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Pinecrest High School Mission Statement

The mission of Pinecrest High School, in partnership with family and community, is to ensure that our graduates are inquiring, knowledgeable, respectful, and caring citizens of a global community.


All classes begin at 8:45 AM. All academic periods are 90 minutes in length. No students should arrive on campus before 8:15 AM or loiter on campus after 4:15 PM. Students found on campus before 8:15 AM and after 4:15 PM who are not under direct supervision of a staff member may be subject to consequences per the code of conduct.

Regular Class Schedule 

8:40am First Warning Bell 

8:45-10:20 am First Period

10:25-11:55 am Second Period 

12:00-2:05 pm Third Period and Lunches

2:10-3:45 pm Fourth Period 

Early Release Student Schedule 

8:40am First Warning Bell

8:45-9:40 am First Period

9:45-10:35 am Second Period

10:40-11:30 am Third Period

11:35-12:25 am Fourth Period

12:25 pm-12:45 pm Grab n Go Lunch

Two Hour Delay Student Schedule 

First Bell -------------- 10:40

1st Period ------------- 10:45-11:40 

3rd Period ------------- 11:45-1:45

2nd Period ----------- 1:50-2:45 

4th Period ------------ 2:50-3:45

Student Drop off and Pick up

The traffic flow will require patience and cooperation on the part of our parents, students and faculty during the first days of school. Drivers can drop students off by entering at the stadium and following the traffic flow. We strongly encourage carpooling. No students should be dropped off on Voit Gilmore lane, at the auditorium, student parking lot or in front of building one. Our number one concern is student safety and we appreciate your assistance.

The auditorium is for staff and student parking along with bus drop off and pick up.

The portion of the road “Patriot Way”, directly in front of the school and office area is only for parents who have scheduled morning appointments. No student should be dropped off in that area until the tardy bell rings. Once the tardy bell rings the entrance at the stadium will be closed and parents will need to drop their student off at the main office. Students should report directly to class and will be marked tardy by the teacher. Any student dropped off after 9am will need to report to the attendance clerk for a late to class permission slip.

Bus Privilege

Riding a bus to school is a privilege, not a right. School buses are state property. They are means of transportation provided by the state. Students who ride Moore County School buses are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly and respectful manner. School bus stops are considered to be a part of the school campus and all school rules apply. The bus driver has full charge over all pupils riding the bus. The school principal or assistant principal has the authority to suspend pupils from riding the bus for the following infractions, as well as any others announced during the year:

  1. Delaying the bus schedule
  2. Fighting, smoking, vaping, using profanity, or refusing to obey the instructions of school authorities or the bus driver while riding the bus
  3. Tampering with a school bus
  4. Refusing to meet the bus at designated stops
  5. Unauthorized leaving the bus when en-route from home to school or vice-versa
  6. Playing, or throwing trash, paper, or other objects while the bus is in operation
  7. Violating Moore County School Board rules and/or Pinecrest High School rules
  8. Failing to observe established safety rules and regulations

Once the bus has been parked and students have disembarked, the vehicle is off limits for all students until the dismissal bell sounds at the end of the school day.

Suspension from the bus may last from one day through the remainder of the school year, depending on the nature of the offense. All Pinecrest High School rules for student behavior apply while riding the bus and at any bus stop. In addition to bus suspensions, students are subject to any applicable code of conduct consequences listed in board policy and this handbook.

The bus driver will not allow any students on their bus except those that are assigned without written approval from an administrator.

Attendance, Tardies, Skipping & Early Dismissals

Attendance Policy

Attendance in class is essential to mastering academic subject matter, and we expect students to be present in class every day. State attendance laws mandate that a student may not be absent for more than eight (8) days and receive credit for the course. This includes excused and unexcused absences. School-related absences do not count toward the eight- day class absence limit. School trips or school sponsored athletic absences will be marked as present with the code 1Q. Students are expected to make up their missed work. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments are due and completing them within the time specified by the teacher.

Juniors and seniors will be allotted two (2) college days per year. These days should be approved a week in advance of the date with their counselor. Documentation from the college visited must be submitted to the attendance secretary upon return. The two college visits will not be counted as absences. Failure to get approval will result in the day counted as an unexcused absence

Attendance Appeals

Students who have over 8 absences, regardless of reason or time recovered, are afforded the opportunity to appeal their absences to Administration. Any student who receives over 20 absences cannot meet the 135 hours seat time to receive credit and may not appeal unless they have extenuating circumstances documented with doctor or court notes.

