Krista Nelson

(619) 804-8055


2013-2015:                San Diego State University, BFA in Dance

                        ** Awarded Dance Alumni to Watch 2017*

                        **Awarded most outstanding graduate in dance 2016**

                        School of Music and Dance

                        Modern Dance (5 semesters)

                        Ballet (2 semesters)

                        Choreography (3 semesters)

                        Body Modalities (1 semester)

                        Somatic Practices (1 semester)

                        Contact Improvisation (1 semester)

                        Improvisation (1 semester)


2010-2012:                 Grossmont College, AA in Dance

                        Dance Department

                        Studied Ballet (4 semesters)

Pointe (2 semesters),

Modern (2 semesters)

Jazz (2 semesters)

Choreography & Improvisation (1 semester)

Tap (1 semester)

Dance History (1 semester)

Body Tone and Strengthening (1 semester)


2015:                        200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training RYT-200

                        Received from Prana Yoga Center, La Jolla

                        Training with Gerhard Gessner, Jenni Oh, and Sara Deakin

Teaching Experience

April 2017-Present:         Bonita Pilates and Yoga (Bonita, CA)

                        Weekly Vinyasa Classes and substitute classes

Feb 2016-Present:         California Center For the Arts, Escondido (Escondido, CA)

                        A Taste of the Arts Program, Teaching Artist

                        Grade 4

                        Grade 5

May 2016-July 2016:        The Dancehouse, Dance Instructor (San Diego, CA)

                        Contemporary Modern All Ages, All Levels

April 2016-Present:         Charlene’s Dance N’ Cheer (San Diego, CA)

                        Musical Theater, Cheer and Hip Hop, Preschool and Elementary Ages

Feb 2016-May 2016:         San Diego Ice Arena School of Ballet (Mira Mesa, CA)

Jan 2016-present:         The Origin Hip Hop Performing Arts Academy, Dance Instructor

(La Mesa, CA)

Contemporary Concepts, Open Level Intermediate

Contemporary Ballet, Beginning Teen

Fall 2015:                Dance Making II/III Support, San Diego State University (San Diego, CA)

                        Assistant Teacher to Professors Leslie Sieters and Jess Humphrey while

teaching a dance making class that incorporates both choreography and improvisation while developing students’ personal compositional aesthetic.

Fall 2014:                 Pedagogy Course at SDSU with Melissa Nunn

                        Taught one 2 hour Modern 1 class at SDSU

                        First ½  of Class Video

                        Short clips of Video from Class

2013:                        Alpine Dance Academy, Dance Instructor (Alpine, CA)

                        Lyrical (Beginning and Intermediate)

                        Ballet (Intermediate and Advanced)

                        Pointe (Beginning)

                        Jazz (Older-Beginning and Advanced)

                        Tap (Older-Beginning)

2009-2011:                Jibe Studios, Dance Instructor (El Cajon, CA)

                        Jazz (Beginning)

                        Tap (Beginning)

                        Hip Hop (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Adult)

                        Tumbling (Beginning)


Creative Work

June 2018:                 On All Fours


Aug-Oct 2017:         You-Me, For Now        

                        A short work made for San Diego State University’s Alumni Curated

dance concert, Make It. The 2017 concert was titled “Props” and focused on a process with regular showings and feedback with all dance makers. In-Progress works and unfinished seeds were encouraged to be presented.

Jan-Mar 2017:         The State of Which Tech Video - Performance Video 


                        A short work made for the San Diego Young Choreographer’s Showcase

and Prize 2017. Investigating agreement and disagreement as a reflection of the economic & political system we have in the US.

In collaboration with eight other dancers including

Angel Acuna, Brianna Bellamy, Desiree Cuizon, Tayler Hardie, Zack King, Javier Molina, Sandra Ruiz, and Aubrhe Yruretogoyena.

2016:                        It’s a little bit “Uh huh”   Password: Figure 

                        Promo Video

                        Performed at San Diego International Fringe Festival with Chloe Freeman

and Aubrhe Yruretagoyena for if. Dance Theater

2015-2016:                slowly but surely, becoming slightly

                        A touring work incorporating chance procedures to unfold both set and

improvisational material for if. Dance Theater. Made in collaboration with

Chloe Freeman and Aubrhe Yruretagoyena.


Spring 2015:                Questions & Corridors

                        A choreographic work made from/about questions the dancers

independently created.Presented at Triplicity; A Senior Concert. Dancers

include Veronica Gong, Megan McBrian, Carly Melber, Kelly Patterson, Ahizza Romero, Laray Egea-Saez and Katherine Winter. Unfortunately, the only video of the work is from a night in which the above cameras were not focused properly.

Spring 2015:                Three (Video of Tech Rehearsal) 

                        An improvisational work made in collaboration with Heidi Martinez and

Dania Barragan. Presented at Triplicity; A Senior Concert.

