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Jamie Steidle is an SEO content writer, editor, copywriter, creative writer, English professor, and digital marketing expert with years of dedicated experience helping clients grow their leads with compelling content. Whether the content is optimized landing pages, blog posts, emails or social media posts, Jamie has the content writing expertise to create engaging content.

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Blog Posts

Michael Crichton and Westworld: The Invention of the Techno-Thriller: Author Series

By Jamie Steidle

Have you ever been bitten by a snake? It’s not something that happens everyday (I hope). Getting bit is not very common. It’s probably even less common than the question: “Have you ever been bitten by a snake?” Snakes can be vicious. The odds of getting bit by one that’s around you is probably high. Snakes will bite and bite fast, right? Not so fast. At least, that’s what Michael Crichton found out.

“Rattlesnakes are, in truth, rather frail creatures,” Crichton wrote in his memoir, Travels.

It should have been an easy enough shoot for a film that was plagued by should-have-been-easy-enough-shoots. Filming the movie “Westworld” (1973) was not an easy task, especially for a new filmmaker, like Michael Crichton.

Michael Crichton had been having trouble from the onset. The 30 year-old Harvard graduate and bestselling author of The Andromeda Strain was finding that the glitz and glamour of filmmaking was anything but glitzy and glamorous. Writing novels and directing were two totally different and distinct things. Whereas novel writing was a personal, private and lonely thing; filmmaking was not private and not remotely lonely. Filmmaking was gritty—a gritty balancing act where trying to stay true to the narrative and keeping the executives happy was the name of the game and that game wasn’t necessarily fun.

It’s a good time to reflect on Michael Crichton and his legacy. Recently, we saw Michael Crichton’s famous blockbuster book, turned blockbuster movie get refitted onto the big screen as the new Jurassic World Franchise. Westworld, Crichton’s first foray into Hollywood filmmaking, was transformed into a TV series by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

The film Westworld is about a high-tech amusement park called Delos, where, for just a thousand dollars a day guests can experience three unique worlds that are populated by life-like robots: Roman World, Medieval World, and Westworld. Each park is a Disney-like set-piece of decadence, transporting the guests back to a Hollywood-styled past. Eventually, the robots become defective and the park turns on it’s guests and a lone-robot gunslinger faces off against the tourists and main protagonist. There are many similarities to this film and Crichton’s later work, Jurassic Park, which makes the experience of watching the film Westworld even more enjoyable.


The day of the rattlesnake was the last day of shooting. One of the leads, James Brolin, had to be bitten by a snake for his scene.

Michael Crichton, in Travels, recalls the moment when the snake was let loose:

“Each time the poor rattlesnake just tried to get away. Eventually we had to form two rows of people, standing just outside camera range, and herd the frightened snake between us toward the lens.”

He then goes on to explain the feelings people had toward the predator.

“The outcome of this was that, although we started out with blankets and telephoto lenses and a nervous operator by himself, by the middle of the day all the crew were standing within a few feet of these giant rattlesnakes, turning their backs to them, flicking cigarette ash on them, talking of other things. Nobody worries about snakes any more. We had quickly and unconsciously adjusted to reality of what we had seen. The rattlesnakes couldn't hurt us.”

In filmmaking, Crichton learned that nothing is ever as it appears. Simple scenes can become complicated and take the whole day. Even something you think you know can change into something totally foreign. Snakes are dangerous – but they really aren’t. Filming Westworld will be easy – but it really wasn’t.

Crichton’s style, his unique sense of “unraveling complexity” has its roots right here, in this film — not only in it’s script, but in it’s creation. What Crichton learned from making “Westworld” he took with him and put into his later books and films.

From “Westworld” we get Jurassic Park, but we also get Michael Crichton — the Michael Crichton we all know, the acclaimed novelist, author not only of Jurassic Park, but Timeline, Sphere, Prey and the creator of the TV series ER.

The Crichton we know today began with filming “Westworld,” where many of the tropes that are synonymous with a Crichton techno-thriller begin to come into fruition. He had written novels previous to directing “Westworld,” but it was the making of this film that really helped solidify the speculative mind of Crichton and push many of his ideas to the forefront. Ideas like: major corporations wreaking havoc; the unknown variables of science turn around and bites you in the ass (in Jurassic Park, quite literally); and we really don’t know, especially when we think we do, the consequence of any of our actions.

The problem with any film production is that it is a complex system; producing and filming a movie is extraordinarily intricate. Any semblance of order can be assumed to be pure luck, which is why many filmmakers and artists are superstitious.

Trying to further understand the filming of Crichton’s “Westworld,” I first reached out to its producer, Paul Lazarus, who was happy to talk about the making of the film and spoke readily, openly and at great length about Crichton and his own successes in the film industry. Lazarus had formed a friendship with Crichton that was lifelong and continued until Crichton’s death in November of 2008.

What was revealing in the interview was a different Crichton. According to Lazarus, Crichton rarely spoke of himself. He was quiet and often seemed to be in a different world. Much of this isolation seemed to stem from his height, which was a staggering six feet nine inches.

