The Tiger Striped, The Lion Royal

by Duncan Jones

The tiger and the king stood where

Each eye to eye upon a drink

Both dared to stare while standing there

Not knowing what to think

Down looked the royaled and rather spoiled

Dreary lion quite uncheery

Who’d never toiled his paws unsoiled

Yet his look about him weary

"You other cats all lurk as rats

Wearing coats so marked to hide

Your ears lie flat that’s why perhaps

Far and wide I walk with pride

Come walk with me come learn and see

Make haste for I have rounds

And nothing’s free, places to be

To check upon my grounds

Where I may stand is all my land

Subjects must pay respect

And so I go make sure they know

Now come lest they forget!”

So two they walked and lion talked

Stripes took a break to rest

“No no can’t stop, not while on top

You must surely lie in jest!”

“Let’s have a bite, come some respite!”

Said tiger eyeing herds of meat

“No king shall run under the sun

For my queens hunt what I eat

I am trying to bestow on you

Such wisdom bringing powers!”

The lion huffed now sounding rough

As the tiger smelled some flowers

“Enough! Enough!” the king now puffed

And his voice began to rumble

“I rule the grass but come learn fast

And you too may rule, the jungle

So learn my ways and gain much praise

Try for a greater cause!

Or for all days you will always

Obey the jungle’s laws!”

"Forgive me king but know I’ll sing

And speak high when asked of you

I’ve been wondering to know something

Of your world and now I do

My face is scarred and yours unmarred

For I’ve taken hoof and horn

But I enjoy the breeze, my mind at ease

As the day that I was born

You seldom dine, you spend your time

Belong to what you claim to own

A life so fine, said, “Near divine!”

But that’s not what is shown

These teeth and feet kill what I eat

So in shadows I must lurk

And base it seems I keep no queens

To do my dangerous work

Yes you’ve quite a lot but I think not

I shall gladly fare without it

As for everything else,” tiger yelled as he ran

“I shall have to hear about it!”