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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2018-10-16

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


2018-10-16 17:00 UTC


Time: Feb 20, 2018 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Preliminary agenda (and minutes)

  1. Round table (who is attending)
  1. Shannon, Bill, Ruth, Øystein, Barbara
  1. Action: Ruth to check if Shannon is on the Google group.
  1. Adoption of agenda
  1. Ok
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting
  1. 2018-09-18
  1. Approved, will be published.
  1. Status of responses to the Polar Vocabularies questionnaire
  1. The Google form was circulated internally among WG members after the last meeting. Discussion on how the form worked and the information collected.
  1. Need to guide users through the form, add supplementary text at each element. Email is for the user filling out, contact name for the resource itself, add some more guidance on expected input on website URL and Repository link.
  1. Action: Ruth to update the form accordingly. - done (same day)
  1. Initial discussion on the outcome of discussions on semantics at the Polar Data Planning Summit
  1. There will be a follow up meeting in Geneva in November, Polar Data Architecture Workshop.
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Update from Barbara on relevant activities in RDA VSIG. Need to avoid duplication of efforts. Next major meeting December 4th, usually meeting every month. No full overview, looking for modelling efforts. They have a Slack channel. Barbara can give an update of the RDA activity at the next meeting.
  1. Action: Øystein to include this in the preliminary agenda for the next meeting.
  1. Ruth reported that NSF EarthCube is establishing a resource (ontologies etc, but also reusable components like source code) registry. Will be a session on this at the ESIP winter meeting.
  2. Øystein reported on information received during discussions between SIOS and ENVRIPlus. ENVRIPlus has had activities on semantics that will be continued in the ENVRI-FAIR project. This has kick off early 2019. Both the ENVRI family of projects (ENVRI, ENVRIPlus and ENVRI-FAIR) and European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) have worked on semantics, mapping of vocabularies and establishing registries. The people involved are active in RDA VSIG. The level of cooperation between these European initiatives and US / Canadian activities is not well understood, harmonisation/alignment of efforts would be beneficial.
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 17:00 UTC.
  2. Next meeting will be (tentatively) 2018-11-20 at 17:00 UTC.