“The first thing everyone noticed was his height,” Lazarus said. He recalled a time when Crichton and him were on an elevator and a man entered and looked up at Crichton and asked,

“Are you a basketball player?”

“No, just a jockey,” Crichton replied.


“But he was always aware of his height.” And certain words bothered him because he was teased as a child. “One time I said the word ‘freak’ and he tensed up… He was uncomfortable about his height.”

It’s interesting to note these details because these characteristics developed the man; they shine a light on how he deals with situations. Crichton was a thinker, rarely speaking of himself. He developed an inward focus that grew outwards into his research of how things beyond him functioned: how the media works; how climate science can potentially create a state of fear; how control, overall, is an illusion. As Ian Malcolm said in “Jurassic Park:” “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.”

The story of the making of “Westworld” began with the script, which Crichton wrote in August of 1972. Crichton was always a swift writer and the script itself only took about a month. The concept stemmed from a visit at Kennedy Space Center, where he saw astronauts training to be as machine-like as possible; and from Disneyland, where he saw machines acting as human-like as possible. Crichton was fascinated by these “blurring of lines” between man and machine.

In the paperback “Westworld” script, published a year after the film’s release, Crichton introduced the beginning of the trouble with filming, “Nobody who had a choice made a picture at Metro, but then we didn’t have a choice.”

“Having an orderly production was impossible.” Crichton didn’t have a set cast until about two days before shooting started because MGM kept demanding changes to the script. During the negotiations for actors, Crichton felt as though he was slowly transforming into the cliché archetype of a filmmaker, “I vomit whenever I see that actor!” These headaches from MGM didn’t end in pre-production.  

MGM had originally given Crichton and his team one million dollars to film the movie, but this, Crichton knew, was not enough money. After negotiations, Crichton was given an extra $250 thousand. “Even at that higher figure, a number of old studio hands told us it couldn’t be done,” Crichton wrote.

He breaks down the costs and how each dime counted in production:

If you pay close attention when you watch the film, much of the sets look the same. That’s because they are the same, with a little filmmaking trickery a hallway can grow longer, shorter – or even, turning around a corner, the same hallway can look like a new one.

As Paul Lazarus tells it: the day of the first shoot it was foggy and misty. Nothing looked right. Crichton didn’t want to shoot just yet. Before they captured a single frame of film they got a call from the studio. MGM stocks had plummeted.

The studio rep asked if they had started yet.

They told them they hadn’t started yet.

“Start shooting!”

The shooting schedule was very tight. They had just under a month to shoot the film. This meant that there was no room for problems. But there were problems. A number of things went wrong.

On the third day of shooting, they realized that one of the corridors they were filming in was too white and didn’t look right on film. They didn’t resolve this issue until the day before the set was taken down.

Yull Brenner, the main antagonist in the film, scratched his cornea from a blank gun cartridge hitting his eye and couldn’t wear the contact lenses that were necessary to make his eyes look sleek and robotic. Crichton had to rearrange the shooting schedule around this.  

The studio was overbearing from the onset and continued to check-in and make sure that production was moving along. Filmmaking was already stressful without the added stress of the judging eyes of studio executives. Which is why when a studio executive came onto set during a day of shooting, Crichton, having had about enough of MGM yelled, “Cut!” He walked straight up to the executive, backing him into a wall. Crichton towered over him and while leaning in he asked, “Can I help you?”

That was the last time the studio was on set.


Another aspect that needed a lot of work was the robot’s vision. Crichton wanted the audience to see the point of view of the gunslinger, which meant he wanted to tackle something that had never been tackled before. He wanted to use computer graphics in film. Crichton went searching for someone to process computer imagery, reaching out to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, he was given a quote of $200,000. This was simply too much money. Eventually Crichton found John Whitney Jr., a computer-graphics artist, who said he could do it in 4 months and only for $20,000. The process he used is called pixilation. The final product looks outdated, but for its time the graphics were innovative and “Westworld” is credited as the first film to utilize computer graphics.  

The studio always has the last say. And even after that final shoot with the rattlesnake, the process wasn’t over just yet. The studio still wanted its final word. They didn’t seem to really feel that the film itself was promising. Crichton had purposely camera-cut the film. This meant he shot the scenes the way he wanted to, with no extra material. The film could not be recut. It could only be cut one way. This made it particularly hard if there was a mistake not caught when actually filming.

There were two reasons why Crichton filmed this way: 1) he didn’t have time with the tight, filming schedule to take multiple shots and 2) he didn’t want extra material for the studio executives to use to recut his film. Crichton filmed the bare minimum of what he needed to piece together the film into what he wanted.

“No one in the world could do this except Michael Crichton,” Lazarus said about Crichton’s camera-cutting and its end result.

Two weeks after filming, Crichton saw the first rough cut. “It was horrible.” Crichton explained. “It was boring, contrived, self-indulgent and slack.” He did not find it promising. But after a recut and the addition of an extra scene (a commercial at the beginning of the film describing Delos) the film was looking much better.  

MGM executives, however, did not find the film too promising. Crichton explained that the feelings for the film were divided, straight from the beginning: either people loved the idea or hated it. “The result was something like a civil war…

The executives had a screening to see how it went over. If the viewers hated it, the film would have been dumped.