It is the student’s responsibility to know the status of their absences. They can check with teachers, counselors, or any administrator when questions arise.

Tardy Policy

At Pinecrest High School, we expect every student to receive 90 minutes of uninterrupted instruction each class period. It is the student’s responsibility to be in class on time. A student is tardy to class if they are not physically in their classroom and ready to begin when the bell rings. Students who are chronically tardy (more than 3 tardies per semester) will be subject to disciplinary consequences under MCS Code of Conduct.

A student who is more than 10 minutes late to class, without an excused note, will be considered skipping. This will result in a referral to an administrator.

Consequences for Tardies Per Class

Excessive tardies will be considered as a blatant disregard for school rules or a disruption of the educational process and could result in more severe disciplinary action.

Skipping Class or School

Pinecrest High School does not have an open campus policy. Unless students are scheduled to be off campus at Sandhills Community College, they may not leave campus for any reason without permission from an administrator. This includes during their scheduled lunch period. All students who are not

scheduled to be off campus must check out with the attendance clerk prior to leaving campus.

A student will be considered skipping class if he/she is 10 or more minutes tardy to class without a note or permission from an authorized faculty member. If a student skips class, they will be referred to administration.

The consequence for skipping class is a referral to administration. Habitual skipping may result in a referral for an alternative educational placement.

Early Dismissals

If it is absolutely necessary for a student to have an early dismissal, the school attendance clerk will handle the student’s request on an individual basis. Any such request should be presented to the attendance clerk preferably before 8:45 AM but can be presented anytime throughout the day. The request for early dismissal must be properly written or emailed and must include the:

All handwritten requests for early dismissals will be verified by a phone call to a parent/guardian. If the email of the parent is the same as the one in PowerSchool then there will be no verification call. The school reserves the right to refuse requests deemed questionable or unacceptable.

For an absence to be excused the parent must submit a doctor’s note or note stating the reason the student missed the class periods. Excused absences are defined in Board Policy 6000.

To check out:

  1. Students must get an early dismissal slip from the attendance clerk before the class period in which they will be leaving.
  2. Students must show a dismissal slip to the teacher to leave class.
  3. Students must sign out at the attendance clerk’s desk before leaving campus.
  4. Students must be picked up in front of Building 1.

Failure to do so is considered skipping and will result in appropriate disciplinary consequences.

Parents who come to check out students during the school day should do so through the Attendance Clerk. There will be no early dismissals after 3:30pm.

Exception: During exam week students who choose to leave after the whole school testing window has concluded will sign out with their teacher. The process will be reviewed before each exam week.

Campus Visitors

Students may not bring guests or non-students to school during the school day. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, preschool children, out-of-town friends, relatives, or acquaintances, regardless of age. All visitors must check in with the main office, sign in, and obtain a visitor’s pass.

Discipline, Honor Code, Recovery, PBIS & In-School Suspension

Positive Behavior Intervention Support

PBIS is a framework for developing a school-wide discipline plan. This framework is being taught throughout the state by the NC Department of Public Instruction because it is research-based and has been shown to decrease behavior problems and increase student achievement. PBIS emphasizes the importance of teaching and re-teaching behavior just like we teach reading, math, and other academic subjects. At Pinecrest High School, we have developed our own school-wide plan. To promote positive behavior, we have established broad school-wide rules or expectations for Patriots to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Prepared

Pinecrest High School Discipline Plan

Every student is legally entitled to an education free from distractions caused by inappropriate behavior. No student has the right to deprive another student of the chance to a quality education by disrupting the educational environment. The Moore County Board of Education established a Code of Student Conduct that formulates and sets forth rules of conduct for the students in the public schools of Moore County. The Code of Conduct applies to every student, at any time, on school property or while participating in any school-sponsored event. You can find the full code of conduct on the Moore County Schools website.

Students are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves and others, as reflected in their dress, decorum, and interactions with school personnel and other students. They are further expected to demonstrate responsible citizenship by working cooperatively with the staff to promote a positive climate in the school.

The rules of the code of conduct prohibit certain behaviors and subject those who violate them to disciplinary actions, including the possibility of suspension or expulsion.

In addition, specific behaviors that violate civil or criminal law may also lead to prosecution within the legal system.

