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Tips for learning online
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Tips for learning online

Below are some resources designed especially for Luther Seminary Students.
Click the links to view:

Walkthrough videos of various systems:

Video (3:47): Intro to Inside Luther - our communications and information hub

Video (5:56): Intro to “MyLutherNet” - our student portal for grades, registration, and more

Video (9:40): Intro to Moodle - our learning management system, where you complete your coursework

Video (6:12): Intro to Zoom - our live webinar tool

Document: Tips for success in your online courses

This document was created specifically for Luther Seminary students - a must read!

Videos: Tips for successful online learning from Luther Seminary Students and Faculty

Tips for success from Faculty (15:49)
Luther Seminary faculty Dr. Matt Skinner, Dr. Amy Marga and Dr. Michael Chan share advice for online learners.

Tips for success from students (36:48)

Luther Seminary students Dan Bielenberg, Bethany Walker, Monica Holman, Shari Schwedhelm and  Scott Dalen share advice for online learners.

Brand new to computing? Check out some beginner tutorials: 

Popular topics:

Computer basics:

Internet use and different browsers:

Microsoft Windows:

NOTE: Download Office 2019 Free at:

Getting started with Word:

G-Mail, Google Docs, Google Drive:

(note: No need to set up an account, you receive one from Luther Seminary)