On the day of the preview, Crichton was nervous. After all the work of shooting the film on a tight budget and a tight schedule; after all the juggling and sleepless nights; was it possible that the film was going to be dumped? He had built up a sense of camaraderie with his cast and crew. Once they had started getting the rhythm of the film down, filming became a dance and Crichton was the instructor. The viewers of the film for the preview were given cue cards. The film needed to have 75 percent good reviews for MGM to consider keeping it.  

“The picture began.” Crichton wrote. “There was a lot of coughing and shuffling; the laughs didn’t work and came in the wrong places. I sank lower in my seat.” But by the end of the film, there was great applause. Crichton was surprised to find that the movie had received a 95 rating. The film wasn’t dumped.

After all was done, “Westworld” did really well, grossing about $10 million in 1973. The film was inspiring and helped shape not only the ideas discussed in this text, but also the movie industry in general. It was not only the first film to incorporate computer graphics, but it was also one of the first films with the modern horror film elements embedded within it. John Carpenter noted in an interview with Interview Magazine in 2015 that his infamous character, Michael Myers in the film “Halloween” was based on the gunslinger in “Westworld:” “Well, the main influence was Westworld, which had a robot gunfighter. He kept coming back. He wouldn't stop.” It’s safe to say without “Westworld,” there would be no “Halloween” or “Terminator;” and an entire genre of horror and techno-thrillers would not have become. “Westworld” was the forefather of these creations, as it was the forefather of Crichton’s later work.  

What Crichton intended was to play on the cliché ideas of western films, using iconic shots, standard filming practices for westerns to create the feel of the film. His camera angles and shots were not revolutionary, but that was his intention. Crichton believed, as he said about Hitchcock, that the camera should not be a character in itself, it should be a window.

The film plays with the same concepts and ideas Crichton will later rehash in his most successful creation,Jurassic Park. Westworld was a precursor, the genesis of Crichton’s formula for the techno-thriller and the formula for his novels, where science and technology converge.

To simplify Crichton’s writing into mere themes is to drastically belittle his work; but it’s hard to miss that many of his plots center around a single, unifying trope: chaos. Not simplistic chaos, but the chaos that ensues from man’s stubborn quest for control. From building a theme park with genetically-engineered dinosaurs in a “controlled” ecosystem; to the chaos of a complex global disaster. Crichton warns us that the world is often too complicated for complete understanding and that we should doubt those who claim it. The world can’t be summed up in a simple graph, a simple statement or a simple scientific formula.

 In a major speech Crichton gave on environmentalism titled “Fear, Complexity, & Environmental Management in the 21st Century,” he stated his belief about the environment and our impact on it: that we just don’t know how to manage the environment. The system is too complex and our ignorance is present in our failures at trying to balance the ecosystem. There is no better example than at Yellowstone National Park.

Crichton goes on to illustrate the disastrous effects that occurred in the park in order to keep it in equilibrium, failing to recognize that the ecosystem had a natural way of keeping itself stabilized, this caused the decline and devastation of many species and eventually one third of the park burned away in a fire in the 1980’s.

“Now, if we are to do better in this new century, what must we do differently? In a word, we must embrace complexity theory. We must understand complex systems.

We live in a world of complex systems. The environment is a complex system. The government is a complex system. Financial markets are complex systems. The human mind is a complex system—most minds, at least. By a complex system I mean one in which the elements of the system interact among themselves, such that any modification we make to the system will produce results that we cannot predict in advance. Furthermore, a complex system demonstrates sensitivity to initial conditions. You can get one result on one day, but the identical interaction the next day may yield a different result. We cannot know with certainty how the system will respond.Third, when we interact with a complex system, we may provoke downstream consequences that emerge weeks or even years later. We must always be watchful for delayed and untoward consequences.”

What Crichton taught us is that the world isn’t fixed. It never can be known, because it’s so much more complex than anything we can imagine it to be. We may think we’ve read all the signs, discovered everything there is to know, but that is only a page in the complexity of the ever-changing universe. There’s always another page and another side to the page. This shouldn’t stop us from wanting to know and understand, but it should give us pause to reflect on what we know and what we do with that knowledge. As “Westworld” showed us, we may think we understand and we may think with this understanding we can control our surroundings, but it’s not that simple. So before we build a theme park of robots and dinosaurs, let’s ask the question: “Should we?”

So how can we ever truly know? How can we understand what’s around us? That’s an open question. I don’t have an answer for you. Crichton developed his sense that the notion of knowledge is flawed and in his writings he pushes us to question what we know – because with questions we understand the problem with certainty. Crichton wants us to know that there is no certainty. Just like there is no certainty that a snake will bite. “Snakes, after all, are rather frail creatures.”

Blog Posts

Why Food Is Marketed to Kids Causes Weight Gain

By Jamie Steidle

Published in Feeding My Kid: Link

What does a toucan, tiger and elf have anything to do with each other? No, they aren’t in the latest childhood fantasy novel (though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were). They’re all marketing ploys to get your kids to eat more foods that are high in sugars, fats and—well…, junk. Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger and the Keebler Elf are all marketing tactics created to help promote a brand and to ultimately manipulate children into demanding these foods.