The principal must contact law enforcement if the following offenses occur on school property:

This applies to any student who is on school property or attending any school-sponsored activity, or whose conduct at any time or place, on or off campus, has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline or protecting the safety and welfare of students or staff in the schools.

Our focus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, void of disruptions. We expect our parents to share in our efforts and initiatives to create the best learning environment for our students.

Honor Code/Ethics

Excellence in education requires the highest standards of integrity and honesty with respect to academic and athletic performance. Honor Code violations include, but are not limited to: libel, slander, dishonesty, plagiarism, cheating, and violation of Internet/computer policies. Honor Code violations are further defined in MCS Student Code of Conduct (Rule I-3: Academic Integrity). Honor Code violations are to be taken seriously by students and faculty and will be dealt with in a fair and equitable manner. Teachers who discover cheating on their tests or other assignments may give the student a score of 0 for that assignment, notify the parents/guardians, guidance, and administration.

“Zero Period” Recovery Time

In addition to attendance recovery, teachers have the option of assigning students to a before school “zero period” for minor in-class disciplinary infractions.  Students who are assigned recovery time for discipline reasons and fail to attend will be referred to an administrator. All zero period actions will be coordinated with the parent or guardian.

Electronic Devices

The possession and/or use of any electronic devices such as laser lights, vape chargers, video cameras, electronic games, or any other electrical devices that disrupt the school environment are not permitted on campus. Cell phones may be used only during non-instructional time. Wired earbuds will only be allowed for use at school this year. Wireless earbuds should be kept in the book bag during the instructional school day. Also, music devices and speakers are not allowed on campus.

Pinecrest Cell Phone Policy

The following guidelines have been established to ensure compliance with Moore County Schools policies regarding use of electronic devices, and consistency of enforcement of cell phone rules at Pinecrest High School.


Consequences for students who violate or refuse to comply with this policy are as follows. Keep in mind that wireless earbuds apply to the same consequences below. 

Disrespectful behavior or boisterous defiance will result in additional disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Pinecrest student handbook.

If a student has a cell phone or other unauthorized electronic device visible in class during any assessment or test, it will be considered cheating on the activity and the student will receive a zero on the test or assessment in accordance with Pinecrest Honor Code Policy.

Student Dress Code

Student dress code is governed by the MCS STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT

Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance. Our guiding principles for the student dress code are similar to those experienced and expected in the workplace: attire that furthers health and safety of students and staff, enables the educational process, and facilitates the operations of the school.  Parents are asked to partner with the school district to monitor student attire to help adhere to the guiding principles set forth in the policy.

To promote these goals, students may not wear or carry clothing, jewelry, book bags, or other personal articles that:

  1. Depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or violence;
  2. Promote the use or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs;
  3. Are prohibited under Policy 6401 III-8 (Gang and Gang Related Activity) or any other provision of the Code of Student Conduct;
  4. Threaten the health or safety of staff or students; or
  5. Are reasonably likely to create a substantial disruption of the educational process or operations of the school.


  1. Students must wear clothing that covers their skin from chest to mid-thigh with opaque (non-see-through) fabric in front, back, and on the sides.
  2.  Students must wear shoes at all times except when changing for physical education or athletic practices or events or when specifically directed otherwise by a teacher or administrator.
  3. Clothing must cover undergarments.
  4. Breasts, genitals and buttocks must be covered with opaque (non-see-through) fabric.
  5. Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education, science labs, wood shop, and other activities where unique hazards exist.
  6. Specialized courses may require specialized attire, such as sports uniforms or safety gear.
  7. Head coverings that conceal identity or prohibit the identification of students or impede the learning process are generally prohibited in the school building.  However, students may wear head coverings in the school building as an expression of sincerely held religious belief (e.g., hijabs or yarmulkes) or cultural expression (e.g., geles) or to reasonably accommodate medical or disability-related issues (e.g., protective helmets).

Students violating dress code will  be asked to change clothing. They can either use clothes from the school closet or parents can bring clothing to the student. After the third offense other consequences will be applied.

Student Section at Athletic Events (SuperFans)

Students are expected to be respectful, responsible and safe during all athletic events both home and  away. Also, the MCS Code of Conduct applies to both home and away events. Keep in mind that attendance at these events is a privilege. Your behavior and actions can impact your ability to attend future events.