Fall 2014:                 (dis) order

                        A choreographic work created out of improvisational techniques exploring

the continuum of order and chaos. Dancers include Veronica Gong, Uyen

Huang, Jessica Jones, Kelly Patterson, Ahizza Romero and Katherine Winter.

Spring 2014:                The White Box

                        A video dance duet filmed in a small practice room. Filmed in

collaboration with Chloe Freeman.

Spring 2014:                 Abyss

                        A choreographic work exploring minimalism and sparseness. Presented

for 9plus1 Concert. Dancers include Martha Brosnan, Stephanie Esparza,

Mario Jaimes, Jessica Jones and Carly Melber.

Spring 2014:                 Just About…

                        A video dance in an ABC format using an old film projector as lighting,

Dancers include Collette Kollewe, Nicole Lee, Kelly Patterson and Allison


Fall 2012:                 Internal Contention

A choreographic work exploring relationship to self. Presented at

Breaking Boundaries 2012. Dancers include Kelly Patterson and Summer Stevens.

Summer 2011:         Cosmic Love

                        A choreographic piece about physical connection and unity. Presented at

Jibe Company’s Humanity Concert. Dancers include Heather Colley, Chloe Jackson, Krista Nelson and Abby Neves

Summer 2011:         One Tribe

                        A choreographic work about community. Presented at Jibe Company’s

Humanity Concert.

Performance Experience

Fall 2016:                 One Hundred Giving Way

                        Directed by Anne Gehman for her Thesis Project at UCSD

Fall 2016:                 Follow Us Here

                        Directed by Jess Humphrey for Trolley Dances at San Diego Dance


Fall 2015:                 Slow Subtle Struggle

                        Choreographed by Kelly Patterson for inC Senior Concert

Fall 2015:                Giving Way


                        Directed by Anne Gehman for Trolley Dances and San Diego

Dance Theater

Spring 2015:                 Orbital

                        Choreographed by Veronica Gong for her Senior Concert at San Diego

State University titled “(T)here is here”

Spring 2015:                 Selfhood

                        Choreographed by Katherine Winters for her Senior Concert at San Diego

State University titled “(T)here to here”

Fall 2014:                 Seven Sensational Scenes

                        Directed by Leslie Seiters for San Diego State University’s Performance


Spring 2014:                GO

                        Choreographed by Leslie Seiters for San Diego State University’s

University Dance Company Performance

Spring 2014:                 Blot

                        Choreographed by Gina Bolles-Sorenson for San Diego State University’s

University Dance Company Performance

Spring 2014:                I’m Looking for a Spoon
                        Directed by Collette Kollewe for San Diego State University’s Senior

Concert Titled Adjacently So

Fall 2012:                L.O.V.E.

                        Choreographed by Rosalinda Lopez for Breaking Boundaries at

Grossmont College

Fall 2012:                Rough House

                        Choreographed by Kelly Patterson for Breaking Boundaries at Grossmont


Fall 2011:                City

                        Choreographed by Kelly Patterson for Breaking Boundaries at Grossmont


Technical Theater Work & Lighting Design

April 2018:                 Bee Conscious by Lara Segura

Whitebox Live Arts                

April 2018:                by Lavina Rich

                        Whitebox Live Arts

April 2018:                 COOP by sombodies dance theater

                        Whitebox Live Arts

April 2018:  

Additional Trainings

July 2018:                Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNPs)

                        Body-Mind Centering Course at Moving Within (Lorraine, OR)

                        Taught by Amy Matthews, Mary Lou Seereiter and Rebecca Haseltine


May 2018:                 Moab Contact Improvisation Workshop and Jam (Moab, UT)

                        Workshop Titled “ “ with Kirva Maikenin

Jun-July 2017:                American Dance Festival (Durham, NC)

                        Countertechnique with Kira Blazek and Joy Davis

Feb 10-12, 2017:         Embodying Cellular Consciousness Workshop (San Diego, CA)

                        With Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

                        Weaving & Tonifying Our Central Core Workshop

                        With Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

July-August 2016:        Seattle Festival of Dance and Improvisation (Seattle, WA)

                        Intensives with Bebe Miller in DanceMaking, Krista DeNio in Contact

Improvisation and Cathy Caraker in Body-Mind Centering

May 2016:                 Moab Contact Workshop and Jam (Moab, UT)

                        AXIS Syllabus & CI lead by Daniel “Bear” Davis. Additional classes during

the Workshop with Brad Stoller, Neige Christienson, Blake Nellis, Ronja         Ver & Aaron Brando.

February 2016:         Introduction to Embryological Foundations of Movement: An Embodied

Approach  (Santa Barbara, CA)

Facilitated by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen / Body-Mind Centering Workshop

Summer 2015:         Moab Contact Jam (Moab, UT)

Summer 2011:                The Pulse on Tour: Camp Pulse (Los Angeles)