“Children develop deep emotional relationships with these characters and mascots…,” Assistant Professor of food and Nutrition Policy at Virginia Tech, Vivica Kraak, said to Fox News.

So the next time your son demands a box of cereal with a happy looking bird on the front, you’ll know that marketing is working too well.


Food Advertisement

There is a strong relationship between food advertisements and obesity in kids.

From fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s and Burger King; to sugar filled products, like Cap’n Crunch and Fruity Pebbles; the food industry is pushing its product out to kids with fierce advertising from commercials to mobile gaming ads (2).

Kids watch a staggering number of advertisements in a single year—approximately 5,500 (4). And kids who watch more TV are more likely to go to fast food restaurants (5). This is because advertisements promote unhealthy eating, making unhealthy foods look tasty, fun and cool.

Kids watch commercials and it drives demand for these foods, products and services. A recent survey conducted showed that 30 percent of children go to a fast food restaurant at least once a week (5).

In essence, all of our children are being exploited. They are being manipulated to eat some of the unhealthiest foods produced. Why? The more processed a food is, generally, the higher profits these companies make on the food. These companies are targeting you and your kids and making billions in the process. Because of these overt-marketing tactics, American children are getting diabetes, heart disease and other health issues (2).

Marketing Towards Children

Marketing towards children has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, which is why these marketing tactics are now being scrutinized by the news media and government programs (3).

Food regulators have been trying to put pressure on these industries to either stop advertising to children or make healthier foods (3). And to manufacture genuinely healthier foods and not just manufacturing claims on packages, such as “all natural.”

Why can’t there be a Tony the Tiger of apples or a Toucan Sam of asparagus?

The food industry knows what they are doing. They know who to target and how to target and sell. And they’re selling to you and your kids!

Why Are These Foods so Bad?

Sugar sells. It’s that simple.

There’s good reason why one in every three children in this country are overweight or obese (6). These foods, like cereals, candies and fast foods are high in fat, salt and sugar. They are cheap to produce and yield high profits for food manufactures, grocery stores and fast food restaurants.

Sugar has become a staple product for food industries to sell. Whether it's in your child’s morning cereal or added to yogurt, sugar is everywhere (6). With food being manufactured to reach that perfect “bliss point,” it’s hard for kids to say no to these foods.

Unfortunately, sugar is linked to a number of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes (7). Sugar wreaks havoc on the body and the more of these foods your child eats, the more likely your child will be malnourished and out of shape (7).

Through this article series, our hope is to increase awareness of the foods parents are buying for their kids; which may not be as healthy as their claims. TV ads have recently been deliberately catered to parents to buy these foods for their kids.

Yogurt of All Things!

Yogurts targeted to kids are not as healthy as the claims will lead you to believe. I used to give my twins these organic yogurts as a part of breakfast and I thought I was doing a good thing for them. But I soon realized I was giving them 4-5 teaspoons of sugar just from their yogurt alone. Every 4 grams of sugar is a teaspoon. How did I not know that until recently? Some of these yogurts have 23 grams of sugar!

Be sure to check the labels (they can be deceptive); there’s probably added sugar hiding in these foods.

“If you’re concerned about your health, you should probably avoid products that make health claims. Why? Because a health claim on a food product is a strong indication it’s not really food, and food is what you want to eat ``, Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto, says. So be aware of what you are eating.

Food Marketed to Kids with Little Nutritional Value

Check out this list of the worst kids food from NBC News for even more options.

What to Do?

As parents who want what’s best for their children, we understand that it can be hard to take a good, healthy approach to eat less foods high in sugars, fats and salts.

  1. The first step to the problem is to reduce the amount of TV your kids watch. There are many safer alternatives, such as commercial free programing, like Netflix. Some parents use the TV to preoccupy a child’s time while making dinner. Instead, invite your kids to help you prepare the meal.
  2. If your children are going to watch TV, sit down and watch the TV commercials with them. Ask your child questions about the advertisements he watches and talk to him about what the commercials are trying to do (2).
  3. If you can, try to make more home cooked meals. Home cooked meals are always healthier. Even get your kids to cook with you! You may even add some unhealthy foods to the table, as you don’t want to forcibly restrict all foods, otherwise your kid will try and sneak the forbidden foods (8). Remember, a healthy diet is key to living a healthy, balanced life. Treats are ok in moderation.

In the end, whether government regulations will actually reduce the number of programs garnered to sell unhealthy foods to kids; it’s up to you as a parent to stay firm and strong and pay attention to the types of foods your child is eating. Make eating healthy foods fun and appetizing and cook more at home.

As Ellyn Satter states in her book Your Child’s Weight, “Your job is to find the middle-ground with regard to feeding—to be supportive without being controlling.”

So make the middle ground the dinner table and you’ll find that unhealthy foods and unhealthy food mascots will lose their hold on your kid’s and so lose their feathery wings!