Flowers, balloons, and other deliveries are not allowed at school.


Students must have an ID and/or know their PowerSchool ID number to purchase food in the cafeteria. Students may bring their own food from home for lunch, but Pinecrest will not receive or distribute any food deliveries from off campus during the school day. Any food delivery made to campus will be held until the end of the school  day. Students are expected to clean up after themselves. Failure to do so is considered noncompliance and will be handled by administration.

Free/Reduced Meals

In accordance with Public Law 92-248, Amendment 9, Part 220 of the Child Nutrition Act, the Moore County Board of Education has agreed to participate in the National School Lunch and Free Milk Program. Each student at Pinecrest is eligible to make an application to participate in this program by having his/her parent(s) or guardian complete the form provided and turn the form in to a cafeteria employee. All completed application forms will be reviewed by the School Food Service in Carthage, N.C. Students who turn in an application form will be notified within ten (10) days as to the status of their application. Qualified students will be able to use their student ID cards and/or PowerSchool ID number to purchase meals.

It is very important  for every family to fill out and return the Free/Reduced Lunch Forms. Our school is provided with Federal funds based upon the number of students that would qualify for Free/Reduced lunch; therefore, we are asking all families to complete and return these forms.

Free Enterprise

No student is allowed to sell any items or solicit business for any individual group for any reason, without express written consent of the school administration. Posters or advertisements are not to be taped on any area of the school unless approved by administration.

ID Cards

To enhance our student safety program, all students will be issued a picture ID card with their student number encoded on a barcode. These cards will be used to identify students and students will need them to check out books, pay fees, buy lunches, provide identification at school sponsored events, and enter and leave campus at times other than the normal arrival and departure times.

If a student loses or forgets an ID, they may go to the media center before school or during the first 15 minutes of the lunch period. Students who get an ID during class time will be counted tardy to their class.

Moore County Schools Digital Learning Student/Parent Information

Moore County Schools is committed to providing digital learning opportunities to ensure all of our students are college and career ready. Our digital learning focus is to foster opportunities for students to use their devices to collaborate, create, and demonstrate learning mastery always grounded in the foundation of our curriculum standards. Our digital learning initiative can only work in collaboration with parents/guardians and students. This section contains the policies, guidelines, requirements, and other information parents/guardians and students must understand to fully participate in the many technology opportunities we offer. If your child is in a traditional school in grades 3-12 or in Connect! Virtual Academy grades K-12, they will be issued a device to be used at school and at home. Students in grades K-2 may be issued a device for home use should MCS implement remote learning for these grades levels. Students without Internet access at home may also be issued a cellular hotspot device to allow access to Digital Learning resources. All parents and students are responsible for reviewing the digital learning student handbook on page 59 of the MOORE COUNTY SCHOOLS Parent/Student Handbook and Code of Student Conduct.

Lost and Found

Please turn in all found items to the office. Items will be kept for 10 days and, if not claimed, be donated to a charity or discarded. Cell phones or electronic equipment that is not picked up by the end of the school year will be donated to community support services.

Off Limits Areas

Students are only allowed on school property during normal school hours unless under direct supervision of school faculty or staff. The pond area and woods behind the school are strictly off limits at all times. Students who enter that area for any reason could be charged with trespassing under criminal statutes. Students may only enter and leave school through designated entrances and exits and may not transition to or from the school through the wooded areas for any reason.

All buildings, with the exception of the bottom of building 1, are off limits to students until 8:40 AM. Students who need access to these areas will need a note from a staff member. The hallways of all buildings are off limits for any student unless that student has official business there. There will be no loitering in any hallway at any time.

During lunch, all areas of the school are off limits for students except the cafeteria and courtyard. The courtyard is defined as the bricked area between the three main class buildings and the bricked area between the back of Building One and the front of the Butler Building.

All parking areas are off limits to students except for those transitioning to and from school in their own vehicles or as a rider. Once students arrive on campus, they are to proceed quickly from the parking areas to the school. No loitering in the parking areas is allowed. Once students leave the parking areas, they are not allowed to return to their cars during the school day without written permission from an administrator. Unless students have a school-sponsored function after school, they must depart school property promptly. Repeat offenders of this policy may be subject to having their parking pass revoked.

The courtyard, cafeteria, and media center are the only appropriate place for students to congregate before and after school.

