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Fiction:  Dystopian, Science Fiction, Fantasy

When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something alarming enough to make her parents lock her in the garage and call the police.

Title:  The Darkest Minds

By: Alexandra Bracken

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Book Group Leader:  Marie Ritzo

Goodreads: 4.24 Stars

Amazon: 4.5 stars

Ms. Smith’s Review:  4 Stars:  “As I was reading this book, I kept thinking about The Walking Dead.  However, instead of worrying about the undead, children needed to worry about adults.”

Awards/Honors:  Lincoln Award Nominee (2016), Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction (2013)


School Library Journal (March 1, 2013)

Gr 9 Up-In this dystopian future, most preadolescents and adolescents are dead, brought down by a new disease, Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration. Ruby Daly and other survivors from her town are taken to Camp Thurmond by the Psi Special Forces to be tested, categorized, and, according to the PR, "rehabilitated." There is no rehabilitation, though, in the concentration camps for young people with special powers, just drudgery and punishment. Ruby hides a secret from the PSF-she is not a Green, but an Orange, someone who can affect other people's minds. Members of the Children's League help her to escape but she is soon on the run from them as well when she learns that they intend to use her to commit violence. She joins the small band of Liam and Chubs, who are telekinetics, or Blues, and Zu, who is a Yellow, a person who can control electricity and machinery. Together the four seek East River, a sanctuary whose leader, the Slip Kid, can supposedly get messages to their parents. Before they can find the camp, they have to evade PSF soldiers, bounty hunters, and the Children's League, as well as solve the riddle of its location. While this story is full of action, it is also given depth by the difficult choices that Ruby faces. There are some fairly disturbing events and images (torture, rape, blood splattering, etc.). This book is a natural for dystopia fans but romance readers will also enjoy the blooming love between Ruby and Liam.

Other books by Alexandra Bracken include:  The Darkest Minds series (Never Fade, In the Afterlight, the Darkest Legacy), the Passenger Series (Passenger, Wayfarer), and others.