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The Marriage Healer Landing Page Sample

Marriage Counseling and Coaching

Published on The Marriage Healer: Link


Dr. Angela Jones, the founder of The Marriage Healer, offers marriage counseling services in Orlando for couples who need a mediator to help them resolve issues in a productive and calm environment. Owned and operated by Dr. Jones, The Marriage Healer specializes in all phases of couple counseling services, from communication issues, to financial stress, and even sexual frustrations and infidelity.

Divorce is Expensive

Let's be real, divorce is expensive. When you first got married, you had your whole future ahead of you. You were happy, financially stable, the world was your oyster—you and your spouse seemed inseparable and capable of conquering whatever the world sent your way. But as the years went by, you found the marriage plateauing.

Since then, you and your spouse have been growing apart. Your sex life has become stale, stagnant and almost non-existent. Financial stresses seem to hang over you both, creating a divide—you and your partner are plateauing on two divided plateaus. The idea of "divorce" seems to be hanging over you. The word "divorce" is dancing at the tip of your tongue. You have finally started to think that there's only 1 solution.

Nevertheless, divorce is not always the solution, and should not be used as a 1st resort; it should only be used as a last resort. If you and your partner are serious and want to find a solution to this malaise, then you should seek marriage counseling in Orlando from The Marriage Healer, Dr. Angela Jones.

Healing Begins With You

Relationships get stale when not given time or attention. Marriages begin to deteriorate when taken for granted. With all the distractions of the world, relationships can easily be taken for granted. It could be that your relationship needs just a little revitalization.


When your relationship is healthy, there is an increase in health across the board, even financial health. Research shows that married people tend to live longer and happier lives.

Discover a better “Us”

In a marriage, a better “us” can conquer the world.

With marriage counseling services from Dr. Angela Jones in Orlando, you can become the you, you always wanted to be; your spouse can do the same. Each party can become their best selves. This means you can grow to be the “us” you’ve always dreamed of.

With The Marriage Healer, Dr. Angela Jones can help you heal your marriage. Marriage is a team, and with Dr. Jones’s resources and years of experience, she can help you rebuild your team. You will find all you need to become a better self.

Dr. Jones can provide you with the tools needed to get the most out of your relationship and to heal any problems and issues you’ve encountered in your marriage.

How Marriage Counseling Works

Learn how to say “I do,” not “I don’t”


My marriage counseling services can help you:

With Dr. Jones’s marriage coaching program, the couple is initially provided with a quantitative assessment that will assist with the identification of core strength and growth areas in the relationship.


Afterwards, in a relaxed and pleasant setting, you will be given feedback based on your assessment's results and what you and your spouse share in the initial meeting. You and your spouse will be given time to process the results. At The Marriage Healer, it is believed that conversation and communication is key to developing a better relationship.


Once the core strength and growth areas in your relationship are identified, a personalized treatment plan is put together and agreed upon to begin the journey of healing your marriage.

Financial Success

It’s called financial infidelity, and it can happen. Your spouse, without telling you, opens up their own bank account to keep purchases a secret. If you’re in a marriage where financial infidelity has occurred, talking to a professional can help you resolve these issues. Financial infidelity is a breach of trust that can otherwise wreck a marriage that was doing just fine.

Financial woos don’t begin and end with financial infidelity; there are tons of financial situations a married couple runs into on the daily that can cause financial stress. Lack of communication and trust in a marriage can lead to lack of productivity in your work, thus leading to a decrease in income. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce.

With The Marriage Healer, Dr. Angela Jones can help you solve your issues. As a Certified Personal Financial Counselor, her expertise can help solve your financial issues.  

Sexual Health

Sex is an important part of a relationship. Often kept in the bedroom, discussions about sexual activities should be expressed between couples. Lack of sex can lead to a number of unhealthy circumstances for couples, including:  

These feelings can lead to problems in other areas of you and your spouse's life. Let’s face it, sex is important and sometimes you need help at reconciling issues to move forward. Sexual health incorporates physical and emotional wellness. This means that sexual frustrations can easily disrupt the family. Communication difficulties in a relationship and an inability to communicate sexual needs can make things more serious. Communication is key to solving most issues, without it, the issue grows and festers.

As a marriage counselor, Dr. Jones can help resolve your issues by talking to you and breaking through to the “why” behind your sexual frustrations as a couple.

About The Marriage Healer in Orlando, Florida

As your go-to marriage counseling service in Orlando Florida, The Marriage Healer offers a wide range of services dedicated to solving your marriage concerns. From financial infidelity to sexual infidelity, there’s nothing that marriage counseling can’t try to reconcile and resolve.  

With years of experience, Dr. Jones has been Orlando's premier couples counselor, offering services for relieving stress and frustrations from the family by helping people tackle their domestic issues head-on. What sets The Marriage Healer apart from its competitors is that it offers the most comprehensive care available in a warm and caring environment that ensures that couples always get the treatment they deserve.

That’s because Dr. Jones believes that relationships deserve to be cultivated and grow and that despite any setbacks, any couple can reconcile and come out the other side stronger, healthier, and better together.

The Marriage Healer’s goal is to help married couples realize that their happiness is achievable and that with hard work, resolving any type of issue is possible.  

