noppakate Pripwai,MD Bhumibol Adulyadej hospital

• Stroke speed evaluation in emergency department at Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital

3. Alisa Yanasan,MD Lerdsin hospital

• Time to diagnosis, time to operation of intracranial hematoma from emergency department to

operating room and surgical outcome at Lerdsin Hospital.

4. Piyatida Kalalayanamitra,MD Phramongkutklao hospital.

• Prevalence of patients with syncope at emergency department of Phramongkutklao hospital.

5. Chayaporn Yuksen,MD Ramathibodi hospital

• Validity of “Ramathibodi traumatic brain injury guideline” for discharge in low risk and

moderate risk traumatic brain injury patients.

6. Khitra Vasivej,MD Prince of Songkla University

• Results of trauma team activation criteria in acute trauma care at the emergency department

of Songklanagarind hospital.

7. Panu karanes,MD Nopparat Rajathanee hospital.

• Epidemiology of patients admitted to Nopparat Rajathanee hospital for traffic accident.

8. Veerasak Pongputta,MD Khon kaen hospital.

• Initial predictive factors for failure of non-operative management in blunt abdominal injury

patients at emergency department of Khon Kaen hospital.

9. Nongluk Techajongjaroen,MD Ramathibodi hospital.

• Pediatric injury in emergency medicine department ,Ramathibodi hospital : A 4-years of

retrospective surveillance review.

10. Wirut Phichiansatian,MD Chiang Mai University

• The accuracy of portable lateral cervical spine radiographs for diagnosis of cervical spine

injury in severe head injury in emergency room of Maharaj Nakorn Chiangmai hospital.

1. Panithan Jingjit,MD Rajavithi hospital

• Precision of triage in trama patients after introducing trauma team activation guidelines

2. Rattikorn Chamchun,MD Rajavithi hospital

• Accuracy of patients with loss of consciousness information by emergency medical dispatcher.

3. Sawaspreeya Thamwatwimol,MD Rajavithi hospital

• Alteration in pre-hospital drug concentration after stored in EMS ambulance and drug storage

at room temperature at Narenthorn center of Rajavithi hospital.

4. Chanatip Ponglorpisit,MD Rajavithi hospital

• Retrospective study of prehospital triage in emergency case ,Narenthorn emergency medical

service center , Rajavithi hospital.

5. Prakit Sarathep,MD Ramathibodi hospital

• Survey of emergency medical services systems in Thailand from the perspective of the

emergency medical service provider.

6. Chaiyo Chomrak,MD Ramathibodi hospital

• Modifed syringe and bulb esophageal detector device : to detect tracheal or esophageal

intubation : pilot study.

7. Sattha Riyapan ,MD Siriraj hospital.

• Risk factors of the revisit of the adult heart failure patients in emergency department in Siriraj

hospital : the one year period.

8. Ornpattra Kongprayoon,MD Phramongkutklao hospital

• Pulmonary edema prognostic score predicts mortality risk in patient with acute cardiogenic

pulmonary edema.

9. Srisakul Thipkamol,MD Chiangmai University

• The Pneumonia severity index (PSI) versus CURB-65 score in decision for therapy in patient

with community acquired pneumonia (CAP)

10. Veerawat Kachintak,MD Khon Kaen University

• Clinical impacts of rapid influenza test in Influenza-like illness patients in H1N1 pandemic era,

Srinagarind Hospital 2009

1. Nittaya Phawong,MD Bhumibol Adulyadej hospital

• The study of paracetamol overdosed patients in Emergency Department of Bhumibol

Adulyadej hospital.

2. Piemchok Banomyong,MD Vajira hospital

• Poisoning and drug overdose at emergency department, Bangkok Metropolitan

Administration Medical College and Vajira Hospital.

3. Lertrit Wannaeiampikul,MD Siriraj hospital

• Epidemiology of poisoned-patients at emergency and urgent care department of Siriraj


4. Pichai Supparojpattana,MD Bhumibol Adulyadej hospital

• Factors affecting the accuraty of Basic life support skills in emergency physicians and nurse at

emergency department, Bhumibol Adulyadej hospital

5. Marturod Buranasakda,MD Khon kaen hospital

• Survival outcome of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in physician staffed emergency medical


6. Chirakit Hengrasmee,MD Vajira hospital

• A comparison in duration and ventilating volume in single rescuer CPR between two ventilator

devices including intubating laryngeal mask and bag valve mask in manikin study by EMS


7. Noppasit Thanateerapong,MD Phramongkutklao hospital

• Comparison of emergency severity index and Australasian triage scale in emergency room of

Phramongkutklao hospital.

8. Unchalee Surasarang,MD Rajavithi hospital

• A cross sectional study to identify urgent patient of Rajavithi Triage system (RTS) : who should

be assessed earlier? 4 weeks studies.

9. Booranit Chua-intr,MD King Chulalongkorn hospital

• Disclosure of pitfalls of ultrasound-guided vascular access by transparent phantom.

10. Sura Jaidwatee,MD

• Development of Electronic medical record for quality improvement in Emergency department ,

Bhumibol Adulyadej hospital.

1. Krongkarn Sutham,MD Chiang Mai University

• The effect of emergency department crowding on quality of patient care in Maharaj Nakorn

Chiang Mai hospital

2. Rush Niemwongse,MD Lerdsin hospital

• Utilization of emergency department by non-urgency patients at Lerdsin hospital during 0.00-

8.00 AM in June 2009

3. Supachai Nildum,MD Vajira hospital

• The study of emergency department utilization by elderly patients presenting to Bangkok

Metropolitan Administration Medical College and Vajira hospital

4. Surasit Saetae,MD Siriraj hospital

• Validation of emergency department crowding score in emergency unit, Siriraj hospital

5. Bundit Noon thatham,MD Chiang Mai University

• Outcome of observation protocol for mild traumatic brain injury management in Maharaj

Nakorn ChiangMai hospital.

6. Kanthika Kraisawat,MD Prince of Songkla University

• The utilization review and the factors in fluence length of stay in patients in the short stay

observation unit at emergency department service in Songklanagarind hospital.

7. Saisuda Plakhum,MD Phramongkutklao hospital

• Prevalence and risk factors of revisit within 72 hours after discharge form emergency

department, Phramongkutklao hospital.

8. Kanlaya Rungrueangworanon,MD Ramathibodi hospital

• Risk factors and prognostic predictors of unexpected admission within 24 hours after

emergency department discharge

9. Surachai Sathitsamitphong,MD Chiang Mai University

• Validation of pediatric advanced warning score (PAWS) in emergency room, Maharaj Nakorn

ChiangMai hospital (PAW-CMU)

10. Ratrawee Pattanarattanamolee,MD Khon kaen hospital

• Clinical prediction of diarrhea and vomiting child by clinical dehydration scale at the

emergency department of Khon Kaen hospital.