School Textbooks

Textbooks are school property and should be treated accordingly. If textbooks are lost or damaged, they must be paid for. Since all lost books must be replaced with new books, students must pay the full replacement cost for a new book regardless of age or condition. A book that is damaged will be assessed a fee of $1.00 or more according to the extent of damage. Any outstanding fees will prevent students from buying prom tickets, obtaining driver’s education certification, and/or marching in the graduation ceremony.

If a student changes teachers, he/she must return textbooks to the original teacher before leaving the class. The new teacher may issue a new textbook. If a student withdraws, stops attending school, or transfers to a different school, all textbooks must be turned in to the issuing teacher prior to departure.

School Police Officers

Pinecrest High School has two assigned School Police Officers. The officers are sworn police officers with full arrest authority. Students can be charged and prosecuted under criminal statutes. Please call Officer Kiser (910)986.5112 or Officer Clark (910)773.0251 to report information or incidents.

Student Fees

Students will have various fees and fines to pay while at Pinecrest. Some classes have specific class fees, and there are instructional fees, lost books fines, parking fees, parking ticket fines, athletic fees, and other school related fees and fines. School fees can be paid online or at the front desk. We currently do not accept debit/credit cards.

Fees for 22-23: $10 Instructional Fee, $25 Digital Learning/Technology Fee, $10 each for Art, Drama, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Math, Science, Senior Fee $25, Parking Permit $75

Students will be disqualified from getting parking permits, attending the prom, or other school- related activities, and participating in graduation commencement ceremonies if there are outstanding fees due to the school. If there are extenuating circumstances that create a hardship in paying school owed fees, please see the front office to get a fee waiver form. Fill the form out and have it signed by your parent/guardian and return it for consideration. This form should be filled out at the beginning of each academic school year and must be renewed annually. Fines for parking tickets, lost books, replacing IDs, damaged or lost chromebooks and chargers, and other fines levied due to misconduct or negligence may not be waived.

Classroom and Office Telephones

School telephones are off limits at all times. Students are not permitted to use classroom telephones. There is a designated student telephone line in the front office that can be used for emergencies or extreme circumstances only. You can use that phone only with permission of the receptionist. Cell phones may not be used during instructional time to make calls or to text for any reason, unless authorized by a teacher as a tool to participate in classroom instruction.


Grading Scale


=        90-100


=        60-69


=        80-89


=        Less than 60


=        70-79


=        Failed for violation of Attendance Policy

Report Cards & Progress Reports

Each grading period lasts nine weeks. Report cards will be issued to students within two weeks following the end of the grading period. Interim progress reports will be issued at the midpoint of each grading period. However, we encourage parents to frequently check their parent portal accounts and review grades with their students.

Parent Portal

Moore County Schools is excited to provide access to the Parent Portal feature of PowerSchool. The Parent Portal provides a live look into student achievement and attendance data. Parents can stop by the Pinecrest High School front office or visit the MCS website to find out more information about establishing an account to view this important information for your student.

Exam Dates

Exams are always the last five days of the semester with the exception of AP exams which are typically during the month of May.

Graduation Requirements & Future Ready Core Curriculum

High School Graduation Recognitions

Junior Marshals

The thirty (30) students with the highest grade-point averages in the junior class are asked to serve as Junior Marshals at the senior honors ceremony and graduation. From these 30, the 6 with the highest grade-point average are selected as Honor Marshals. Grade-points are calculated at the end of first semester, junior year. Selection as a Junior Marshal is an honor, as these students will represent their class at graduation. As class representatives, Junior Marshals should reflect the highest standards of excellence in the areas of academics and behavior. Discipline referrals for students eligible for selection as Junior Marshals could disqualify a student from participating in graduation activities and representing their class as marshals, at the discretion of the principal. Additionally, students selected to serve as a Junior Marshall must be able to attend all required events.

Graduation Requirements & Future Ready Core Curriculum 







Eng. 1

Eng. 2

Eng. 3 or AP Lang

Eng. 4 or AP Lit

Math 1

Math 2

Math 3

Options for 4th Math

(Math 4, Foundations,

Pre-Calculus, or

CTE Equivalent)

·  Earth/Enviro

·  Biology

·  Chemistry or Phy. Sci.