With the Marriage Healer, you’ll learn how to say “I do,” not “I don’t.”

No matter your concern or issue, Dr. Jones can help you resolve your marriage struggles. Schedule your appointment with your marriage counseling service in Orlando, The Marriage Healer, today. Call our office at (407) 602-3377. You can also fill out our contact form here.

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About Face Design Team Landing Page Sample

Production Makeup and Hair

For Orlando Production makeup and hair, About Face Design Team, is your go-to company! With many years of experience, set etiquette, and professionalism, they are leaders in the salon industry. Choosing an experienced makeup artist is the key to making talent look great in whatever format you are shooting.

You Are The Client We Are Looking For

Let’s paint a picture, not with acrylics but with foundation.

Imagine this: You’re on set. You’re about to go on live television. You have a lot to prepare. You're making sure you know your information for an interview or you’re reading a script to make sure you don’t slip up on live television. You’re waiting to be on air in a hot minute. You don’t have time to worry about the details. You need a professional makeup artist with the passion and drive to ensure that you’re all set and ready to take the stage.

That’s just what About Face Design Team is all about.

Trained Professionals

Trained in the latest airbrush makeup and hairstyles, AFDT’s Orlando makeup artists create flawless and perfect looks for any media project. This means less time in post and more fun in front of the camera!

For Orlando Production Makeup and Hair, About Face Design Team is here for you! With years of experience with on-air talent, live tapings, pre-tapings, commercials, infomercials, Youtube, or other media platforms, they are leaders in the industry.

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From makeup for live stage audiences to hairstyling for recorded tapes for broadcast; they’ve worked insides, outside, with professional television like local news to the Gold Channel; their professional services can help decrease the amount of editing they have to do in post. AFDT can help you save time in post-production.

Start From the Top

Back to the scene. You’re ready. You’re getting prepared. An About Face Design Team stylist is touching you up, getting you ready for air. You’re ready. You’re all set.

The production calls:

“Ok, let’s start on 1… Ready?”


You’re prepared.


You not only look ready, but you feel confident.


You smile—your makeup is on point.

“Roll Camera”

The Importance of Production Makeup & Hair

Makeup and hair is an important part of the production process which should not be overlooked. About Face Design Team understands this. Here’s an illustration of its importance.

Que the presidential election of 1960.

The Presidential election was in full-swing when Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy took part in the first televised presidential debate in American history. Before, debates were listened to by millions over the radio, but with the expansion of new technology, Americans with access to television could watch the debates live. One of the most astounding results of the debate was that those who listened to the debate on the radio came home with a different winner than those who watched the debate on TV. Television production was new to many, including Nixon, who opted-in for drugstore pancake makeup instead of professionally applied makeup. The result was a catastrophe for Nixon. Kennedy was glowing, Nixon was pale. Kennedy looked cool under pressure, Nixon sweated. After watching the debate, the Chicago mayor said, “…they’ve embalmed him before he even died.” The next day, the Chicago Daily News ran the headline “Was Nixon Sabotaged by TV Makeup Artists?”

Nixon believed that substance beat style, but television was not the same as radio and style is just as essential a role in a debate as substance. Poor hair and makeup essentially lost an election. Today, substance is intertwined with style; and style comes in all shades of makeup.

When you’re on television and ready for a production, you don’t have to worry about the setbacks or “drugstore makeup,” let the professionals make you look like the stunning and radiant professional you’ve always wanted to be. So when the camera is rolling, you not only look good but also feel good, too.

So when the crew yells:

That means makeup and hair last look in the camera lens or on the monitor to make sure the talent looks right in the light.

Here’s the list of production makeup and hair services we offer:

Here are the venues that we service:

About Face Design Team’s dedication and meticulous approach guarantees everyone will look fresh from the first shot, throughout the day, and until the director calls “WRAP!”

“That’s it. It’s a wrap!”

Contact AFDT today for a quote and to learn about how you can sit in our VIP chair and gain the confidence you always deserved.

AFDT is available 24/7. A bad hair day is a thing of the past.

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John Law Group

Car Accident Attorneys in Deltona, FL

As top car accident attorneys in Deltona, Florida, The John Law Group is ready to fight your case on your behalf. We offer the services you need to help you with your automotive personal injury claims. Our civil cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. What does this mean? It means you do not have to pay anything unless a recovery is made on your behalf. That’s right. You do not have to pay anything unless a recovery is made on your behalf. You can schedule a free consultation to learn more about what we can help you with.

Continue reading to learn more about our car accident attorneys and how we can build your automotive personal injury case.

Florida car accident law

In Florida, driving is part of our daily life, whether it's to or from work, we drive nearly every day. Without reliable public transit, this is the only option to commute. Unfortunately, accidents happen and you may find your car, and yourself, injured on account of someone else's negligence. That's when you should consider a law firm with the experience and dedication needed to help you resolve conflicts that arise from a violent automobile accident.

Because of the State of Florida's no-fault policy, a victim of an automobile accident is required to seek a payout from their insurer and not from the negligent driver. However, you may be able to sue for injuries related to the accident depending on certain circumstances. Florida’s statute recognizes four types of injuries that qualify for seeking a personal injury claim after a car accident:

  1. Significant loss of an important bodily function (such as walking), permanently
  2. Permanent injury
  3. Significant disfigurement
  4. Death

In these conditions, you may be able to seek a personal injury claim, but you will need the help of a skilled lawyer to build the case needed to prove negligence. That's where John Law Group can help.

The John Law Group are dedicated Florida car accident lawyers ready to help you fight the good fight to seek out justice and get the claim you need to continue your pre-accident life. We handle a number of typical automotive and vehicular cases such as:

Pedestrian accidents

In 2017, on average, a pedestrian was killed just about every 88 minutes in a traffic accident. Pedestrian deaths accounted for roughly 16 percent of all traffic fatalities that same year. Even if you survived an accident, you may have serious medical bills piling up or are unable to work. In these devastating situations, it's time to find a pedestrian accident attorney that can assist you in fighting the case to get you the monetary aid you need to help pick yourself up after such a tragic incident.

As pedestrian accidents attorneys, The John Law Group is dedicated to making sure that the party harmed in the accident is protected, and has the counsel that can best assist them in their case.

Motorcycle accidents

If you're a motorcyclist, you already are aware of how easy it is for an incident to occur. In 2013 alone, there were approximately 88,000 motorcyclist-related injuries due to an accident. All it takes is one negligent driver not checking their mirror and you're another statistic.

If you do end up in a motorcycle accident at no-fault-of-your-own, it's time to contact a motorcycle accident attorney who can help. Here at The John Law Group, you will never be just another statistic to us. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, please get in touch with us for a free consultation.


Semi-Truck accidents

Accidents that involve semi-trucks or tractor-trailers can result often in severe property damage and injuries. When it comes to accidents like these, many parties can easily get involved and make the process of seeking a personal injury claim more difficult. Often, police, insurance providers, claim holders, and others can make a complicated situation even more difficult to traverse.

That's why it's so important to speak to a semi-truck accident lawyer to ensure that you know the next steps in seeking your claim. There's no need to go through this situation alone. At The John Law Group, we are here to fight for you.

SUV Accidents

With high ratings from manufacturers and third-parties when it comes to safety features, SUVs are generally regarded as fairly safe. However, incidences such as rollovers are not unheard of and can be due to several circumstances such as neglectful design. If you happened to be in an accident where your SUV rolled-over, you may be able to seek justice—action may be brought against the manufacturer. Rolled-over accidents can cause severe injuries, trauma, or even death.

In order to build a case, you have to prove negligence to be successful in a defective product action. It's important to speak to a SUV accident lawyer to ensure that you know the next steps in building a solid case.

DUI Accidents

DUI accidents can usually be ascribed to negligence and can be extremely traumatic for all parties involved. If an accident is caused due to a driver being under the influence, that driver may be said to have likely engaged in negligent conduct. Due to this negligence, there may be further damages that may be able to be recovered on behalf of the person or persons injured.

It is necessary to confer with a DUI accident attorney experienced in fighting such cases; at The John Law Group, we will fight for you.

Car Accident Attorneys in Deltona, FL

Before opening The John Law Group, Attorney Arnold John represented those seeking justice in three of the Country’s largest law firms. While doing so, Attorney John gained invaluable experience, strategy, and skills. It was these skills that helped him shape his own law firm, and propel it forward to help fight for justice. For The John Law Group, client satisfaction and stellar service are the primary goals to start successfully handling a case.

If you have recently been injured as the result of someone's negligence, or have recently been involved in a car accident, The John Law Group can help you build, and fight your case to seek justice. We can help with the following cases:

As leading car accident attorneys in Deltona, Florida, we provide expert legal representation for our clients to help them find the justice they are looking for. When you need help, remember the name: Arnold John, your LEGAL CHAMPION! Contact us today if you're ready to have us fight the good fight on your behalf at (555) 555-555.

Florida Car Accident Law FAQ

Can someone sue you for a car accident in Florida?

Since Florida is a no-fault state, most of the time you will go through your insurance provider. However, if you are in an accident that hits certain criteria, then you may be able to sue the driver. It’s important to note that Florida does have a four-year statute of limitations for personal injury claim lawsuits for car accidents, so now's the time to find a lawyer.

What does it mean for Florida to be a no-fault state?

In order to stop frivolous lawsuits, Florida adopted a no-fault policy that requires car accident victims to get a payout from their own insurer, no matter who was at fault.

However, you may be able to sue for injuries related to the accident. Florida’s statute recognizes four types of injuries that qualify:

In these circumstances, you can sue the driver at fault for the accident and obtain compensation.

Fiction Writing

A Response to a Job Application from Man Formerly Stranded on a Desert Island for 15 Years

By Jamie Steidle

Published in Little Old Lady Comedy: Link

Dear Mr. Theodor Cook,

We have received your resume and cover letter for the position of Administrative Specialist and we regret to inform you that we believe that you do not meet the qualifications needed for the position. We understand that you have been stranded on a desert island for the last 15 years, and have, for those years, had a number of self-employed jobs, ranging from fishmonger to Supreme Dictator, but we need a better explanation for these gaps in your work history.

Despite being Supreme Dictator of the Island Nation of Cook—however impressive that may sound— we can not see how these daily tasks have made you equipped to meet the day to day tasks of an Administrative Specialist, which can be very strenuous.

Whereas, we are very happy to see that you are alive and well after having “made fire,” we can’t seem to figure out how making fire relates to the business world. We do find that your extensive knowledge of spear making may likely come in handy when trying to work the copier.

But your knowledge of the tidal forces acting on a small make-shift watercraft most likely will not translate well when stapling business reports.

At a company like ours, teamwork is essential, and it seems that your people skills may be lacking for this position. Your lack of people skills and human interaction may be better suited in the marketing department.

But we did our due diligence before coming to this decision. We attempted to reach out to your references only to discover that they were, in fact, a volleyball.

As you stated in your cover letter, we are looking for someone qualified, and we don’t believe that you meet the intended qualifications at this time. However, we are willing to forward your resume to the marketing department. We hope this letter finds you well.


Mrs. Sarah Gavin

Hiring Professional

Blank Business, LLC

Fiction Writing

Romeo & Juliet Respond to an Apartment Listing

By Jamie Steidle

Published in Point in Case: Link

Hi, Jennifer of Mantua Apartments, Ltd.,

I’m writing to you about this beautiful apartment on South Balthazar Street with the two bedrooms and the spacious living area. I think it’s absolutely perfect for me and my husband to settle down in. Romeo and I are newlyweds and we’re excited to start our new life together once we escape Verona. I just have a few questions to ask to get a better feeling about the place to make sure that it’s right for Romeo and me.

I understand that the apartment has a bay window. This seems fine and all but is there a balcony where I can easily repledge my devotion to my true love? There simply must be a balcony. Also, is there a garden? There has to be a garden below the balcony. I’m afraid this is necessary. The garden also must have the right type of shrubs for my lover to hide behind while he spies upon me and listens to my every word. What I am looking for are Romeo-sized shrubs for him to conceal himself behind. He’s usually fine with knee-high rhododendrons. So those can work.

Now, tell me, what types of trees do you have outside the balcony? Are they tall and climbable? They need to be climbable. Romeo isn’t picky, he’s fine with either weeping willows or any form of pine. If you don’t have trees, a climbable mass of vines will do just fine. Anything to help my lover climb up the walls and into my arms.

Another deal-breaker, there just has to be a courtyard of some kind attached or near the apartment complex. Since both Romeo and I come from families that absolutely loathe each other, we’ve grown accustomed to the wonderful spaces that Verona offers for brawling, rioting, and other violent sports between our two feuding households. We can’t imagine living without a courtyard with ample space for family feuds or murderous overtures. But since the murder of my cousin by the hands of my one true love, I feel we are not as needy on how large of space this courtyard necessarily has to be.

I do ask if there is ample closet space, as we both have a lot of baggage we are bringing with us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we have some skeletons in our closets. But we do have some skeletons in our closets. As I said, my cousin, Tybalt, is dead, and Romeo’s best-mate, Mercutio, is dead, too. So, just in case we end up having some unwelcome guests over, we need to make sure that the closet is wide enough and spacious enough for a body or two. Just to be safe. You never know what can go down in the courtyard I mentioned above.

Also, there must be a large kitchen space in case my parents or inlaws drop in once they find out I am not dead. There also has to be a foyer for the many suitors my father will try to marry me off too. Surely, once he sorts out that I am not dead he will continue trying to marry me to anyone but Romeo. So a foyer is a must; they will have to wait in the foyer.

Oh, and we do need a proper lock on the door. What, with our families hating each other, and now, possibly, hating both of us, we find it necessary that there be a fairly large bolt on the door. We also would like a door made of some type of hardwood, preferably oak. But we also wouldn’t mind a door made of solid iron. One that can not be broken, ideally. You know how it is... One family says an ‘airy word’ about the other and then they, for generations, want to murder each other and eventually their own children. Stick and stones, I always say. But what can you do?

And now, what with our wedding having occurred and Romeo accidentally killing my cousin. Did I mention that? I mean, Tybalt fell right into the sword. I never knew Tybalt was such a klutz, but then, there you have it. Tripped right into the sword. Right now I am sure my father is fuming up a storm and I haven’t had the heart to break it to him that I’m married to Tybalt’s murderer... So, yeah. A lock and a solid door would be great. And if there happens to be a moat with live alligators or some type of dangerous serpent, you’d hear no complaints from us.

Anyway, I will be eagerly awaiting your reply as I sit here in my tomb. Oh, did I not explain that? Well, in order for us to be together after Romeo accidentally murdered my cousin, I had to feign my own death in order to escape marriage with a really handsome guy named Paris. So I am waiting for my true love to show up.

Anyhow, ever since we met things have been kinda complicated. I can’t wait to just settle down into a new place.

Yours truly,


P.S. I hear my love coming so I think it’d be funny to play dead when he arrives. I can’t wait to see the surprise on his face when I open my eyes.