·  World History

·  Civic Lit or APGOV

·  Am. Hist. or APUSH

·  Econ & Personal Finance


·  World History

·  Civic Lit or APGOV

·  Am. Hist. or AH1 or AH2 or APUSH

·  ​Econ & Personal Finance


·  World History

·  Civic Lit or APGOV

·  Am. Hist. or AH1 or AH2 or APUSH

·  1 Add. History Course

Health & PE

6 minimum


The media center is available before and after school and during lunches at the times posted. Students need a note from a teacher or administrator to access the media center during lunch.

General Media Center Procedures for Students

Rules on Checking out Books for Students


Counselors assist students with academic, personal, and social concerns, and any other issues that may impede academic success. In order to meet each student’s postsecondary educational career goals, counselors assist in developing four year plans to meet graduation requirements.

In addition to School Counselors, Student Services has a Full-time Nurse, Part-time Nurse,  Social Worker, At-Risk Counselor, School Psychologist, Scholarship Coordinator, and Registrar. Student Services offers counseling, crisis intervention, health screenings, referrals, and a variety of educational resources relevant to adolescent growth and development.

Visiting Support Staff

To visit with these individuals we follow the process below:

  1. If a student needs to leave the classroom due to sickness, anxiety or other pressing issue an administrator will be called to the classroom to escort the student.
  2. If students need to speak to a support staff member about a non-emergency issue (schedule issues, scholarship questions, etc.) they should email the appropriate support staff member to set up an appointment. Students should not report directly to the guidance office or other support staff offices, during the school day, without an appointment.

Schedule Change Criteria

For your schedule to be changed, one of the following requirements must be met:

  1. The student has a hole in his/her schedule (no class scheduled
  2. Is double scheduled for a period
  3. The student is in a class he/she has already passed.
  4. The student is in the wrong level of a class (for example, in level II and did not take or pass level 1)
  5. The student is in an elective and needs a required credit for graduation in June.
  6. A student's core classes are not balanced over both semesters. 
  7. The student is in a lower level of a course and wants to move to a higher level.

If a student does not meet one of the criteria listed above, we will not honor the schedule change request.

School planning, such as teacher allotment, room assignments, class size, etc., is based on student registration. The school and school district make these plans to provide the best educational program possible. Changing schedules could adversely affect this planning and should be kept to a minimum. Only the principal may approve a student schedule change after 10 academic days have passed in a semester.

Transcript Requests


Anyone needing to take prescription medication during the school day must inform the school nurse. Students are not allowed to possess any type of prescription or nonprescription drugs while at school. A form, which may be obtained from the school nurse, must be completed by a parent/guardian, and medication must be delivered by the parent/guardian to the nurse. Under State law, school personnel may NOT give out medication, including aspirin.


Pinecrest has one of the finest academic, art and athletic programs in North Carolina. We have  numerous civic and student organizations.  Please visit our school website for additional information.

Any questions related to interscholastic activities should be directed to the Athletic Director. To play sports, students must meet eligibility requirements as outlined by the NCHSAA; however, all first-time 9th grade students are eligible to play sports in the fall semester. Each athlete must receive a physical exam each year.


  Driver’s License Eligibility Issues

The state of North Carolina enacted legislation, which reflects a coordinated statewide effort to motivate and to encourage students to complete high school. Students must obtain a certificate of eligibility from Pinecrest in order to be issued a driver’s license from the NC Department of Motor Vehicles. The student must meet academic and discipline requirements in school, as well as have all fees and fines owed to the school paid in full. Pinecrest will not issue eligibility certificates to students with outstanding fees or fines.

 Student Parking

Parking of private vehicles on the campus of Pinecrest High School is a privilege, not a right. Students who choose to provide their own transportation to school by means of a car may do so; however, they must adhere to all regulations, and failure to do so will result in the loss of parking privileges. Please refer to the PHS Parking Permit Application for a complete list of requirements.

Any of the following may result in suspension or revocation of parking privileges:



Pinecrest High School has an active PTSA, and we encourage each parent and student to join and get involved in one or more of the many varied PTA sponsored projects.  This is a great way for all parents to actively participate in their child’s education. Please see the PHS PTSA website for details and information.

Home School/Communication

Parent and school communication is a very important part of your child’s success at Pinecrest High School. The MCS BOE recognizes the critical role that parents play in the education of their children and in the schools; as a result, the Board directs school administrators to develop programs that will promote and support parental involvement in student learning and achievement.  We will do our best to keep you informed in a variety of ways: